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  • Okay ... I used to like this show ... but things change ...

    When looking at this show on its first commercial, it was paired with a cool show and two other really lame shows. I thought "Meh ..." and then I forgot to watch it. Then when I heard from my friend it was a good show, I agreed with him and then watched a replay of it online. I thought "Okay ... this looks alright ..." even with the lame butt joke in the first episode. After seeing The Big Field Trip, my liking for the show started going down really fast, I realized how much of those lame butt jokes were in every episode ... if Jake Spidermonkey could just shut the heck up and stop getting Adam in trouble and if that dumb animal school got a little smarter (Who the heck considers Adam Lyon a "rare animal named Pants.") Yeah I understand the concept that "a perfect show is always boring" but Jake is a complete jerk most of the time. I usually watch the episodes that aren't centered around that stupid monkey though ... also ... he's a ripoff of Lazlo ... he's a spidermonkey too! Camp Lazlo's a cool animal show, and the characters aren't retarded. Just gotta say that ...

    Also ... props goes to Pixiefrog for the first one to realize that Adam is ACTUALLY a human. Only if he wasn't a money freak, he'd let Adam go back to that human school where he truly belongs ...
  • Even if the awful animation doesn't convince you to change chanel, the lame jokes will.

    The story is about a kid named Adam Lyon who's mistakenly sent to a school for animals because someone misspelled is last name "Lion", There me meets with a Spider Monkey names Cheeks and must live his everyday life at a school for animals. The concept may sound somewhat interesting, but it really gets old pretty quickly. I guessed they tried to add a little more houmor by making his best friend a monkey (animals often seen as being funny), but Cheeks is anything but funny, he's actualy really anoying.

    I can honestly say I only laughed ONCE, but could barey find any jokes that even a child might concider funny.

    The animating doesn't help either, all animals seem to have been drawn in 10 seconds, there really isn't any style in this show.

    I'd avoid watching it at all costs
  • The show's ok. I just don't like it that much because of the annoying animals and crappy animations. The animation is horrible. I mean, what is with Adam's stubby body and legs (He doesn't even have a neck!).

    Let's start with the voices, shall we? Jake's voice is Spongebob's voice, except it's deeper, so obviously, Jake's played by the overrated actor Tom Kenny (He also plays henry, Dicky, and pud'n tator).

    Adam's voice is so annoying sometimes when Adam's screams. Obviously, Adam's voiced by a woman.

    And Lupe's It's loud and screechy, she needs to quit yelling all the time!!

    Also in some episodes, a character would say a word for a long period of time, or say something that is Wayyy too long, just to waste some time.

    The animals are idiotic and annoying. They wouldn't even last a minute in the wild!!

    And to think, I thought the animals would know all of signs about growing up (Even Adam doesn't know about the sings of growing, and he should know, he's a human!)

    Adam going to an all animal school because of a typo is a pretty stupid reason to be going there, if you ask me.

    AND WHERE IS ADAM'S PARENTS?! They should know what's going on in Adam's life, including their son going to an animal school. Even if they do know about it, why don't they do something about it, huh?!

    Where is the Animal's parents? I thought that they would teach the animals all of the signs of growing up (Which they obviously haven't!)

    This show, like almost all of the shows on CN sucks. Whatever happened to the good shows in the old days?
  • i hate to say this, i like this show to a decent extent i do not have this channel but if so i would watch it at absalutely every oppertunity, but i must say this definetaly is not one of my favorite shows and i would never ever buy it, but i love it!!!!

    yup, i like "My gym partners a monkey" it almost makes me wounder, why isn't their monkeys at my school!!! it is funny in a very stupid way and it is a reason for long lasting joyful giggles!!!! it is perfect for any mood, if your sad it is cheery, if your happy, well who could have to much bliss, and if your mad it's calming!!!! you can just turn it on and wow, you feel so much better (no matter a grand you feel, you still feel beter) i love the episode when the monkey is getting the boy to say stuff then putting it in the paper!!! i got live at least five years watching re-runs!!!! I LOVE IT and if you havent seen it give it a chance, you might be suprised! it ROX my SOX!!!
  • Another cartoon just for a cartoon.

