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  • This is just a show that tried to copy lazlo and failed!

    This show is terrible and all the jokes is a compelte failer. God tell me why this show was created? This show is just about a ugly boy named adam that went to a animal school cause his name was lion, thats a dumb reason. His friend is a stupid monkey that is just stupid and not funny. If anyone likes this dumb show they must be nerds and they must know they are. This show better be cancel cause i am tired of it. All the new shows is losing its touch. The only good thing about the show is Tom kenny did the voice of the monkey. Like I said this show is terrible and thats true.
  • Yes this show is dumb. Yes it's pointless. Yes it's immature. But it's not as bad as I thought it would be.

    When I heard there's a show called "My Gym Partner's a Monkey", I thought, oh my god how lame. I thought it would be the stupidest thing I'd ever see in my life. I don't know why but for some reason I kinda like it. I mean I think it's pretty dumb and all, but it's like you never know what's going to happen next. The episodes keep me watching no matter now dumb they may be. When I looked this show up, I thought the rating would be atleast 7.0. It IS under appreiciated whether viewers will admit it or not.
    It's NOT the worst show ever. Believe me. There's worse, much, much worse shows on the air.
    This show is pretty good.
  • I don't like this show! Really!

    The classification says it all. The show is about a kid named Adam Lyon who gets transferred to an animal school because his last name is similar to "lion". Thus, he gets new animal friends, one of whom is Jake Spidermonkey, a butt-obsessed monkey(who doesn't resemble a spider monkey much). The main reason I hate this show is its unorigionality: in almost every show, a character(mostly Adam) gets into a problem and solves it. On top of that, the show isn't funny(butt references are only funny once, man!) and gross(one episode revolves aroung bat guano.) I dont like the show at all, but the people who do like it, tune in. Note that this is just my opinion; I'm not trying to insult the people who do like the mentioned elements.
  • What the heck?

    I honestly don't see the appeal in this show. There's no point to it, and the plot holes are so big, you could jump through them (for example: Why would he be transferred to an animal school just because his name is Lyon? And why couldn't he just transfer to another school--a human school?)
    This show is just too obnoxious and immature for my taste. Not only is the theme song unbearable, but the monkey's butt-obsession is too much.
    Cartoon Network is going down fast. I mean, look at all of the shows they've got on there? They used to have some shows that you could at least sit through if necissary, but I just can't take it anymore. Is it just me, or is the quality of television programming slowly declining?
  • Adam Lyon was going to a human school qith his friends, but on the next day there is a mix up and he was sent to Charles Dawrwin Middle School with animals. Becuase of his last name.

    Adam is now at a new school with nothing, but animals as teachers and students. His name is Adam Lyon. "Lyon" was at a human school living a normal life, but his last name got confused and he was shipped to Charles Darwin Middle School. His best friend is Jake Spidermonkey. He has a crush on Kerry, a human at his old school, but he never gets time to talk with her becuase of the new school. Adam is always trying and failing at his new school. They have to hunt, run, jump, and many things normal humans can't do. Espicially the un-athletic Adam.
  • Not a bad show

    This show maybe does look stupid, disgusting, boring, etc. but don't knock it down so quick until you've seen more than 2 episodes. I agree with some who said some of the jokes and gags are nasty, but some other episodes they don't even use that stuff to be funny. Let's be honest, it's not this century's Looney Tunes or the next Tom and Jerry. But it's still somewhat funny and cool to watch when you're bored. At least the whole show's concept is original compared to teen/family super heros, other overused animals shows, etc.
  • Its about a kid who gets transfered to an animal school who befriends a monkey. Thats all i really know...

    My Gym Partner is a Monkey is a complete waste of anyones time. I absolutlty dislike this show. i really do think that they should be taking off the air. I really dont like this show. Its pretty dumb too. Who wants a gym partner who is a monkey? I mean come one, this show was pointless ever since it started. I dont even know why they have it in Cartoon Network... This show ahs no plot, no real good ideas, and is just plain pointless. A real waste of anyone's time. Even the animation isnt good. They could atleast try to improve there plot ideas.
  • a 12 year old boy goes to a animal school........................................

    12 year old adam lyon goes to an animal school.what to expect?
    Total craziness!!!!!

    when adam meets how old....Jacob "Jake Spidermonkey things change.

    Adam is also threatended by animals.

    1:a dolfin in "the spiffes" call adam "adumb".

