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  • Cartoon network is going downhill very fast.

    This show is completely horrible period. What's even worse is that cn is allowing this kind of stuff to come on air. First hihipuffyammyyumi, and juniper lee. Then they made camp lazlo and now this! Cartoon network is running out of good ideas. I think they should just make new episodes for old shows instead of making new shows. They need to learn that copying nick is not a good idea.
  • this is the stupidest show i don't even know who'd bother watching this show????? oh oh oh i know NO ONE!!!!!!! well no one normal at least

    i hate it I was watching the preview on cn and i was like WTF?????? this is soo dumb and pointless and sooooo unoriginal this is yet another show cn has failed misrebly on when are they gonna learn that copying nick is NOT i repet NOT gonna pay off :(
  • Is CartoonNetwork serious about allowing this crap on there channel!?!

    Good lord! CartoonNetwork must be drunk to allow this peice of Monkey crap on there channel!!! First we had Juniper Lee and HiHipuffyAmiYumi which was terrible and now we have this!! I sware! One of these days all of the good shows like "Ed, Edd n' Eddy" and "The Grim adventures of Billy and Mandy" will get replaced with junky cartoons such as this and CartoonNetwork is gonna go downhill fast!!! The show copies off of "Spongebob" which makes it unoriginal and the characters seem stale and uninteresting...It's sad too see CartoonNetwork so desperate, that they'll allow anything on there channel...even a boring flash animated cartoon with no sound, no music, and no plot. CartoonNetwork seriously needs to wake up! and bring back the classics like Dexter's Lab, Courage the Dog, Cow and Chicken, and Johny Bravo!!!
  • Take it Off Cartoon Planet

    This show is just garbage, the voice acting is bad, the jokes are terrible and they are poorly written and very poorly executed. As for the idea of the show it is just really really stupid! I mean a kid going to0 school, is that the best these people could come up with! Also, probably the most annoying part of this show is that the pacing is just really bad since it is the same thing over and over again. Really, not joking it really is the same over and over again. But, to say the very least do not watch this show seriously, it is that bad now there are worst shows out there but this comes very close to the really bad ones!(like Sidekick, Pearlie, and Tak and The Power of So, with all of this said please do not watch this show!

    Of all the offensive kids ever depicted in an animated series (Ian Kelley, Bessie Higgenbottom), Adam Lyon makes even Ruthie from One Big Happy look like angels in comparison.

    My Gym Partner's a Monkey is the absolute WORST animated show ever allowed on the Cartoon Planet. A show about some milk and water little creep of a boy who goes to a wrong school (yes, the principal is evil) & the various stupid situations that not even the creators of Skunk Fu would touch with rubber gloves on. And to top if off, the little troglodyte is being bullied by a jerk who happens to be his school's principal.

    The best thing for CN to do with this turgescent abomination of a cartoon, is to have it buried at sea, but then again, the ocean's is already polluted as is
  • It's the worst Cartoon Network show ever

    No really what the crap wer ethey smoking when they thought this up.CN must think that cancelling all the good shows and exiling them to Boomerang will get them good ratings and let crap take over the network,but it doesn't.It's a bad influence on kids.Adam I feel may be an autistic kid and that the creators hate kids who are like that.Guess what I'm one of those kids.And moving on,it's too FICIONAL.When was the last time you saw hair on a (insert animal here),second why are you even having them go to school when you they'll just grow up to be zoo animals?Another thing why must we have butt humour in every episode?It's not funny all the time!I feel that it's telling kids that adults can't help them,then we hear Pixiefrog find out he's a human,why doesn;'t he send hi back to his old school?He's not an animal!Second why did the people even send him to the animal school?Because his last name is Lyon?Wow,that's a real good reason.Did they ever bother to look at him? Does he have a mane?Claws? Big teeth? No,I don; think so.The animation is terrible,I used to think this show rocked when I was 11,I only watch i when I'm really bored.At those times I'd be giving it a 7.Any other condition,no siree Bob!
  • This show is awful.

    The voice acting is extremely annoying, the animation is ugly, and the jokes and plot are beyond terrible. I do not know who the target audience of this show would have been, besides those kids who think butts are the most hilarious things in the whole world for some stupid reason. Every time this show comes on, I HAVE to change the channel. The fact this show ever got on television in the first place is completely shocking. I'm more surprised it lasted as long as it did. This was one of the worst, if not THE, worst show that has ever been on Cartoon Network.
  • One of the few shows that is destroying Cartoon Network.

