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  • One of my missions here on is to talk about how today's children's programs are slowly but surely decaying the intelligence of our earth's children. My Gym Partner's a Monkey is one such program.

    Watched one eleven minute episode, and ten percent of my brain cells leaked out of my ear. Imagine if you were a six year old kid and were watching this almost everyday. I mean, this cartoon has no intelligence, it is not relatable, and it is a compilation of bad jokes about poop and buttocks. Each episode is basically thirty minutes of butt worshipping and potty humour, which isn't even funny at all. I dunno, maybe children are supposed to find this crap hilarious? I hope this has been cancelled, and I'm glad I've only seen four episodes or my brain would've been liquid mush by now. Parent's, if your kids are watching this stuff, don't be surprised if their IQ and GPA drop a couple thousand points. That's the cost of shows like these.
  • This show is senseless.

    My Gym Partner's a Monkey is a dumb show about a 12 year old boy named Adam Lyon who goes to an animal school just because his last name is Lion which is spelled Lyon, and he befriends an idiotic spidermonkey named Jake who's obsessed with his butt and together go on some of dumbest adventures ever! Either the people who created this show are lazy or they just know nothing about good cartoons, either one isn't a better excuse for me though because they can do better. This show is uncivilized and imbecilic with lousy artwork, and Cartoon Network must be crazy to allow this trash on their channel. I hope this show gets cancelled before this year ends!
  • Wow! Not only is this show stupid, It makes monkeys look like mentally retarted freaks!

    This show is an absolute time-bomb waiting to blow up, because of it's plot, theme song, and especially the Voices. But first let's talk about the plot, the show is about a dude who was sent to a school full of animals because his last name is Lyon and there was a typo... WTF! Seriously, Do you possibly think that the animal teachers and administration could easily tell that the dude is not a lion? I mean come on it's freakin' Obvious! And animals do not need a school to learn, you know why? Because animals in real life are 5x as smart as the animals on this show, especially the sidekick to Adam Lyon, Jake Spidermonkey. He does the most completely retarted things like talking about his butt and doing whatever the hell he wants with it, and has an annoying voice thanks to the man who voices Spongebob! Tom Kenny! Wow Tom you really just killed the show with the fact that he sounds exactly like Spongebob except with a Deeper voice!

    The theme song is not my biggest complaint but having your TV on and having to listen to "MONKEY MONKEY MONKEY!" is really annoying and irritating.

    And finally let me talk about the Voices, whoever does Adam Lyon's voice is one of the most annoying people I Have ever heard in my life! I don't care if a little kid voices Adam but seriously is there someone way to not make him talk like a first grade annoying brat! Like I said in the previous paragraphs, Tom Kenny's voice for Jake is nothing different from the other characters he voices, in fact it is really obvious that you can tell it's Tom Kenny because of all the shows I have seen him done voices with, it's blantantly obvious!

    Oh and here is a added bonus as a rant, why the hell is a FROG the principal of a school? If anything a real lion should be the principal since Lions are the king of the jungle and not annoying little amphibians that go "Riiiibit" and eat flies.

    If you want your kids to watch this by all means let them watch the show, just don't watch it with them.
  • One of Cartoon Network's best recent cartoons, especially after it's sneak peek last year.

    When I saw this show's sneak peek in December of last year, it was great. Though the show got a whole lot better when it finally came in February. I watch every chance I get, though my Mom loves it a whole lot more than I do. While it's a great show and all, in my opinion, they could've picked a better name for it since it has very little to do with Gym class.