    2:a bull shark named Virgil "Bull"Sharkowski is a bull shark who waits for him in a toilet.Ha.Anyway,hope you enjoy the show!!
  • Way Underrated

    This show is one of my favorites i allways laughed at the things that happened.. and i cant wait for the new episodes.. And.. WHY does everybody hate it? Just because its one of the new shows? Thats really not a good reason to hate it.. Im getting sick of all these haters and stupid comments, If you hate it then dont watch it! Deal! People have their tastes!. And how does this be a rip-off fosters?, Theres a big difference. This is defently one of my new favorite shows, Well its better than "Yu-Gi-oh", "Class Of 3000" and other stupid pointless shows.. This show reminds you of the old shows.. I give it 5/10 for the Animation and Sounds and 5/10 for the Characters and Voices = 10/10
  • This show is a classic and is about a kid who is transford into an animal school and has crazy adventures.

    This show is great. I can't believe how much work was put into this show. The characters have all sorts off different personalities and are very funny. Jake Spidermonkey is by far the best character. He he stuiped and smart and has a great personality. This show shows the differences between Adam the human and Jake, Windsor, Lupe, Ingred and Pricipal Pixiefrog along with the whole charles darwin middle school. I haven't seen a better show in so long. This is 5 out of 5 stars and my favorite show. It is way underated plus the theme song is really catchy and is funny. You should watch this show when you see that it is on.
  • my gym partner's a monkey

    In Cartoon Network’s new animated series My Gym Partner's a Monkey, going to school almost literally becomes a trip to the jungle. 12-year-old Adam Lyon becomes the only human student at Charles Darwin Middle School, where the animal inhabitants of the local zoo and aquarium send their kids. With signs that warn, “Do Not Eat the Other Students,” Adam has his hands full just making it through... i like this cartoon show becaise it is funny at all and cool!
  • A human boy gets tranferred to a animal school

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  • Jake is so awesome!

    First of all the show is a nice touch to the cartoonetwork line since it has gone way down hill the last couple of years. My most favorite show has left(Courage the cowardly dog) and Ed edd eddy is slowly leading to a cancellation. Then comes My gym partner's a of the funniest shows I've ever seen. The show took some time getting used to like most new shows on cartoonetwork. However, I eventually learned to appreciate it for it was worth and I hope it lasts for many seasons. I particularly detest most of the shows on cartoonetwork at this point but this show totally changes my mind. Not to mention Jake is the best cartoon character ever!
  • well it's kind of cool

    well My Gym Partner's a monkey is about a boy and a monkey at school together. I think some of the episodes are lame.
    Like, the shark episode when Adam became the bully. But some episodes are cool like "Basic Jake" where Jake has his own show...and a pony...started crying..!! I like this show and some of its episodes, but some of its episodes are too bad to mention. The charcters are like that too.
    some cool characters are Jake, Lupe, and Adam, but some are just annoying like PixieFrog, Ingrid, and Slick.
    Well, that is my review for now... The End
  • Adam Lyon, human boy, gets sent to a school for lions, what a mess that will leave him paw marked and bitten!

    It's a Cartoon Network Series that cannot seem to get a break. It has been the backlight of CN cartoons ever sense it started never catching the spot light. The show silently premiers new episodes, but no one knows. I think the dislike for this show is the advertising departments fault at CN. Theres no reason for it, the characters are nicely developed and the animation is pretty good. Sure they seem cliche at times, but the characters end up overall pretty funny, with some crazy plots and stories. Soem very random and funny moments that shine in this series, with a bunch of references to animal life. A fun series most kids should be able to watch, unless you don't like spider monkeys NOT wearing pants.
  • What kind of show is this?

    i don\'t know why this show was ever put on air. I thought it was going to be funny. But after the first few episodes, I was like, No way!!! I mean, there are some disgusting things, like Jake playing with his butt, and then making sick jokes about it. And where are Adam\'s parents?!? Why aren\'t they doing anything about Adam going to an animal school??
    The plot itself is stupid. And it is very unoriginal. Talking animals? WoW! Very original. I can\'t beleive they haven\'t cancelled the show yet. And where are the animals parents? You would think their parents would talk to them about growing up (shedding, molting.....). And the here is the part where I talk about human/animal rights.
    I remember in the first episode where these women came along and were like stop trapping the animals or whatever , and then Adam turned back from a monkey into a human, and they were like, Oh, It\'s only a boy.

    By the way, they episode where Adam gets injected with medicine and turns into a monkey is very unoriginal. I saw a Spongebob episode where he got turned into a snail, but that is more interesting and more funnier.

    I seriously hope they get rid of this show.

    THIS show is full of CRAP!
  • Cartoon Network has been getting bad ideas for tv shows!!