    This show is just horrible! I do not know why Cartoon Network made this show in the first place, if only they knew what is happening to their network right now. What I hate about this show is the dialog, humor, and characters. The dialog in this show is just awful. Most of the lines the characters say are really stupid. The characters just blab too much about themselves, and their natural superiority in their territory. Of course this is an act of nature. The humor in this show is EXTREMELY annoying. All of the jokes are not funny, and make you want to grab them, and rip out their larynx. I hated it when Jake was doing this joke when he talks with his tail. It made me want to grab my sword, and slice off his rear end, so I never have to look at his back again. I just do not like it when they had to add butt cheeks to Jake. Personally, I think they should have not done that, because this may make kids want to impersonate Jake by not wearing any underwear, and pants. That is just sick!!! The characters are horrible. It is just wrong to have a human go to a school that is all animals. If I was president of Cartoon Network, I would burn this show, along with Squirrel Boy, Chop Socky Chooks, George of the Jungle, and Out of Jimmy's Head. I would bring back classics like Time Squad, Sailor Moon, Yu Yu Hakusho, and Ruruoni Kenshin. Instead of swinging on a vine to a room, This show should swing into a shreader. Be gone with this show, and never ever come back!
  • The show's idea was origional, but after that the producers got lazy.

    This show is a complete waste of time. I can't believe it got so many episodes, all of them are unorigional. I usually enjoy shows where nearly all of the characters are animals, but I was appauled by this one.

    Animation: The producers got lazy and spent about 30 seconds drawing each clip. This equals poor animation.

    Plot: I have never seen a creative plot in this. ONCE!!!

    Voice Acting: Average.

    Humor: The jokes in this wouldn't even make a two-year-old laugh, and they lack any origionality. How many times do we have to see Jake's butt?

    Dialogue: Poor.

    Characters: They lack character development and everything else a character needs.

    Overall: Change the channel!!!
  • This is why America is decline in social and moral decency. We love to praise stupid material. We don't give anything educational a chance and call it "boring and lame." What I call shows like these retard cartoons" make the issue worse.

    From my understanding this show is about some adolescent named Adam LYON, not Lion, LYON. Anyway, somewhere in Idiots of A, A school district worker screws up records and unwittingly transfers poor Adam to an animal school. No body seems notice the issue and when an incompetent Warthog of a secretary and a corrupt Principal Frog who's priority is evading lawsuits (yet child endangerment is not a problem) seem to actually figure out that Adam is a human, the situation only becomes an awkward conversation where Adam says "everyone knew" to the response of the Frog saying "oh............." But it gets worse, Adam reluctantly becomes friends with a mentally retarded Spidermonkey and his gang of nit-wit friends saying to America: "HEY KIDS!!!! Be stupid!! Its cool since its on TV and not a video game"

    Jack Thompson, Shut your mouth, stop harassing GTA developer Take Two and attack something like this! So far not a single activist has attacked the series of stupid shows like Out of Jimmy's Head, Camp Lazlo, Squirrel Boy, Flapjack, Chowder, and all the other things that contributed to what I call the "Stupid Flare" that started in the late 80's and continues to this day. Parents, don't let your kids get impressionable off of this trash, tune to the history, Discovery, and military channel.
  • I Can't believe CN!

    This show is an excuse for CN because they don't want good shows anymore. I used to like but it began to suck. One of the reasons it sucks is because of it's annoying butt jokes. I hate jokes like that. On a forum I read this statement "This show is better than Danny Phantom or Ed, Edd, n Eddy. Those people are big liers. Whoever thinks or says that better disagree. Both those shows have a btter rating and more fans than haters. So believe it! This show is as bad as Squirrel Boy(Mother ******) and Out of Jimmy's Head(The biggest failure tv ever had.)(Mother******) and all the rest of CN's shows except Camp Lazlo. Overall, this show and all its episodes should be put in a rocket, sent to the Sun and burn to ashes for all I care!
  • Crappiest Show Ever!

