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  • As irritating as this show was, I have to admit: "My Gym Partner's a Monkey" has been one of the most underrated Cartoon Network shows ever made.

    That's all I can say.
  • My Gym Partner's a Monkey is VERY underrated!

    Well, honestly, I was a teenager when this show came on for its run. I praise for Adam Lyon's misadventures in an all-animal school. The wacky antics of the storyline and writing are amazing! I like how the show combines middle school life with anthropomorphic animals! It's like a mix between Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide & George of the Jungle to create a fantastic masterpiece! The characters are well written, and my favorite would be Ingrid Giraffe because she's lovestruck for Adam, and my favorite episodes centering her are "Save the Drama for Your Llama" & "Ingrid Through the Out Door". Overall I give this show a 10/10.
  • its the past cartoons brought back

    this show is very classic no EXTREMELY classic its all about a kid named adem lyon who was put into an animal school becuase they got his last name wrong lion insted of lyon annyway it might be a little gross be it redefines the word classic you cang get shows like this anymore and jake spider monkey he may be gross but hes so funny hes a dodo head pee brain butt obseiseised monkey not may anybody like him but hes like what does this show remind me of oh ya ren and stimpy ya these shaows are like the exact same thing
  • I've only got one thing to say: Stop, look, listen, & think about it! :idea:

    It's tough being a lone wolf defending a cartoon you know is great but nobody else seems to think so! I'd love it if I knew what it was about this show that people don't like, but my animal instincts tell me I probably wouldn't like the answers. Take "The Flintstones, Scooby-Doo, Teenage Mut-ant Ninja Turtles, Pokemon, Aqua Teen Hunger Force," & "The Simpsons." Nobody thought they'd make new episodes for as long as they did or are, & each show's managed to last at least 5 years on the air. I never would've guessed that 7 years after it's debut "Spongebob Squarepants, Ed, Edd, & Eddy" would still be going strong! I don't care if other people say I'm wrong, I like this show & nothing will persuade me otherwise! This is one great show that I love to watch! The End! :D
  • Hated by alot but liked by those with a sense of Humor!!!

    For those who dont like this show along with the But Jokes, Get a Sense of Humor for God Sakes. You people know nothing about Humor. I like this show, Its funny and its enjoyable for me. My Friends all like it. Seriously Jesus! I liked it since I first watched it on December 26, 2005 while playing with my Thomas & Friends new wooden set with Thomas and Culdee and I found it mildly Interesting! Considerably I found the animation got better on the 2nd episode. Even so it got better and better within each episode, I especially enjoy the episode where Jake made his butt talk! So people who like this show, you know true Humor!
  • Even though I have another show above this one, it's more better any season and funny!

    My #1 show Ed, Edd n Eddy is cool, but this one is funnier and kind of stupid. But even though many people hate it, I like it. The show is better every season, and now getting new episodes is making me happier and when it's the #3 on Cartoon Network's Top 5 cartoons and when it was greenlited to a season 4 witch is premiering in September's 3rd week. The more episodes, shorts, fans, new stuff, etc. will not make me disappointed than any other show (except EEnE). I agree with any other fans of this show, and even though I'm busy on other works, I always take my break on watching My Gym Partner's a Monkey.
  • Adam Lyon going from a normal school to a animal school

    My Gym Partner As A Monkey going over a normal kid that with a accident was placed in to a animal school

    In that animal school are the teacheres , director , director's assistant , kantine people , ... every one is a animal ,
    Adam Geel / Adam Lyon is the only human there
    and it is not so easy for it to do

    Gym from a Fish
    Director is a Frog
    Teachers are other animals

    He has a fue friends :
    - Monkey - another monkey
    - Snake
    - Elephant
    - ...

    He has some times problemes but one of his grandest problems :
    - animal-food to eat
    - not a normal school
    - not by his love

    MY GYM PARTNER As A MONKEY is a great show !
    MY GYM PARTNER As A MONKEY is on Cartoon Network !
  • hahaha. this show is funny!!

    hahaha. this show is funny!! If you have never seen this show...then i think you are missing out! It is very funny! Jake (the monkey) is wild BUT funny! he is immature BUT funny! Why wouldnt you like this show?!!! Its funny and sure sometimes the characters act stupid BUT they are funny! And the plot might be weird BUT funny! Now do you get my point? This of course is all my opion but, i like "stupid funny" and somehow cartoonnetwork made this funny! How? i dont know but they did! I mean think about it, a show about a monkey and his best friend, a human to make that funny is creative and its a Fanatstic show!
  • cool

    i am sorry what i am about to do but here goes nothing.Quote I love this show and it's the best yo!!!!And Adam is really a cool person in a way but he's kind of a nerd if you ask me four real guys you should believe my.Jake is the best person in the show he is funny and he can do anything he can fly and swim and i really don't care though!!!Shut up fool i didn't ask you if I did i would of asked you the question you dang roddent.Lopez is cool she's like a spanish bird I think do you?
  • Funny/Cute

    A Funny show that me and my sister always watch Adam was switched to a differnt Middle School and its an Anmail School and he meets this one monkey who is just simply crazy! And funny you gotta love this show if you don't oh well i like it i think its funny!

