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  • How old are all of you?? Everyone, really, this show is for CHILDREN!!! They will find it funny 'cause it's geared toward them.

    How old are all of you?? Everyone, really, this show is for CHILDREN!!! They will find it funny 'cause it's geared toward them. I'm probably younger than most of you. I've laughed at a few of the things said in this show. For everyone who's said that this was like wrong in the sense of predators and such, that's because it's a CARTOON!!!! I never remember a time when cartoons had to make sense. It's just supposed to entertain. It's not to be annilized and criticized, it's supposed to make small children laugh.
  • This is one of the best new animated shows around!

    Everything is great about this show. The concept, the designs, the music, the humor. Me and all my friends love it because watching it makes us think of kids we know at our school. I love Bull and Adam the best. An animal school is just like a real school. Thats what's great about this show. It's just really funny and people should watch it. The principal who's a little frog is also a favorite. He's kind of a jerk, but he's funny.
  • Come on people! This cartoon is not funny at all!

    How can any one like this show?!?! Everytime I watch My Gym Partner\'s a Monkey(which is only when I am VERY bored)I think that this show can\'t possably get any stupider but they prove me wrong everytime they air a new episode! They people who like this show try to suppoet it by saying thatt it is funny. I never laugh at all when I see this garbage!! What\'s there to laugh about anyway? A monkey who is obsessed with his butt!! How stupid is that! The first 3 second of the show is almost as bad as the rest of it! The theme song is horrible!!! I have heard better music when someone scratches their nails against a chalk board! The animation is not that great either! The plots are pointless too! There is nothing good about My Gym Partner\'s a Monkey! It is beyond me how it got this many fans! It should never have been aired! It s taking time away from better shows on Cartoon Network! I think it should be canceled NOW!!!!!!!!!
  • This is a really funny show!

    I saw this a couple times over the weekend. It was really funny. I don't know what's up with the low scores it's gotten. I think it's entertaining and different from other shows out there. Adam and Jake are a great comedy team and a lot of the other characters are funny too.
  • The best new cartoon in a long time!

    Not just the best new cartoon in a very long time, this is one of the funniest new shows around. The main character, Adam Lyon gets sent to a school for animals after some idiot types his name into the school database as LION instead of LYON. So now, he's stuck in this school with a bunch of zoo animals, and he has to survive. What kid can't relate to Adam -- feeling out of place and trying to fit in, surrounded by crazies! Adam's best friend is a monkey named Jake who gets him into all kinds of trouble. Some of Adam's other friends are a soft spoken gorilla (hilarious!), a giraffe girl and a hot-headed toucan. The school's Principal is a tiny frog who will do anything to avoid a lawsuit. Other than being a frog, he reminds me of my school's Principal. This show just keeps getting funnier, even gojng so far as to have the monkey character turn his butt into a puppet (you have to see it -- it's not as gross as it sounds). I can't wait to see what they do next.
  • This show is proof that Cartoonetwork is making each new show crappier than the last (with a few exceptions.)

    Simply put this show sucks.

    One flaw (out of many) is that the plot sucks. 12-year old Adam Lyon becomes the only human student at Charles Darwin middle school. That's quite the crappy plot.

    This show makes no sense. Shoudn't Adoms parents realize there son is a school for animals and get him into a human school? And why aren't
    the teachers doing anything about it? Too many questions left unanswered.

    Another magor problem is the animation. It looks like it was drawn by a two year old! A stupid theme song doese not help. The charecters have very annoying voices too. I have to mute the T.V. whenever Jake Spidermonkey sayes something.
    For youre own sake do NOT watch this show.
  • Adam Lyon was sent over to Charles Darwin Middle because his last name was Lyon. What?