    Okay, This review deserves the angry treatment. This Show Sucks!!! It's the worst cartoon ever. Worst than Pokemon, worst than any anime that sucks. Worst than Out of Jimmy's Head, Squirrel Boy, NBB, worst than even Jamie Lynn Spears. If it weren't for Ben 10, Ed Edd and Eddy, Naruto, Bleach, Blood+, Death Note, Chowder, Eureka Seven, One Piece, DBZ, Ghost in the Shell, Samurai Champloo, FMA, and Trinity Blood, Cartoon Network would be dead.

    The Plot? Well it's about a butt-ugly animated boy with a really crappy voice, who goes to a really crappy school for animals. This plot makes meat-eaters and PETA want to join forces to destroy this crappy show. The plot sucks, the animation sucks, the voices suck[excluding Phil LaMarr, Maurice LaMarche, and Brian Doyle Murray], and this is the worst show Cartoon Network has ever made. This gets a 0 out of 10, but since it needs a number, 1 out of 10, avoid unless watching really crappy shows[similar to AVGN playing crappy games], NBB[despite it's crappy storylines] is better than this piece of C.R.A.P.
  • The worst show on CN

    This has got to be the worst show on Cartoon Network. The plot, characters, everything is bad. Here's the plot: So, there's this kid named Adam. His last name is Lyon, same as my science teacher. And, according to his superintendent, because his last name is the name of an animal, he must go to an animal school. Wow, that blowed. First off, how many butt jokes are there per episode? 3? 4? More like 10. And, in addition, I CANNOT stand Jake's screech. It's the worst thing i've ever heard. Yes, worse than Usopp's 4kids voice. So, this show is terrible. I give this my lowest rating yet(and possibly ever), a 1.0
  • This is one of CN's worst shows yet!

    I remember when I saw the first preview and I thought it wouldn't be that great but then when I saw it, I saw that I was correct. This show is a cheap rip-off of 'Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends'. It is kind of a funny show sometimes (and I did really like the Alien Invaded special) and I'd probably really like it if it didn't have Jake the Spidermonkey playing with his butt and stuff all the time. Yes, almost every time I've seen this show, it's had Jake playing with his behind and that is very disterbing to me. I think 'Cow and Chicken' and 'I Am Weasel' had better butt humor since it wasn't as nasty and over-used as it is in this show. Trust me, if you don't want to see a bunch of gross butt humor then don't watch this show or you will be grossed out.
  • This show must be considered as the most flawed and flatout terrible animated series to ever grace onto my television screen. It's even worse then Teletubbies! At least it helps developed babies , but is completely stupid altogether.

    Prepare for some serious ranting for in the case of any charatcers that appear on the show. Also , the following may contain some rude stuff about this abymsal type of cartoon so please... haters may want to read this.

    My Gym Partner's A Monkey is what I've already said is yet another bad show made for the standard cartoons of today. The storyline looks like a spin-off on Spongebob where Adam's last name is accidently a typo and is soon fetched onto a school where animals learn different processes. I know this is fictional and all but why would the animals be so stupid by eating books resulting in quicker money to be spent? Let alone , there are many flaws between the imagination and realism when it comes to watching this show.

    Don't forget the characters! The characters include the students who are mostly cameos of the school , and the basic teachers. But they usually stick badly. Jake Spidermonkey is obessed with his ass , and can easily be gay There's no problem with Spongebob Squarepants when haters were saying that he was gay Because it was told that all sponges of the sea were Bisexual. Unlike the mentioned , we instead watch a monkey who is conflicted on this case. Oh , and if a lover of this show comes in saying: "There was only one episode of the show that basically used his ass all in one." , that statement might be true , but Jake's ass statements are usually short-handed and too much to handle.