    This is a cool show to watch. I don't know what's with all the negative comments about this show, but I like it. Adam is a 12-year-old human who goes to Charles Darwin Middle School. He's also the only human who goes there. He's also one of my favorite characters. So are Jake, Lupe, Ingrid, Windsor, Slips, and Principal Pixiefrog. I don't care if many users disagree with my review. Those who think this show is bad probably haven't even seen the show yet.
  • A really funny, crazy show!

    I have to say that this is definitely one of my new favorite shows. I know it might look like its just for little, little kids, but I think it has some stuff for older kids and people too. I think that it has types of characters that I haven't seen too much of in any animated shows, like the gorilla, Windsor who is really smart and kinda quiet but has this crazy puppet that is totally wack for absolutely no reason. I really like how it's so random. People should check it out cause its really funny and unique.
  • I love this show!!

    I don't know why people are being so harsh. This show is one of the best around!! It's just funny and silly and I thought that's what cartoons were supposed to be. I know alot of kids at my school who like it too. Even my 7 year-old brother likes it and he hardly likes anything. If you want to see a funny show, watch this! You won't be sorry!
  • a 12 year old boy goes to a animal school........................................

    12 year old adam lyon goes to an animal school.what to expect?
    Total craziness!!!!!

    when adam meets how old....Jacob "Jake Spidermonkey things change.

    Adam is also threatended by animals.

    1:a dolfin in "the spiffes" call adam "adumb".

    2:a bull shark named Virgil "Bull"Sharkowski is a bull shark who waits for him in a toilet.Ha.Anyway,hope you enjoy the show!!
  • Way Underrated

    This show is one of my favorites i allways laughed at the things that happened.. and i cant wait for the new episodes.. And.. WHY does everybody hate it? Just because its one of the new shows? Thats really not a good reason to hate it.. Im getting sick of all these haters and stupid comments, If you hate it then dont watch it! Deal! People have their tastes!. And how does this be a rip-off fosters?, Theres a big difference. This is defently one of my new favorite shows, Well its better than "Yu-Gi-oh", "Class Of 3000" and other stupid pointless shows.. This show reminds you of the old shows.. I give it 5/10 for the Animation and Sounds and 5/10 for the Characters and Voices = 10/10
  • This show is a classic and is about a kid who is transford into an animal school and has crazy adventures.

    This show is great. I can't believe how much work was put into this show. The characters have all sorts off different personalities and are very funny. Jake Spidermonkey is by far the best character. He he stuiped and smart and has a great personality. This show shows the differences between Adam the human and Jake, Windsor, Lupe, Ingred and Pricipal Pixiefrog along with the whole charles darwin middle school. I haven't seen a better show in so long. This is 5 out of 5 stars and my favorite show. It is way underated plus the theme song is really catchy and is funny. You should watch this show when you see that it is on.
  • Okay people i hate you people who say for this show to be canceled. Continue ->

    i hate you people who are saying for this show to be cancel yes it may sometimes be gross and yes it looks stupid but first when i saw it was coming to cn i said "this show is going to be stupid" but then i noticed it was very funny lol so not all users and think its stupid buts very well um i donnu well like i said b4 funny so im rating this a 10.0! for funny stupid awsome monkey. and well there is nothing else i could say to this show but the thing i dont want to happen is for it to cancel it until the series finish :-)
  • This is one of the best new animated shows around!

    Everything is great about this show. The concept, the designs, the music, the humor. Me and all my friends love it because watching it makes us think of kids we know at our school. I love Bull and Adam the best. An animal school is just like a real school. Thats what's great about this show. It's just really funny and people should watch it. The principal who's a little frog is also a favorite. He's kind of a jerk, but he's funny.
  • The best new cartoon in a long time!

    Not just the best new cartoon in a very long time, this is one of the funniest new shows around. The main character, Adam Lyon gets sent to a school for animals after some idiot types his name into the school database as LION instead of LYON. So now, he's stuck in this school with a bunch of zoo animals, and he has to survive. What kid can't relate to Adam -- feeling out of place and trying to fit in, surrounded by crazies! Adam's best friend is a monkey named Jake who gets him into all kinds of trouble. Some of Adam's other friends are a soft spoken gorilla (hilarious!), a giraffe girl and a hot-headed toucan. The school's Principal is a tiny frog who will do anything to avoid a lawsuit. Other than being a frog, he reminds me of my school's Principal. This show just keeps getting funnier, even gojng so far as to have the monkey character turn his butt into a puppet (you have to see it -- it's not as gross as it sounds). I can't wait to see what they do next.
  • My gym partner's a monkey is a bunch if this.