    After watching a few episodes of this show I have came to realize this show isn't meant for me and should not be watched at all costs. I mean, even the name makes me wonder why I watched this show. Adam gets sent to a Charles Darwin animal school and tries to 'fit in' with all the animals. He doesn't have 'jungle smarts' but he has something called 'book smarts'

    Jake the monkey is Adam's friend and side-kick pretty much and always happy to get him out of trouble but all the time he's the one that got him in the trouble in the first place!!!!

    The Music is pretty bad too I don't like the theme too much.

    Jokes, okay I liked some of the jokes but some made me go huh?, or okay, or something like that.

    Overall, just don't watch this show.
  • It's a show for kids, what can you expect?

    I've just recently started watching this show and I enjoy it. It's an ok show, with ok story lines. It's a good show to just watch if you're bored, and you will enjoy it. I've seen worser shows, so I don't understand why it's rating is so low. Adam is just a kid in middle school; the fact that his life isn't perfect is kind of cool, I mean, not everything always turns out right, which is like real life. And Jake is that annoying friend we all have, except that he's a monkey.
  • i do not like this show

    why did i even hear about this show first of all jake does not wear pants and i do not like butt jokes 2ed of all why does adam go to the school just because he has lion as his last name he is a human not a lion he just has it as his last name also the big field trip did not make any brains they got all that madness and the trip was to a field why did cartoon network even make this show if you want a good CN show look at ed edd n eddy
    also i want it too say 0 but it will not let it say 0
  • There is nothing I can say about this show.

    well expect it about a worry wart boy & his monkey side-kick creating terrible thing at school for zoo animals & I thought Beast Wars was terrible

    this is from Tiger Aspact Prodution the creators of CatDog (Wich I Extreamly Hate), Mr. Bean the Animated Seris, & Lil Bush

    Man [Adult Swim] is trying to find new way to suck. Yet it worked with this, Tranformers: Cybertron, & Bleach (Man I hope more people hate this new show)
  • An okay show that can't find its fanbase.

    Its about time a majority of those who hate the jokes own up to the fact that they like gross out humor.Thats what a majority of the jokes in this comedy are.The show itself really can't float since its plot is, excuse me, one of the most ignorant plot devices I've ever seen.Its about a boy, whose last name ends him up in an all animal school.I think it tries to become Foster's red headed step child since the entire basis is that the animals comminucate with the humans which is impossible,while the IFs in Fosters communicate with humans as well.The show it self needs to find a good time during the wee,mon.-thrus.,and find the perfect time between 8 and 10 and it'll get the fanbase it needs.
  • cool

    i am sorry what i am about to do but here goes nothing.Quote I love this show and it's the best yo!!!!And Adam is really a cool person in a way but he's kind of a nerd if you ask me four real guys you should believe my.Jake is the best person in the show he is funny and he can do anything he can fly and swim and i really don't care though!!!Shut up fool i didn't ask you if I did i would of asked you the question you dang roddent.Lopez is cool she's like a spanish bird I think do you?
  • Funny/Cute

    A Funny show that me and my sister always watch Adam was switched to a differnt Middle School and its an Anmail School and he meets this one monkey who is just simply crazy! And funny you gotta love this show if you don't oh well i like it i think its funny!
  • *Yawn* Okay, what's the show again? Gym Partner? BORING.

    It's so lame I could cry watching this everyday; My Gym Partner is a Monkey is a boring show which isn't even funny at all. The jokes are lamer than those in Billy & Mandy (and, believe me, that's really lame and I mean LAME!). Besides that, this show almost depends on Jake's butt to be funny. The theme song sounds stupid, endlessly repeating the already stupid-sounding title of the show. The characters are boring, ugly, and annoying. The whole plot of the show is stupid. There's nothing original about the show at all, and nothing to make watching it enjoyable.

    No wonder it does so poorly on the ratings- it was doomed for failure.
  • This show must be considered as the most flawed and flatout terrible animated series to ever grace onto my television screen. It's even worse then Teletubbies! At least it helps developed babies , but is completely stupid altogether.

    Prepare for some serious ranting for in the case of any charatcers that appear on the show. Also , the following may contain some rude stuff about this abymsal type of cartoon so please... haters may want to read this.