    Let us hope that it'll last for a few more years.
  • Danm!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is a load of crap it about a boy who want to be popular & got sent to a zoo school the worst animal show since "CatDog" & "Arthur" & they steal show & Movies like Maeter, Maurice, & Link [Eureka 7] & Yoshi [Nintedo] who ever thought of Tash-amastion, Sissy Voice-acting & Rude chataer disvers to be fired

    CN Canncel it Now
  • Okay people i hate you people who say for this show to be canceled. Continue ->

    i hate you people who are saying for this show to be cancel yes it may sometimes be gross and yes it looks stupid but first when i saw it was coming to cn i said "this show is going to be stupid" but then i noticed it was very funny lol so not all users and think its stupid buts very well um i donnu well like i said b4 funny so im rating this a 10.0! for funny stupid awsome monkey. and well there is nothing else i could say to this show but the thing i dont want to happen is for it to cancel it until the series finish :-)
  • This show is totally gross.

    This show is sooo stupid because it has horrible animation and everyone are animals except Adam
    Read more about why I hate this show
    Jake inflated his BUTT like a balloon!
    This show is sooooooo not funny!
    For younger kids.
    Jakes butt jokes, are not funny!

  • Come on, it isn't that bad.

    I tried watching this for the first time today. From the reviews I read I was expecting a boring, kiddified mess of a cartoon. That isn't what I got. Instead, I got decent animation, good voice acting, creative character designs, and unique plots. The storyline is easy to understand and that is great for the age group it is focused on. Sure, the jokes got a bit annoying but I didn't change the channel in disgust.

    Anyway, I believe Jake is a great character. He has a nice voice actor and a great design. :) Adam is a bit boring and is just your average kid in a messed up place, but there is nothing really dislikable about him.

    Check this show out if you have time, because it isn't as bad as you may have heard.
  • this show is about a kid named Adam Lyon that was sent to animals school becuase of his last name is lion. it is an okay show i prehaps.

    Lion- Adam is an human that got sent to animals school becuase of his last name made a new friend named Jake.

    spidermonkey- Jake is a monkey that gets adma into weird situations. Like he got him into detention, he got him to be real crazy when he was throwing a birthday party and so fourth.

    Gills- Coach gills is the P.E. teacher and gives lion a hard time in Gym. She used to be the coach on the footabll team.
    Kerry- Kerry is Adam's crush and goes to the human school.

    Frog- principal Pixie frog is the principal of the school yah!
  • Worst show ever.

    I have seen many shows of total pointlessness, but My Gym Partner\\\\\\\'s a Monkey has just set the bar of the worst show I have ever seen. I still cannot believe that Teen Titans Season 6 has been cancelled for this inferior piece of failure. I decided to watch one episode, just in case my judgement by the commercials was rash, but my judgement was correct, for it was a waste of 15 minutes of my life. Some shows are funny because they were pointless, but this is pointless - period. Not to mention the fact that that monkey that I fortunately fail to remember the name of is a horrible influence on our children. Pantsless, he walks around encouraging kids to do - oh I don\\\\\\\'t even want to say it. This show HAS to be cancelled. My Gym Partner\\\\\\\'s a Monkey: 2006-2006.
  • A show sort of paroding Fosters, in a fan that's not very funny.

    Lyon, mistaken for Lion, blah blah, read some other reviews. But really, Number 1, every single character on this show is a mororn. The people who tansfered the kid, the animals, the people. Number 2, the jokes aren't funny. They typical corny jokes you see on a show like this. And besides that, most of the episodes are poorly written, and this seemed like a last stab at a non-anime cartoon before most of them died out. My gym partners a monkey huh? More like, My Writers and animators Are really a bunch of monkeys is more like it. Sorry, that was terrible.
  • Dumb.

    What may be the last DECENT cartoon to ever come to Cartoon
    Network, or the last overall non-anime cartoon, is unfortunately not that good at all. Firstly, the whole perception is as non-realistic and stupid as could be. A kid in a school with talking animals. In a neighborhood with talking animals. If it had a more realistic feel that kids could actually relate to, like Robot Jones, I would be more considerate. It would be possible to pull off the whole human-like animal thing if they actually did it right. But they do it wrong. All wrong. Every character on this show is obnoxious and annoying, and I HATE the character design. There's just not much to keep this show going. Horribly unoriginal and mediocre.
  • Gives a bad name to animals.

    this shows gives a bad name to animals. I LOVE animals but I HATE this show. I mean come on this show is retarded! Who would like a show with dumb animals and a kid that gets transfered there? And where are the parents in the whole thing? Wouldnt they notice the kids hanging out with a monkey? Why did the cancel Teen Titans for this someone please tell me?
  • I no longer have faith in this show.