    Why was this crap made? But do you know what you get if you spell the word "this" backward? The best way to put what this show is. A Human is in a animal school. Why did they not eat him yet. It seems like something that would, or should happen to the dumb kid.
  • Made me laugh a lot.

    The sneak peak of this show was very intresting. A human going to an animal school because his last name is Lion. He's gets a shoot of monkey booster & turns into a monkey. It has many funny parts, the theme song is catchy, & its good. Another good show coming to CN.
  • One of the best CN Shows Ever! I love it, so far I'm amazed at the show..It's been very funny and the animation is quit good, plus all of the characters seem great so far. I can't wait for all the other episodes, it's very good and can't wait more.

    One of the best CN Shows Ever! I love it, so far I'm amazed at the show..It's been very funny and the animation is quit good, plus all of the characters seem great so far. I can't wait for all the other episodes, it's very good and can't wait more.
  • my gym partner's a monkey

    In Cartoon Network’s new animated series My Gym Partner's a Monkey, going to school almost literally becomes a trip to the jungle. 12-year-old Adam Lyon becomes the only human student at Charles Darwin Middle School, where the animal inhabitants of the local zoo and aquarium send their kids. With signs that warn, “Do Not Eat the Other Students,” Adam has his hands full just making it through... i like this cartoon show becaise it is funny at all and cool!
  • This is a really funny show!

    I saw this a couple times over the weekend. It was really funny. I don't know what's up with the low scores it's gotten. I think it's entertaining and different from other shows out there. Adam and Jake are a great comedy team and a lot of the other characters are funny too.
  • More fun then a barrel full of monkeys (ya geddit)

    this show is awesome no kiddin' anyone who hates this show so stupid, This show so funny , one word "AWESOME", best show ever only second to Naruto these 2 show needs to be on every channel!! I don't Know why this show got bad ratings cuz it so cool
  • Awesome show,watch it people!

    This show was funny.Cartoonnetwork needed another show about a monkey.People might say this copies Camp Lazlo but probally they both did'nt copy each other because they could have been working at the same time and Camp Lazlo could have been produced first.I don't even know how anybody could hate this show.
  • It's a good show to watch when you're bored. Otherwise, it's boring.

    This is a good show, even though it's unoriginal. Like I said, it's good to watch it when you are bored. The only things I don't like about this show is how Jake always is addicted to his butt a lot. It's really annoying. But the rest of it is pretty good. But, for one thing, I don't like want it there forever. If it was on when I was bored it would be good. But if it is there and I want something else,it seems stupid. But the idea of a human kid being in an animal school is cool.
  • It is about a boy named Adam Lyon who is transfered to a animal school because \\\"Lyon\\\" was mistaken for \\\"Lion\\\" As the title speaks for itself, he befriends a Spidermonkey named Jake Together, they have crazy adventures in Charles Darwin Middle

    Like I said above, this is possibly the most underrated show in Cartoon Network and hopefully eventually meets its peak soon.

    Some of the jokes, though corny...are clever and the insane antics between Adam and Jake kind of reminds me of Abbot and Costello!

    Although there are some that are gross and Jake\\\'s obsession with his but can be still is a clever and orignal show. It should be given a chance!

    It is a original show for kids and even parents to see.
  • Adam Lyon was going to a human school qith his friends, but on the next day there is a mix up and he was sent to Charles Dawrwin Middle School with animals. Becuase of his last name.

    Adam is now at a new school with nothing, but animals as teachers and students. His name is Adam Lyon. "Lyon" was at a human school living a normal life, but his last name got confused and he was shipped to Charles Darwin Middle School. His best friend is Jake Spidermonkey. He has a crush on Kerry, a human at his old school, but he never gets time to talk with her becuase of the new school. Adam is always trying and failing at his new school. They have to hunt, run, jump, and many things normal humans can't do. Espicially the un-athletic Adam.
  • Not a bad show

    This show maybe does look stupid, disgusting, boring, etc. but don't knock it down so quick until you've seen more than 2 episodes. I agree with some who said some of the jokes and gags are nasty, but some other episodes they don't even use that stuff to be funny. Let's be honest, it's not this century's Looney Tunes or the next Tom and Jerry. But it's still somewhat funny and cool to watch when you're bored. At least the whole show's concept is original compared to teen/family super heros, other overused animals shows, etc.
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