    The show is a bout a human boy that somehow gets tranfered to another school, but this school is filled with animals! He makes friends with the animals, and they get him in trouble alot. His best friend is a monkey who isn't that bright. His other classmates look as if they were thought of in three seconds. The plot is stupid, the episodes are dull, and the characters are annoying! This show is one of the worst ideas that Cartton Network has thought up! I don't recommend this show unless you are in grade school!
  • Adam Lyon runs around Charles Darwin Middle School because of a typo, causing him to be transferred. Problems ensue, as different lifestyles collide

    I don't hate this show, not by far. I just find it's stale animal jokes and puns hardly amusing. Sometimes the plots are just plain stupid. Adam himself doesn't seem to have a personality other than Jake's foil for jokes. Jake Spider monkey seems to exist for butt jokes and other such things.When I first saw the show, it was irritating that there were so many animals, but little actual plot. Principal Pixie frog doesn't offer any dumb jokes, he just hides in his office and fears lawsuits. A somewhat funny joke, but like most of the show, the jokes are recycled until you just want to hurl.
  • The main problem with gym partner is that it is not as funny as it could be. It is about a human named Adam Lyon who gets transfered to an animal school(because his last name is pronounced "lion") where he befriends a spider monkey named Jake.

    The Plot is not very origanal to begin with. A boy befriends a bunch of talking animals. That Plot is as old as cartoons themselves. You will need some good humor to back this plot up, but unfortunatly, This show just dosn't have enough humor. The mane character Adam has never gotten me to laugh. The only reason I watch it is because of Jake Spider Monkey (voised by Tom Kenny) can be quite funny at times. The animation is pretty good. Most of the music was taken from somwhear else though.
    Bottom line------ Not funny enough.
  • It's not that bad.

    My Gym Partner's a Monkey isn't that bad. When I first saw it, I thought "Man, this show is so stupid. Who in their right mind would want to watch it."
    But when i started watching it a little more, it started to get better. It is actually very funny. NO..It's HILARIOUS!!!
    sure the chracters are all kinda stupid but that's what makes it sooo funny. You should watch it and atleast give it a chance because it is not all that bad. The one thing I don't get is why in the world does Adam think Kerry is pretty? And also how can a giraffe(Ingrid) like have a crush on a human being?? That's insane!!!
    Nonetheless it is still pretty good.
  • Awesome.

    My Gym Partner Is A Monkey, is a pretty fun show. Dont listen to others who say it's the worst show ever. At first when it came out, I thought it was going to be totally stupid, but it actually wasnt that bad. It got better, and better. Though sometimes it tries so hard to be funny, but just couldnt.

    Season One started off okay, and then it got better and thats when I started to feel more fond of the show. Season Two didnt start off very well, but later on the episodes were all cleverly plotted. Overall, I give it a 8.5/10 and I think it will get alot more better.

    Thumbs up.
  • Worst cartoon ever! No excuses!

    This is a prime example of why I feel so sorry for those growing up with today's cartoons. With sub par animation; annoying, stupid, and jerky characters you wish would just drop dead; no originality; no plot; and awful dialogue; this is a show that'll surely make you lose quite a few brain cells, not to mention the dignity of being an animation fan. First off, the Cahill siblings must have been on drugs when they came up with this. That or they, like a lot of CN shows, ripped off today's HORRIBLE Disney cartoons and made them even worse. In this case, they combined some of the utmost horrible Brandy and Mr. Whiskers with Teacher's Pet. It really does have a number of similarities to them if you take a closer look.
    The plot of Adam being sent to an animal school, everyone thinking he really is a lion, there being an animal school in the first place, and him even going to it (where are his parents?) is beyond stupid. Adam and Jake are most likely the two most annoying characters in cartoon history! Why the hell do they even like each other?!
    How CN accepted this show is beyond me. A number of the stuff in this show, ESPECIALLY from Jake, is crude, rude, and uncalled for!
    All in all people, don't watch this show and strike back! That way, we'll have better shows on like when greatness and effort was actually put into animation! Save your children and your brain cells and start boycotting this monstrosity!
  • In summary, the show's plot is funny, although not original at all.

    My Gym Partner's a Monkey, reminds me of movies with similar names like this. Also, the overall plot is based off shows such as Cow and Chicken, and their is a bunch more that just doesnt come to mine. Also, they use some crazy music during the scene that has nothing to do with the show. They make me think that I'm going grocery shopping or something. On the plus side though, the show can be at times hilarious. The sarcasim and the voices of the characters makes me want to laugh. So thats basically why I gve it a 6, because of the enjoyment
  • More fun then a barrel full of monkeys (ya geddit)

    this show is awesome no kiddin' anyone who hates this show so stupid, This show so funny , one word "AWESOME", best show ever only second to Naruto these 2 show needs to be on every channel!! I don't Know why this show got bad ratings cuz it so cool
  • this is the worst show ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is a really dumb show. It is about a monkey who talks about his butt all the time. It is very immature and gross. What parents are going to want their children to see stuff like that. The monkey jumped and his butt landed on the kid\'s face. I mean come on if that is not immature and gross than what is?
  • Probably the worst show on Cartoon Network since Ed, Edd, and Eddy.