    While I do admit that schools are like that, they do make mistakes a lot and it causes big errors. But this show is the most disgusting I've ever seen. The snake sheds his skin, the monkey admires his butt every hour, and Adam finds out he has a chest hair. Well, duh! He must be stupid... scratch that... any animal must be stupid to think that their effects are related to the snake's shedding. In Animal Testing/Innoculation Day, they have less-than-pea-brain nurse shooting animals, and shot Adam, who turned into a monkey and the Principal doesn't do anything? This frog principal doesn't even want to do anything except when he's told "but it can bring lawsuits." This show is just stupid, and I don't see why anybody watches this. This is coming from a kid for god's sake!
  • Surprisingly good

    This show is actually tons better than I expected it to be. Jake is so hilarious and so are the other animals! the only downside is sometimes the show is disgusting like the episode where Adam and Jake are selling the candies but do disgusting things to get people to buy them. It's funny and I actually enjoy watching it from time to time. Sometimes there are episodes that are pointless and weird, but still very fun to watch.
  • I'm not a fan but its okay for kids 5-10.

    This show is not a favorite show of mine and I will not go to watch it. But it is okay for kids 5-10 and is much more kid-friendly then some of those other shows on CN like Billy and Mandy, Camp Lazlo, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, and Ed, Edd n' Eddy which spill out toilet humor everywhere (I like those shows because they are controversial kids shows). The plots are kind of stupid and the humor is a little to kiddy for me. Plus the only thing this really teaches kids is how to pick gum off the sidewalk and eat it. This show needs a good plot and some wity, edgy, and a little controversial but funny humor and there we go.
  • Wierd show.......

    I guess this show's about some kid that got sent to an all animal school because his last names Lyon, He makes friends at the new school. This is stupid idea for a TV show. The characters are stupid and unoriginal, The kid is annoying, and so are all his friends. Shows like these just reflect what direction CN is going in these days. Cartoon Network seems to have run out of good ideas so thet roll out trash like this show. I feel bad for the little kids stuck with garbage like this, because when I was alittle kid CN shows were a lot better. I am definatley staying away from this show.
  • This show needs fine-turning but it was funnny.

    This show is not really a good show. It really nedds fine-turning. So this show needs more better episodes than the first ones. The first episode that I have watched is Innoculation Day. It is funny and ok but the other eposodes are not. Some day I will like this show of the next episodes they will make.This show should be better so the rating could be high. This show needs fine-turning but not really bad.
  • A horible show that can only make one who watches it stupider.

    I watched this show one day just to check it out and it was horible. The show is a mixture of potty humor and generalizations. They make the animals stupid and uncivilized, the make the animal rights people care only about animals. This all leads to the viewrs growing up without caring about animals. The rest of the show is complete stupidity that tries to target a few 4 or 5 year olds with potty humor. Even if I was that young, I would think that it was stupid. This just proves that Cartoon Network has really gone downhill.

    In the end, by watching this, I think my IQ lowered by at least 3 points. Stay away from it or this may happen to you, too!
  • Like the classification says,needs fine-tuning.

    OK,here is my review.

    The plot and show is about a 12-year-old kid named Adam Lyon.He gets sent to Charles Dawrin Middle School due to a typo in his last name.He makes friends with Jake Spider Monkey and various other animals.

    To me,the theme song is horrible.When I heared it,I wanted to rip off my ears.First,we see Adam with his human class,then we see a lady typing Adam's whole name.When she gets to his last name,she types ''Lion'' instead of Lyon,and now he is at Charles Darwin Middle School.Then various things are shown,like random clips of the episodes,then we see Jake drumming on his butt like a drum.

    As much as I like Adam's character,I really think that Adam's voice is WAY too high,even thought I know he is voiced by a woman (like some boys in other CN cartoons and Nicktoons).

    Now,for those who like Jake,I suggest you buckle up,because there is going to be ALOT of my negative thoughts about him in the next paragraph or so.

    First of all,in the theme,we see him drumming on his butt like a drum (which I metioned before).I was completely disgusted when I saw Jake do that.Then again,he is a monkey,and monkeys do that.

    Then,his voice,sounds a little too much like SpongeBob's.I know that Tom Kenny voices them both,but I think that he is too over-used.

    Then,we learn he is a spider monkey,and he has orange-ish fur.Sound like another monkey on CN? Yup,you guessed it,I'm talking about Lazlo from Camp Lazlo.

    At least Lazlo doesn't use his butt as a drum.

