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  • Take it Off Cartoon Planet

    This show is just garbage, the voice acting is bad, the jokes are terrible and they are poorly written and very poorly executed. As for the idea of the show it is just really really stupid! I mean a kid going to0 school, is that the best these people could come up with! Also, probably the most annoying part of this show is that the pacing is just really bad since it is the same thing over and over again. Really, not joking it really is the same over and over again. But, to say the very least do not watch this show seriously, it is that bad now there are worst shows out there but this comes very close to the really bad ones!(like Sidekick, Pearlie, and Tak and The Power of So, with all of this said please do not watch this show!

    Of all the offensive kids ever depicted in an animated series (Ian Kelley, Bessie Higgenbottom), Adam Lyon makes even Ruthie from One Big Happy look like angels in comparison.

    My Gym Partner's a Monkey is the absolute WORST animated show ever allowed on the Cartoon Planet. A show about some milk and water little creep of a boy who goes to a wrong school (yes, the principal is evil) & the various stupid situations that not even the creators of Skunk Fu would touch with rubber gloves on. And to top if off, the little troglodyte is being bullied by a jerk who happens to be his school's principal.

    The best thing for CN to do with this turgescent abomination of a cartoon, is to have it buried at sea, but then again, the ocean's is already polluted as is
  • Ok, back to the zoo.

    One of the most annoying cartoon, My Gym Partner's a monkey.

    Let's get this summed up.

    Plot: Adam Lyon, a 10 year old boy, has transferred to an animal school because of a typo on his identity submission, instead of Adam Lyon, they typed "Lion" mistakenly. A little good for humor though, it's bad luck. But I have a cooler idea than this one.

    Characters: Each has their own levels of annoyance, for me Slips the snake is the least annoying. They are always seen screaming, fit for an animal, but not on this show. They also have insecurities and ADD.

    Humor: Fart, barf, butt, disgusting jokes. Some are good, but 90% of them are horrible at it's finest.

    Art: Some of them don't even got the same looks of an animal, Windsor is more of a bear, and Jake looks like a pig instead. They are simplistic but poor.

    Overall: 2. It had some good points around, but still poor.
  • This show is okay...

    Back when this was on in 2005-2006 or somewhere around that time,I had a lov-hate relationship with this show. I loved it because it was funny at times,and it had some fairly good characters. But I hated it because it was too gross at times,and it was often the chain-breaker for those Billy and Mandy marathons that used to be on Cartoon Network. And now that it's no longer airing and no longer in production, I can't honestly say that I love it or hate it. I haven't seen it in a long time, and I'm gonna rate this show a 6.0 . -wolvesrule221
  • Hated by alot but liked by those with a sense of Humor!!!

    For those who dont like this show along with the But Jokes, Get a Sense of Humor for God Sakes. You people know nothing about Humor. I like this show, Its funny and its enjoyable for me. My Friends all like it. Seriously Jesus! I liked it since I first watched it on December 26, 2005 while playing with my Thomas & Friends new wooden set with Thomas and Culdee and I found it mildly Interesting! Considerably I found the animation got better on the 2nd episode. Even so it got better and better within each episode, I especially enjoy the episode where Jake made his butt talk! So people who like this show, you know true Humor!
  • This is a funny, funny show!

    I don't know why there are so many haters here who are trashing this show. It's just a fun cartoon with funny characters. Yeah, sometimes it is a little gross, but so what. It's still funny. It's fun to watch a show that takes place in school that's not the same as every other show. I love the gorilla and Lupe the best.
  • Underated. C'mon. He's a human in a school with animals. That's funny.

    It's spongebob squarepants, but better. Tom Kenny (voice of Spongebob) is does the voice of Jake Spidermonkey, one of Adam's (a human in an animal school) animal friends. I don't understand how the show can have such a low rating when it's so brilliant. The characters are phenomenal and unique. The writing is superb (maybe even better than Spongebob Squarepants, but definitely very similar). Many people find this show to be unoriginal, which is true, because it does feel like it's a replica of Spongebob, but it brings something new to the table. It brings in a new character: a normal person. This changes everything. There's a normal person surrounded with crazy spongebob-like characters. That's new.
  • It is about a boy named Adam Lyon who is transfered to a animal school because \\\"Lyon\\\" was mistaken for \\\"Lion\\\" As the title speaks for itself, he befriends a Spidermonkey named Jake Together, they have crazy adventures in Charles Darwin Middle

    Like I said above, this is possibly the most underrated show in Cartoon Network and hopefully eventually meets its peak soon.

    Some of the jokes, though corny...are clever and the insane antics between Adam and Jake kind of reminds me of Abbot and Costello!

    Although there are some that are gross and Jake\\\'s obsession with his but can be still is a clever and orignal show. It should be given a chance!

    It is a original show for kids and even parents to see.
  • Probably the worst show on Cartoon Network since Ed, Edd, and Eddy.