    Okay, I thought at first that this show was crap at first, and I was right. This show is disgusting, boring and stupid. Jake's no longer a solid main character; he's becoming a guy who'll do anything for kicks. Adam's no longer a good character; he's just a loser. I gave this show a chance but now, I just wish that this show could get cancelled.

  • Sooo not orginal just like all the other shows.

    Well this was such a wast of time relly i mean it's like every other show just like Juniper lee and Foster's hame for imaginary freinds who wants to wacth those what ever happened to such the good shows like Teen Titans of Draggon ball Z well they made this soo bad. why do u want to wach a person go to school with animals oooohhh relly original it mite have worked in the 1800s BUT NOT here so i hope it gets a bad rating its going to get canceled so fast just like the others exept Foster's because some how there slipin by.
  • A cheap forgettable show that will still keep your kids glued to the TV.

    Back in the hey day when children's animation was taken seriously, with great animation and humor that parents and children alike could enjoy. Those days are long past and now big corporate executives stick to one annoying formula for a children's television. Add a colorful pallet of colors and fart jokes so the young ones can munch on their pop tarts and drool in front of the TV.

    Entertainment today is terrified to cross boundaries and shows like this prove it. Kids won't notice it and you don't have to watch it. Although shows like Invader Zim or old school Dexter's Lab will never be forgotten in my book.
  • Another badly done Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends is all MGPAM truly is. It also shows how kids are tied under our government’s system of corruption- which is not acceptable in any kind of kid’s TV in the end and leaves you questioning your freedom.

    MGPAM ( I don’t have to fully write out the title here) is a wreck of a show, overall, and it shows. Not to mention, if you take it seriously enough- it will leave you questioning human and animal rights amongst each other if you dwell on the issues of this show seriously enough…
    These issues are my review and how I will address them.

    1. Why is the main character sent to a school for animals (why does this type of school
    Even exist if animals can’t learn or be truly educated like humans can?) Just because his last name is Lion? That is just retarded- besides his real last name is Lyon…

    2. This show thinks primates are stupid- especially the main character’s animal friend, Jake the spider monkey. Why? If primates evolved into us humans, and know how to take care of themselves in harsh environments, then why are we considering them stupid in the first place? It must be because Jake acts and is stupid to boot- this is just insulting, and it is the same story with every other animal stupidly placed in this dumb@@@ show!!
    Ex. Of fact- animals are smart and do have brains, but why would they need to dress themselves or have hair in parts where not normally found on that specific animal?!
    They have noting to hide!! It’s not cute to see animals in clothes; it’s stupid and uncreative, just like this show!!

    3. I know this is a stupid complaint- but where are the animals’ parents? They (the kids, of course) could learn a thing or two from their parents about molting, skin changing, shedding, or growing parts of their body as maturity and aging up signs… I mean, in one episode, these animals didn’t know how to even deal with their signs of growing up. Real animals aren’t this stupid.
    While we’re on the parental subject- why didn’t Adam’s parents’ stop the animal school transfer from happening? Could it be they are animals (lions) themselves? Did lions raise Adam?!!
    So many questions about this situation are unanswered as the show desperately and badly drags itself out as if being beat up by a gorilla…

    And that simile with the gorilla just about sums up this show- the uncreative and corrupt concept, bad animation, weak storylines and plots, as well as lack of intelligence with real animals proves how bad overall this show is for a 1 out of 10. In reality, I give it a big fat goose egg (0!!)