    My Gym Partner's A Monkey is what I've already said is yet another bad show made for the standard cartoons of today. The storyline looks like a spin-off on Spongebob where Adam's last name is accidently a typo and is soon fetched onto a school where animals learn different processes. I know this is fictional and all but why would the animals be so stupid by eating books resulting in quicker money to be spent? Let alone , there are many flaws between the imagination and realism when it comes to watching this show.

    Don't forget the characters! The characters include the students who are mostly cameos of the school , and the basic teachers. But they usually stick badly. Jake Spidermonkey is obessed with his ass , and can easily be gay There's no problem with Spongebob Squarepants when haters were saying that he was gay Because it was told that all sponges of the sea were Bisexual. Unlike the mentioned , we instead watch a monkey who is conflicted on this case. Oh , and if a lover of this show comes in saying: "There was only one episode of the show that basically used his ass all in one." , that statement might be true , but Jake's ass statements are usually short-handed and too much to handle.

    Adam Lyon on the other hand isn't usually like of Jake Spidermonkey. But he's whiney. Very whiney. Espically the fact that he forever has to stay in this type of education until he is to be graduted from it. Which points to one of the first flaws in the storygrounds: Where The Hell Are Them People?! Want to know why? Because it seems that in this show , all people who work on the educational system of the located town are complete bums with nothing to do but to enjoy their hillarious actions. That's what I think. Oh , and there's also the parents of Adam. Currently , we've seen the mother and father... once! That's it! Just one appearance , and we've yet to see more. Hell , even Jake's mother made one appearance in the Christmas Special! How idioticly sad for the creators and director of any episode. Meanwhile , Principal Pixiefrog is a lawaphobic and shortstuffed frog who runs the district. He can sometimes be a greedy animal with the color of dollars , and is usually wetting his pants everytime someone wants to sue him. It happened successfully once , and lost of phobia once. Bull is the toughest shark with headphones that are actually used to give his gills water. Strangely though , it seems unfair that he has an inventional gadget while the others are either at the underwater part of the school or swimming class to class in fishtubes? Another stupid idea was that when Adam & Jake actually took the tube all with water? They should've died due to losing oxygen! Instead though , the duo magically survived. Comedy on this show is also stupid. Overall , this is perhaps yet another cartoon with a bad name on Cartoon Network and it gives points way too seriously onto the show. You know what? I think this is much worser then KND because it dosen't use any common sense on any episode with jokes that aren't funny and images that aren't meant for children.

    It's just an utter failure that I wish should die out , and leave the creators rotting in hell. If I were to actually be one of the CN executives , and were to be within this show , I might as well say that they shouldn't quit their dayjobs. For real. Rating : 0.0 out of 10.0
  • I can't stand this show at all.

    Like all new shows I decided to give this show a chance. I watched it, and I came to the conclusion that this show is a huge waste of 30 minutes. The jokes are lame, the episodes are lame, the theme song drives me to the point of insanity, and basically everything that has to due with this show is lame. Another thing about this show is the fact that Jake is obsessed with his own butt. That's just wrong and disgusting. How can this show be bringing in good ratings? Something's not right, because there is no way in heck that this show could be bringing in good ratings for CN. And to think they cancelled great Cartoon Cartoons...for this?! I am more than disgusted that CN would even air a show like this. I hope this show gets cancelled. This show should have never been put on the air.
  • Just not feeling it

    Ok this show is a pitiful Super Mario! rip-off(and CatDog is made from the same creators & rip-off the same thing)Award wiining writers making something like this doesn't give me a reason to like this.I'm sorry Peter Hannah,but this show has got be the WORST televied thing since Yakkity Yak.ok first we get CatDog, Disney's House of Mouse, Chalkzone, and Sagwa, then we had Yakkity Yak,and now this and Bleach. The animation is bad,the heroes are not heroic nor are the villans villanous.In fact that Neardy Crocdile from Me Adam, You Jake has the personality of a 5 year old.The Adam lyon tries to copy of Cat from CatDog (Super Mario)and fails,the characters are clich'ed

    World's Greatest ripp-off,check
    Always on the air crap,check
    Misunderstood charaters:Check
    Anoyying Disney Voice-Acting:Check and mate!
  • This show is good, not great, not terrible, but good.