    Adam Lyon on the other hand isn't usually like of Jake Spidermonkey. But he's whiney. Very whiney. Espically the fact that he forever has to stay in this type of education until he is to be graduted from it. Which points to one of the first flaws in the storygrounds: Where The Hell Are Them People?! Want to know why? Because it seems that in this show , all people who work on the educational system of the located town are complete bums with nothing to do but to enjoy their hillarious actions. That's what I think. Oh , and there's also the parents of Adam. Currently , we've seen the mother and father... once! That's it! Just one appearance , and we've yet to see more. Hell , even Jake's mother made one appearance in the Christmas Special! How idioticly sad for the creators and director of any episode. Meanwhile , Principal Pixiefrog is a lawaphobic and shortstuffed frog who runs the district. He can sometimes be a greedy animal with the color of dollars , and is usually wetting his pants everytime someone wants to sue him. It happened successfully once , and lost of phobia once. Bull is the toughest shark with headphones that are actually used to give his gills water. Strangely though , it seems unfair that he has an inventional gadget while the others are either at the underwater part of the school or swimming class to class in fishtubes? Another stupid idea was that when Adam & Jake actually took the tube all with water? They should've died due to losing oxygen! Instead though , the duo magically survived. Comedy on this show is also stupid. Overall , this is perhaps yet another cartoon with a bad name on Cartoon Network and it gives points way too seriously onto the show. You know what? I think this is much worser then KND because it dosen't use any common sense on any episode with jokes that aren't funny and images that aren't meant for children.

    It's just an utter failure that I wish should die out , and leave the creators rotting in hell. If I were to actually be one of the CN executives , and were to be within this show , I might as well say that they shouldn't quit their dayjobs. For real. Rating : 0.0 out of 10.0
  • I can't stand this show at all.

    Like all new shows I decided to give this show a chance. I watched it, and I came to the conclusion that this show is a huge waste of 30 minutes. The jokes are lame, the episodes are lame, the theme song drives me to the point of insanity, and basically everything that has to due with this show is lame. Another thing about this show is the fact that Jake is obsessed with his own butt. That's just wrong and disgusting. How can this show be bringing in good ratings? Something's not right, because there is no way in heck that this show could be bringing in good ratings for CN. And to think they cancelled great Cartoon Cartoons...for this?! I am more than disgusted that CN would even air a show like this. I hope this show gets cancelled. This show should have never been put on the air.
  • This is what I think of it.

    This has to be the most corniest show ever! First of all it's about a monkey. That sounds lame now doesn't it? Second, it's gross. What's with all the butt jokes? I can understand a few but this is just too many! It's kinda like "SpongeBob SquarePants" in a way. First Camp Lazlo copied off of "SpongeBob SqaurePants", now this. I can't call it a spin-off because it's not made by Nick. I'll call it a rip-off instead. Cartoon Network has some great shows but this isn't one of them! This isn't really funny, it's just plain stupid! I like Cartoon Network, but this is one of the shows that makes it look bad. To save precious time, don't watch this, watch something better.
  • I don't like this show! Really!

    The classification says it all. The show is about a kid named Adam Lyon who gets transferred to an animal school because his last name is similar to "lion". Thus, he gets new animal friends, one of whom is Jake Spidermonkey, a butt-obsessed monkey(who doesn't resemble a spider monkey much). The main reason I hate this show is its unorigionality: in almost every show, a character(mostly Adam) gets into a problem and solves it. On top of that, the show isn't funny(butt references are only funny once, man!) and gross(one episode revolves aroung bat guano.) I dont like the show at all, but the people who do like it, tune in. Note that this is just my opinion; I'm not trying to insult the people who do like the mentioned elements.
  • What the heck?

    I honestly don't see the appeal in this show. There's no point to it, and the plot holes are so big, you could jump through them (for example: Why would he be transferred to an animal school just because his name is Lyon? And why couldn't he just transfer to another school--a human school?)
    This show is just too obnoxious and immature for my taste. Not only is the theme song unbearable, but the monkey's butt-obsession is too much.
    Cartoon Network is going down fast. I mean, look at all of the shows they've got on there? They used to have some shows that you could at least sit through if necissary, but I just can't take it anymore. Is it just me, or is the quality of television programming slowly declining?
  • What kind of show is this?

    i don\'t know why this show was ever put on air. I thought it was going to be funny. But after the first few episodes, I was like, No way!!! I mean, there are some disgusting things, like Jake playing with his butt, and then making sick jokes about it. And where are Adam\'s parents?!? Why aren\'t they doing anything about Adam going to an animal school??
    The plot itself is stupid. And it is very unoriginal. Talking animals? WoW! Very original. I can\'t beleive they haven\'t cancelled the show yet. And where are the animals parents? You would think their parents would talk to them about growing up (shedding, molting.....). And the here is the part where I talk about human/animal rights.
    I remember in the first episode where these women came along and were like stop trapping the animals or whatever , and then Adam turned back from a monkey into a human, and they were like, Oh, It\'s only a boy.