    CN, if you are going to make a show about animals, unless you truly are portraying them as if how humans act, do some research on those animals instead of putting together something stupid like this- leave that to a good show, like Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends…

    F91- Nuff’ Said!!

  • Let’s mount us a spider monkey.

    This shows school of talking animals are just stupid. I have seen the show and have not really seen the point to this crap. I am really surprised they have not cancelled this crap. Here is a question, why don’t the freekin animals try and eat each other? I mean if they are all animals then why don’t they try and eat their natural prey. You see it’s only natural that they should. And the bully, a shark, not bad but still stupid. How does he cry by being hit on where ever he was hit, when he lost his bully ness? Why didn’t he just eat him? The real problem with this show is that it does not make sense. There are so many questions in my mind when I watch this show.

  • While the My Gym Partner's a Monkey was decent at first, it slowly went downhill after.

    This Show was okay within the first few episodes, but then it started using potty humor and it became more disgusting rather than funny. More reasons...

    - Jake suddenly became obsessed with his butt and not entirely sticking to his original character.

    - The plots became less interesting and more in contact with other characters in the Show, rather than focusing mainly on Jake and Adam (The main characters).

    - Lost a huge amount of maturity, now the Show is mainly for little Kids and no longer interesting to older viewers.

    Those are just a few reasons to why My Gym Partner's a Monkey is going downhill. Hopefully in future episodes, the Show will reunite with the spark it once had...
  • A ok but silly show, but not one i'd want to tape every new episode.

    I watched some of the episodes for My gym Partner's a monkey!!! Its an good show but not my all time favorite that i'd tape every episode. The animation is corny and the jokes and the episodes sometimes stinks. But its clean pure entainment for young kids! I laugh at the jokes and there is some great stated episodes! The characters are fun and to fall in love with. I like Jake and his monkey and the episodes are great. I watch this show sometimes but I think it needs fune tuning.
  • Completely stupid and disgusting show I've ever seen.

    This show is so stupid and gross about when a human boy was transfered to a different school with freaking animals and his friend is a monkey, the lunchlady's an elephant, the shark is a bully, the coach is a goldfish, and the principle is a annoying frog! there are a lot of gross stuff like the monkey inflates his buttcheeks and the boy is wearing a gas mask on that is so childish and he does a butt joke that wasn't funny at all. This is a show I'll never watch cause it's too gross,too childish, and too stupid.
  • This show, even if it is targeted toward children, really sucks...

    The show is about some kid that has to go to a school full of animals because his last name is lion. That itself is just a stupid concept.

    Another thing is that the whole show is dependent on a few things.

    -Unfunny jokes about Jakes butt. Come on, a kid can only laugh at that for so long. Then it just gets annoying

    -Unfunny jokes about the principal (a frog) being worried about lawsuits

    -unfunny jokes about the animals themselves... \"lol i have a tiny brain because i\'m a deer lol lol lol!!!!\" I would have never thought that to be even slightly humorous when i was younger.

    -finally, references to tv shows that about 50 other shows have done. (i.e \"i got a rock\")

    With a show like camp lazlo, you can see that everyone there is animals, but they don\'t use that as half of the humor for the show. It is possible.

    I think the cartoon era is almost ever...
  • This show is my guility pleasure. It's fun and creative, and different from what I've seen before.

    People who say it's corny don't get the's supposed be. The jokes are pretty funny, and it's comically interesting to see the animals acting like humans yet their own species. Definitely give this one a chance. Adam is a little too unfunny, if you will, but he evens himself out with Jake, the monkey. Windsor, the gorilla, is my favorite character. He's your typical beatnik, and the funniest is when he actually says, "Gasp!" when he's surprised.
    I hope Cartoon Network keeps this show on for at least two or three seasons. I don't Juniper Lee, and they cancelled Teen Titans. Time for some more humor.
  • Oh, and Shaq591, it's called a....CARTOON!!! *sry, part of it is a rant to Shaql591*

    This show is pretty cool. I've seen better. It's pretty funny, but I watch it more for the story. I'd love to go to a school like that. It'd be exiting. Anywho, it's awesome and I say that more people should at least give it a try. Well what more can I say? Well let's see...The characters are original, and I don't see how this is a copy of Fosters. Fosters is stupid, Gym Parnter is good. Ther is such a big diffrence. Hm...IWhat else can I say besides that this is a much watch show. One of those little classics that you need to give a chance.