    Well it can be funny at times, but it's a little gross. I like the plot and the animation, but some of the jokes are repulsive. This show is nothing like SpongeBob, that's for sure. The show is about a kid named Adam who gets accidentally transferred to an animal school and befriends with a monkey named Jake. It's a great idea, but an okay peformance. I'm not saying this show is the best show on Cartoon Network, and I'm not saying it's the worst show on TV, I'm saying it's neutral. Most of everything is good about this show, but the jokes could use some work that's all.
  • I find this show funny and I think you will too!

    To start things off, "My Gym Partner's a Monkey" is about a boy named Adam Lion (or is it Lyon? Oh well...) who used to go to a normal human school, but gets transfered to a school cleverly called Charles Darwin Middle School because zoo and aquarium animals enroll there. Adam and his best friend, Jake SpiderMonkey, have a crazy day every day at this sxchool as Adam tries to fit in with the fauna of CDMS.

    I really don't understand what's wrong with this show and why people hate it. I think it has funny jokes and very good stories as well as great characters and animation. The voice cast is also a very good choice. Tom Kenny (SpongeBob SquarePants), Grey Delise and Cree Summer have very good roles. Also I noticed that Maurice LaMarche has made a comeback to cartoon voice acting thanks to this show. Some of the newer voice actors like Phil LaMarr and Rick Gomez (especially Gomez) are very talented and have made new careers in voice acting thanks to MGPAM.

    In short, it's definatley an underrated show that deserves to have a score between 6.0 & 9.5. It's not the best cartoon, but it's still worth the thirty minutes of viewing. If you have read this review and disagree with me, then screw you!
  • The Good: Good animation,Good Music,Good Characters,Funny Sometimes The Bad: Disgusting,Beating out The Jetsons

    My Gym Partners A Monkey is about a boy named Adam Lion who goes to Charles Darwin Middle School with his buddy Jake.Each episode the school is shown.Principal PixieFrog is a frog he is the principal of the school with his assistant Mrs.Warthog which is a warthog.There can be some jokes like

    PixieFrog: What was your name again?
    I didn"t: I didn"t
    PixieFrog: You Didn"t
    I didn"t: No,I didn"t My name is I didn"t PixieFrog: Hmmm..I will just call ya Larry
  • I've come to a conclusion after watching a few episodes.

    This has to be the most lamest excuse for a cartoon. It's unoriginal and not because the same voice actor, Tom Kenny, also voices SpongeBob on SpongeBob SqaurePants, it's because the jokes are similar to SpongeBob SquarePants and the plot is similar to Brandy & Mr. Whiskers. Why can't CN for once put some originality into their shows for once? Sooner or later Cartoon Network will learn that copying from Nick and Disney is not the way to go! The theme song is annoying as heck. I've seen annoying shows but that just takes the cake. Now here are the details:

    Animation(8/10): Great animation.

    Music(3/10): The theme and every song in the show is annoying.

    Plot(1/10): A stupid plot.

    Humor(5/10): Somewhat funny.

    Originality(4/10): A rip-off of SpongeBob and Brandy and Mr. Whiskers.

    Violence(0/10): It's a kids show but without Fantasy Violence.

    Overall: This show is Cartoon Network's cry for help.
  • This is what I think of it.

    This has to be the most corniest show ever! First of all it's about a monkey. That sounds lame now doesn't it? Second, it's gross. What's with all the butt jokes? I can understand a few but this is just too many! It's kinda like "SpongeBob SquarePants" in a way. First Camp Lazlo copied off of "SpongeBob SqaurePants", now this. I can't call it a spin-off because it's not made by Nick. I'll call it a rip-off instead. Cartoon Network has some great shows but this isn't one of them! This isn't really funny, it's just plain stupid! I like Cartoon Network, but this is one of the shows that makes it look bad. To save precious time, don't watch this, watch something better.
  • a great story line, but a sucky show

    Okay, everytime I make a review dissing a show, someone reports me, so this time, Ill try to stay clean. When I first saw this show, I thought it had a great storyline and would be one of CN's best shows, but as it went on, this show started to get stupid and unfunny (is that a word?). After the first few episodes, it ran outta ideas. Not only that, but the person who does Adams voice is bad. I cant stand Adams voice, especially when hes yelling. That makes me want to scream. And the butt jokes? I dont find the butt jokes gross, but they are old, and not funny. Overall, this show could be more. Way more.
  • No wonder this show isn't so popular!