    I can\'t find a single reason why this cartoon is on the air, nor do I allow my children to watch it. It\'s a standard fish out of water type story, about a human boy who through a spelling mistake now goes to an animal school, but the show itself is awful on every conceivable level! It\'s crude, disguising, and poorly written, using plot lines that you\'ve seen a hundred times before. The animation quality is poor, running neck and neck with the poor quality of Camp Lazlo.

    In short you got a \'kid going to a new school\' story that tries to be Ren and Stimpy, and it fails on both counts.
    I advise other parents to not let their kids watch this.

    If Cartoon Network is THIS desperate, it\'s no wonder they\'re showing live action movies.
  • If you want unorginal cheep farting laughs its right here but if you want good writing a catchy theme song, and great animation look otherwise

    YAY this is my first review. Ok lets get started My Gym partners a monkey is a show about Adam Lyon who got switched to an animal school do to a typo. Which To me sounds like a ok borderline story. But the writing is terrible. Honestly I chuckled at few of things but most of the times when they try to be funny and witty it just seems they tried to hard to deliver a puchline. But you know a show is pretty badly written when the funniest thing you heard or saw is monkey butt. The animation is subpar compared to other shows out there. A show can have bad animation and abysmal writing but can be saved by the characters of the show. However the character just plain I don\'t know how put this so here it goes well THEY SUCK! Heres an examples of subpar character. Adam the main character is not funny nor you have realy no sympathy dor him the worst thing about him is he is supposed to be a straight man of the show but cant get a single laugh so i have to say this show is not worth your time.
    PS for people who try to protect this show by saying your not using your inner kid to judge this show i got a say ime 12 so shut up
  • Cartoon Network\'s Version Of Cat Scratch...

    I am not saying that I dislike the creators of My Gym Partner\'s A Monkey, but why does their show have to suck?! I know that some shows that aren\'t any good at all are liked by several people, but it is amazing that many people also don\'t like this show. Isn\'t that interesting how some stupid shows are well liked and others aren\'t?? You may not remember and I\'m not exactly sure when, but Donald Duck was once banned for not wearing pants!! So why aren\'t we banning My Gym Partner\'s A Monkey?! Donald Duck is a Duck that isn\'t butt-obsessed and talks about butt jokes. But Jake does ALL of that... so that is a great reason to ban his show. Jake is a Spider Monkey.. but so is Lazlo. I like Lazlo better. My Gym Partner\'s A Monkey reminds me of Cat Scratch. If you haven\'t watched this show, you probably shouldn\'t since they have as many Chalkboards as ClalkZone and Ned\'s Declassified School Survival Guide... And Aside from all of the other reasons to hate this show, some of these stories are really sad, sick, and stupid. Like this one time they show thie stereotypical Shop Teacher losing his job. That should have been edited out. And so does all of the Butt Jokes... and they should also just show only the top half of Jake\'s Body.... Where are cartoons going these days?! And the title painfully reminds me of extracurricular activities.....
  • Give me a break!

    Oh come on, do we really need another show like this? This is getting really stupid! Yet another show about some unpopular boy with this monkey called Jake as his best friend. Yes, it's another pre-teen cartoon show but this time the students are animals. Get real! If you think I'm watching this crap, then think again. This load of crap should not be allowed to air at all. Yes, it's that bad!

    Newsflash creators: Fart jokes are NOT funny. They are lame. If this is what cartoons are coming to nowadays, then I'm through with television.
  • My gyn m partners a monkey is about a boy named Adam lyon and gets accidently transferred to an animal school and befriends a spider-monkey and becomes his best friend. They go on crazy adventures together.

    This show is a piece of bull s**t!!!!!!!!! I don't understand why people watch this. This is a complete waste of time! I mean what kind of kid or human has a best friend as a monkey!! The theme song is HORRIBLE it is soo annoying especially when the monkey says, "monkey-monkey!" You know what you should be watching? I'll tell you what you should be watching! You should be watching something that has a meaning to life, makes you understand things much better. All this show does is make you think about sick monkeys that get cheek implants!!! They are not real gym partners! Hey, what if one kid decides to bring a monkey to school and call it their gym partner? Who has gym partners anymore? So in conclusion it is a piece of crap!!!
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