  • THis show rocks! Why does everybody hate it?

    This show rocks. All shows with animals are good, but this is my favorite. A typo accident puts a human in an animal school, and he has to live with it. In a school where anything can happen, it makes it unique Some people may not like it, some people think it is unoriginal, but I'll always like it.
  • Pretty Gross.

    I don't like this, it's pretty gross. I'm sorry i added this to My Fav shows. I don't like the monkey, i think all he does is Fart and Stick his Butt in the camera, and say at least it could be better adam! *FARRRTTTT!!* I thought monkeys picked their Butt and Stick their hands in their mouth, but this one looks like a slob compared to them. The Princpal barely cares, Adam is embarresed a lot by him, atleast adam is CIVILIZED. I don't know why adam doesn't say: Mom, Dad, I a'm going to Animal School! Tell the Authorities! That's what i'd do. And he had to Go to ANIMAL SCHOOL (like that makes any sense) Just Because your name is ADAM LION (or whatever his name is) or HIPPO or DOG (or whatever) doesn't Mean you have to go the animal school. I guess if you're name is PAPER in this show, you'll have to go to ART SUPPLY & SCHOOL SUPPLY school, i feel sorry for him. I think 1st graders could make a better cartoon involving their Play-Doh Clay and Fingerpaint than this is. If you like a cartoon with People worshiping their butt, and people giving poop as presents than this is the show for you. Oh well, i have a minor crush on the coach fish.

  • It is about a boy named Adam Lyon who is transfered to a animal school because \\\"Lyon\\\" was mistaken for \\\"Lion\\\" As the title speaks for itself, he befriends a Spidermonkey named Jake Together, they have crazy adventures in Charles Darwin Middle

    Like I said above, this is possibly the most underrated show in Cartoon Network and hopefully eventually meets its peak soon.

    Some of the jokes, though corny...are clever and the insane antics between Adam and Jake kind of reminds me of Abbot and Costello!

    Although there are some that are gross and Jake\\\'s obsession with his but can be still is a clever and orignal show. It should be given a chance!

    It is a original show for kids and even parents to see.
  • And I thought most animals were smart. Most of these animals are stupid and crappy-looking!

    Bravo Cartoon Network! Once again you were stupid enough to have a show just as retarded as SpongeBob and Camp Lazlo! I know that most people who hate this show call this show stupid, but since that word is overly used, I\'d consider it imbecilic and senseless. And the animals they represent don\'t even look like that in real life! The last time I checked, most spider monkeys are black, and not brown with their asses sticking out like that. I mean, why can\'t people just watch something that isn\'t as retarded as this show? I can think of a million shows better than this one!
  • Not perfect but at least is something good to watch in Cartoon Network.

    Pretty much, I believe the show is OK in some matters, for it's way of comdey I have seen many times. Also, I kind of consider it a little too disturbing the show, for Jake Spider monkey keeps showing his butt a lot, for I consider that quite repellent to many viewers.

    However, one positive thing about the show is pretty much some of the humor it includes, for I have seen mature content humor that I consider very funny! I'll have to give props for that. Really enjoyable when I see that. It's getting better each episode, to tell you the truth. Soon, maybe many will appriciate it.
  • This is a funny, funny show!

    I don't know why there are so many haters here who are trashing this show. It's just a fun cartoon with funny characters. Yeah, sometimes it is a little gross, but so what. It's still funny. It's fun to watch a show that takes place in school that's not the same as every other show. I love the gorilla and Lupe the best.
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