    I mean who would watch this. CN really has been failing lately, and this confirmed it. I mean who in their right mind would watch this? It's corny and retarded. I watch one episode for 5 second and I felt like I wanted to shoot my TV. I hate it and I see no entainment in this. Oh yeah this show is soooo funny(not). I dunno how people could like this! I'd rather hug 43 cats than watch this and I'm allergic to cats. Honestly, this show sucks! People to save a good 30 minutes of your life, don't watch!
  • This show will need much improvement to continue on.

    My Gym Partners another show that hasn't been given high ratings like the rest of the new shows on cartton network. I've watched it a few times and i was slightly amused by it. This show is about a boy named Adam Lion who goes to a school for only animals. There is always a 1 stupid character in every cartoon network show there is, but its not like all of them have to act like complete idiots. Oh did I mention that this show is disgusting? This show will need much improvement to continue on like sucssessful shows aired in the 90's. I'll have to give it a mere 1.9 rating.
  • I'ts not really that funny.

    I don't get this show. At times it can be just a little funny but otherwise I don't get it and it's not funny. First off, the plot is dead. A boy named Adam Lion has to go to an animal school because his last name is Lion. Wha??? I mean a school system is not that stupid(sorry if the whole thing is a joke...which it kind of is.) The characters can be funny at times, but in the end thier desperate attempts to look good ruin it. There not funny at all. I mean even the teachers are stupid(as in not that smart, not the offensive way). So basically at rare occasions it can be ok, but most of the time it's just bad.

    This is a cool show to watch. I don't know what's with all the negative comments about this show, but I like it. Adam is a 12-year-old human who goes to Charles Darwin Middle School. He's also the only human who goes there. He's also one of my favorite characters. So are Jake, Lupe, Ingrid, Windsor, Slips, and Principal Pixiefrog. I don't care if many users disagree with my review. Those who think this show is bad probably haven't even seen the show yet.
  • A really funny, crazy show!

    I have to say that this is definitely one of my new favorite shows. I know it might look like its just for little, little kids, but I think it has some stuff for older kids and people too. I think that it has types of characters that I haven't seen too much of in any animated shows, like the gorilla, Windsor who is really smart and kinda quiet but has this crazy puppet that is totally wack for absolutely no reason. I really like how it's so random. People should check it out cause its really funny and unique.
  • I love this show!!

    I don't know why people are being so harsh. This show is one of the best around!! It's just funny and silly and I thought that's what cartoons were supposed to be. I know alot of kids at my school who like it too. Even my 7 year-old brother likes it and he hardly likes anything. If you want to see a funny show, watch this! You won't be sorry!
  • Okay, two words. Lame - o.

    12-year-old Adam Lyon becomes the only human student at Charles Darwin Middle School, where the animal inhabitants of the local zoo and aquarium send their kids. With signs that warn, “Do Not Eat the Other Students,” Adam has his hands full just making it through one day of school. Honestly, where do they get these dumb ideas? A human boy at an animal school who becomes friends with a monkey obsessed with his own butt? Geez. This could be almost as bad as Pet Alien or some other dumb show i can't think of. Only people with a poor sense of good shows would watch this.
  • Did they REALLY have to use the voice actor for Spongebob?

    I mean, seriously, WHY? And not only did they use the voice actor for Spongebob, the monkey character acts just as idiotic as Spongebob! Hey, he could have at least tried to sound DIFFERENT than Spongebob, you know?
    As for the rest of the show, yeah, the plot is very strange. The boy doesnt belong in that school. Who actually approves of these kind of cartoons?
  • Needs some work

    Well, this is my first review and I will express my feelings for this show. It's about a boy who winds up in a school for animals. Now I guess some of it can be a little funny. There is not a lot of Roll on the floor laughing with your guts ready to explode humor. But hey, it a neat little show with Jake, a butt loving spidermonkey, a shark who is a bully and many other caracters. The animation isn't that bad, and the plot can sometimes be funny, so I say, make the plots a bit better, and I think this show would be better.
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