    I don't like Jake one bit.I have no intrest of him or his character.Nope,Nada,Zilch.

    Well,it has decent animation.The same goes for the background designs and colors.

    Overall: Eh,its not so great.If it got more intresting for my tastes,it would get a better rating out of me.

    I hoped you enjoyed reading this review.
  • My gym partner's a monkey is a bunch if this.

    Why was this crap made? But do you know what you get if you spell the word "this" backward? The best way to put what this show is. A Human is in a animal school. Why did they not eat him yet. It seems like something that would, or should happen to the dumb kid.
  • This is atrocious!!

    The idea just seems dumb. I mean, a guy and his monkey, absolutely dumb. If it had a test grade, I'd barely poass them. This is one oif the weirdest shows on Earth. Better than the X's for sure! The worst show ever and they're going to air it. If I could, I'd sue them!
  • Awesome show,watch it people!

    This show was funny.Cartoonnetwork needed another show about a monkey.People might say this copies Camp Lazlo but probally they both did'nt copy each other because they could have been working at the same time and Camp Lazlo could have been produced first.I don't even know how anybody could hate this show.
  • Cartoon network is going downhill very fast.

    This show is completely horrible period. What's even worse is that cn is allowing this kind of stuff to come on air. First hihipuffyammyyumi, and juniper lee. Then they made camp lazlo and now this! Cartoon network is running out of good ideas. I think they should just make new episodes for old shows instead of making new shows. They need to learn that copying nick is not a good idea.
  • Is CartoonNetwork serious about allowing this crap on there channel!?!

    Good lord! CartoonNetwork must be drunk to allow this peice of Monkey crap on there channel!!! First we had Juniper Lee and HiHipuffyAmiYumi which was terrible and now we have this!! I sware! One of these days all of the good shows like "Ed, Edd n' Eddy" and "The Grim adventures of Billy and Mandy" will get replaced with junky cartoons such as this and CartoonNetwork is gonna go downhill fast!!! The show copies off of "Spongebob" which makes it unoriginal and the characters seem stale and uninteresting...It's sad too see CartoonNetwork so desperate, that they'll allow anything on there channel...even a boring flash animated cartoon with no sound, no music, and no plot. CartoonNetwork seriously needs to wake up! and bring back the classics like Dexter's Lab, Courage the Dog, Cow and Chicken, and Johny Bravo!!!
  • Made me laugh a lot.

    The sneak peak of this show was very intresting. A human going to an animal school because his last name is Lion. He's gets a shoot of monkey booster & turns into a monkey. It has many funny parts, the theme song is catchy, & its good. Another good show coming to CN.
  • Just what everyone needs, another Spongebob wannabe.

    Like Coconut Fred, "My Gym Partner's A Monkey" seems to be a desperate attempt to imitate similiar success from Nick's "Spongebob Squarepants".

    The plot of the show is very simple: a kid name Adam Lyon is the only human being in Charles Darwin Middle School (where it is literally a jungle)due to a typo in his last name. Fortunately for him, he makes pal with Jake Spider Monkey, and is turns out, having a spider monkey for a friend is much complicated than anyone would have imagine.

    The animation looks dull and repetitive, the music is horrendous and most of all, the characters are uninspired.

    My recommendation: avoid this show and watch either "The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy" or "Camp Lazlo".
  • One of the best CN Shows Ever! I love it, so far I'm amazed at the show..It's been very funny and the animation is quit good, plus all of the characters seem great so far. I can't wait for all the other episodes, it's very good and can't wait more.

    One of the best CN Shows Ever! I love it, so far I'm amazed at the show..It's been very funny and the animation is quit good, plus all of the characters seem great so far. I can't wait for all the other episodes, it's very good and can't wait more.
  • this is the stupidest show i don't even know who'd bother watching this show????? oh oh oh i know NO ONE!!!!!!! well no one normal at least

    i hate it I was watching the preview on cn and i was like WTF?????? this is soo dumb and pointless and sooooo unoriginal this is yet another show cn has failed misrebly on when are they gonna learn that copying nick is NOT i repet NOT gonna pay off :(
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