    By the way, they episode where Adam gets injected with medicine and turns into a monkey is very unoriginal. I saw a Spongebob episode where he got turned into a snail, but that is more interesting and more funnier.

    I seriously hope they get rid of this show.

    THIS show is full of CRAP!
  • Worst cartoon ever! No excuses!

    This is a prime example of why I feel so sorry for those growing up with today's cartoons. With sub par animation; annoying, stupid, and jerky characters you wish would just drop dead; no originality; no plot; and awful dialogue; this is a show that'll surely make you lose quite a few brain cells, not to mention the dignity of being an animation fan. First off, the Cahill siblings must have been on drugs when they came up with this. That or they, like a lot of CN shows, ripped off today's HORRIBLE Disney cartoons and made them even worse. In this case, they combined some of the utmost horrible Brandy and Mr. Whiskers with Teacher's Pet. It really does have a number of similarities to them if you take a closer look.
    The plot of Adam being sent to an animal school, everyone thinking he really is a lion, there being an animal school in the first place, and him even going to it (where are his parents?) is beyond stupid. Adam and Jake are most likely the two most annoying characters in cartoon history! Why the hell do they even like each other?!
    How CN accepted this show is beyond me. A number of the stuff in this show, ESPECIALLY from Jake, is crude, rude, and uncalled for!
    All in all people, don't watch this show and strike back! That way, we'll have better shows on like when greatness and effort was actually put into animation! Save your children and your brain cells and start boycotting this monstrosity!
  • this is the worst show ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is a really dumb show. It is about a monkey who talks about his butt all the time. It is very immature and gross. What parents are going to want their children to see stuff like that. The monkey jumped and his butt landed on the kid\'s face. I mean come on if that is not immature and gross than what is?
  • Probably the worst show on Cartoon Network since Ed, Edd, and Eddy.

    I can\'t find a single reason why this cartoon is on the air, nor do I allow my children to watch it. It\'s a standard fish out of water type story, about a human boy who through a spelling mistake now goes to an animal school, but the show itself is awful on every conceivable level! It\'s crude, disguising, and poorly written, using plot lines that you\'ve seen a hundred times before. The animation quality is poor, running neck and neck with the poor quality of Camp Lazlo.

    In short you got a \'kid going to a new school\' story that tries to be Ren and Stimpy, and it fails on both counts.
    I advise other parents to not let their kids watch this.

    If Cartoon Network is THIS desperate, it\'s no wonder they\'re showing live action movies.
  • My gyn m partners a monkey is about a boy named Adam lyon and gets accidently transferred to an animal school and befriends a spider-monkey and becomes his best friend. They go on crazy adventures together.

    This show is a piece of bull s**t!!!!!!!!! I don't understand why people watch this. This is a complete waste of time! I mean what kind of kid or human has a best friend as a monkey!! The theme song is HORRIBLE it is soo annoying especially when the monkey says, "monkey-monkey!" You know what you should be watching? I'll tell you what you should be watching! You should be watching something that has a meaning to life, makes you understand things much better. All this show does is make you think about sick monkeys that get cheek implants!!! They are not real gym partners! Hey, what if one kid decides to bring a monkey to school and call it their gym partner? Who has gym partners anymore? So in conclusion it is a piece of crap!!!
  • One of my missions here on is to talk about how today's children's programs are slowly but surely decaying the intelligence of our earth's children. My Gym Partner's a Monkey is one such program.

    Watched one eleven minute episode, and ten percent of my brain cells leaked out of my ear. Imagine if you were a six year old kid and were watching this almost everyday. I mean, this cartoon has no intelligence, it is not relatable, and it is a compilation of bad jokes about poop and buttocks. Each episode is basically thirty minutes of butt worshipping and potty humour, which isn't even funny at all. I dunno, maybe children are supposed to find this crap hilarious? I hope this has been cancelled, and I'm glad I've only seen four episodes or my brain would've been liquid mush by now. Parent's, if your kids are watching this stuff, don't be surprised if their IQ and GPA drop a couple thousand points. That's the cost of shows like these.
  • This show is senseless.

    My Gym Partner's a Monkey is a dumb show about a 12 year old boy named Adam Lyon who goes to an animal school just because his last name is Lion which is spelled Lyon, and he befriends an idiotic spidermonkey named Jake who's obsessed with his butt and together go on some of dumbest adventures ever! Either the people who created this show are lazy or they just know nothing about good cartoons, either one isn't a better excuse for me though because they can do better. This show is uncivilized and imbecilic with lousy artwork, and Cartoon Network must be crazy to allow this trash on their channel. I hope this show gets cancelled before this year ends!
  • Wow! Not only is this show stupid, It makes monkeys look like mentally retarted freaks!

    This show is an absolute time-bomb waiting to blow up, because of it's plot, theme song, and especially the Voices. But first let's talk about the plot, the show is about a dude who was sent to a school full of animals because his last name is Lyon and there was a typo... WTF! Seriously, Do you possibly think that the animal teachers and administration could easily tell that the dude is not a lion? I mean come on it's freakin' Obvious! And animals do not need a school to learn, you know why? Because animals in real life are 5x as smart as the animals on this show, especially the sidekick to Adam Lyon, Jake Spidermonkey. He does the most completely retarted things like talking about his butt and doing whatever the hell he wants with it, and has an annoying voice thanks to the man who voices Spongebob! Tom Kenny! Wow Tom you really just killed the show with the fact that he sounds exactly like Spongebob except with a Deeper voice!

    The theme song is not my biggest complaint but having your TV on and having to listen to "MONKEY MONKEY MONKEY!" is really annoying and irritating.

    And finally let me talk about the Voices, whoever does Adam Lyon's voice is one of the most annoying people I Have ever heard in my life! I don't care if a little kid voices Adam but seriously is there someone way to not make him talk like a first grade annoying brat! Like I said in the previous paragraphs, Tom Kenny's voice for Jake is nothing different from the other characters he voices, in fact it is really obvious that you can tell it's Tom Kenny because of all the shows I have seen him done voices with, it's blantantly obvious!

    Oh and here is a added bonus as a rant, why the hell is a FROG the principal of a school? If anything a real lion should be the principal since Lions are the king of the jungle and not annoying little amphibians that go "Riiiibit" and eat flies.

    If you want your kids to watch this by all means let them watch the show, just don't watch it with them.
  • Worst show ever.

    I have seen many shows of total pointlessness, but My Gym Partner\\\\\\\'s a Monkey has just set the bar of the worst show I have ever seen. I still cannot believe that Teen Titans Season 6 has been cancelled for this inferior piece of failure. I decided to watch one episode, just in case my judgement by the commercials was rash, but my judgement was correct, for it was a waste of 15 minutes of my life. Some shows are funny because they were pointless, but this is pointless - period. Not to mention the fact that that monkey that I fortunately fail to remember the name of is a horrible influence on our children. Pantsless, he walks around encouraging kids to do - oh I don\\\\\\\'t even want to say it. This show HAS to be cancelled. My Gym Partner\\\\\\\'s a Monkey: 2006-2006.
  • Gives a bad name to animals.

    this shows gives a bad name to animals. I LOVE animals but I HATE this show. I mean come on this show is retarded! Who would like a show with dumb animals and a kid that gets transfered there? And where are the parents in the whole thing? Wouldnt they notice the kids hanging out with a monkey? Why did the cancel Teen Titans for this someone please tell me?
  • Sooo not orginal just like all the other shows.

    Well this was such a wast of time relly i mean it's like every other show just like Juniper lee and Foster's hame for imaginary freinds who wants to wacth those what ever happened to such the good shows like Teen Titans of Draggon ball Z well they made this soo bad. why do u want to wach a person go to school with animals oooohhh relly original it mite have worked in the 1800s BUT NOT here so i hope it gets a bad rating its going to get canceled so fast just like the others exept Foster's because some how there slipin by.
  • A horible show that can only make one who watches it stupider.

    I watched this show one day just to check it out and it was horible. The show is a mixture of potty humor and generalizations. They make the animals stupid and uncivilized, the make the animal rights people care only about animals. This all leads to the viewrs growing up without caring about animals. The rest of the show is complete stupidity that tries to target a few 4 or 5 year olds with potty humor. Even if I was that young, I would think that it was stupid. This just proves that Cartoon Network has really gone downhill.

    In the end, by watching this, I think my IQ lowered by at least 3 points. Stay away from it or this may happen to you, too!
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