    I can\'t find a single reason why this cartoon is on the air, nor do I allow my children to watch it. It\'s a standard fish out of water type story, about a human boy who through a spelling mistake now goes to an animal school, but the show itself is awful on every conceivable level! It\'s crude, disguising, and poorly written, using plot lines that you\'ve seen a hundred times before. The animation quality is poor, running neck and neck with the poor quality of Camp Lazlo.

    In short you got a \'kid going to a new school\' story that tries to be Ren and Stimpy, and it fails on both counts.
    I advise other parents to not let their kids watch this.

    If Cartoon Network is THIS desperate, it\'s no wonder they\'re showing live action movies.
  • Ughh...

    This show can DIE IN A HOLE SOMEWHERE.

    The plot of the show is pathetic, and unappealing. It seems like Cartoon Network made a wrong turn at this show.

    The charaters look like morons, first off. The kid, Adam, looks like he was drawn by a 10 yr. old. So does the monkey.

    The animation is lame, too.
  • I never liked this show.

    I don't get this show at all.
  • How old are all of you?? Everyone, really, this show is for CHILDREN!!! They will find it funny 'cause it's geared toward them.

    How old are all of you?? Everyone, really, this show is for CHILDREN!!! They will find it funny 'cause it's geared toward them. I'm probably younger than most of you. I've laughed at a few of the things said in this show. For everyone who's said that this was like wrong in the sense of predators and such, that's because it's a CARTOON!!!! I never remember a time when cartoons had to make sense. It's just supposed to entertain. It's not to be annilized and criticized, it's supposed to make small children laugh.
  • This is a really funny show!

    I saw this a couple times over the weekend. It was really funny. I don't know what's up with the low scores it's gotten. I think it's entertaining and different from other shows out there. Adam and Jake are a great comedy team and a lot of the other characters are funny too.
  • its the past cartoons brought back

    this show is very classic no EXTREMELY classic its all about a kid named adem lyon who was put into an animal school becuase they got his last name wrong lion insted of lyon annyway it might be a little gross be it redefines the word classic you cang get shows like this anymore and jake spider monkey he may be gross but hes so funny hes a dodo head pee brain butt obseiseised monkey not may anybody like him but hes like what does this show remind me of oh ya ren and stimpy ya these shaows are like the exact same thing
  • I've only got one thing to say: Stop, look, listen, & think about it! :idea:

    It's tough being a lone wolf defending a cartoon you know is great but nobody else seems to think so! I'd love it if I knew what it was about this show that people don't like, but my animal instincts tell me I probably wouldn't like the answers. Take "The Flintstones, Scooby-Doo, Teenage Mut-ant Ninja Turtles, Pokemon, Aqua Teen Hunger Force," & "The Simpsons." Nobody thought they'd make new episodes for as long as they did or are, & each show's managed to last at least 5 years on the air. I never would've guessed that 7 years after it's debut "Spongebob Squarepants, Ed, Edd, & Eddy" would still be going strong! I don't care if other people say I'm wrong, I like this show & nothing will persuade me otherwise! This is one great show that I love to watch! The End! :D
  • Agressive to Ingrid Giraffe

    i only like other characters like Spongebob and the simpsons tv show. but the simpsons was only for adults. i got very aggressive to Ingrid Giraffe. i really seen aliens being dead for threatening the earth. i do like Nina the giraffe in Camp Lazlo my friend told me i like her. i know that not everyone likes Nina because thats there opinion. well, i going to kill Ingrid from My Gym Partner's a Monkey cause i'm mean like Chucky from Child's Play to her.
  • Why do people think this show is one of the worst I dont think it's that bad.

    A boy gets transfered to an animal school because of his last name being Lyon and his gym partner is a monkey and he cant stand him,honestly what is so bad about this show so Jake loves his butt well it's part of nature people in real life don't have problem with that but why this? This is entertaining at sometimes but at most of the times this show is not good but I still think this show is not that bad everyone I know hates this show so overall since I think this show is not that bad but not near good I give it a 4.3.
  • I'll be honest, this show was ok, but not the best

    This show wasn't that bad, but it wasn't perfect either. some episodes were kinda annoying, but it was ok. look at it this way, it's better than Squirrel Boy, that show was boring as hell.
  • A ok but silly show, but not one i'd want to tape every new episode.

    I watched some of the episodes for My gym Partner's a monkey!!! Its an good show but not my all time favorite that i'd tape every episode. The animation is corny and the jokes and the episodes sometimes stinks. But its clean pure entainment for young kids! I laugh at the jokes and there is some great stated episodes! The characters are fun and to fall in love with. I like Jake and his monkey and the episodes are great. I watch this show sometimes but I think it needs fune tuning.
  • A human boy gets tranferred to a animal school

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  • A boy attends a school where the other students are various animals.

    My Gym Partner's A Monkey is about a boy named Adam Lyon who gets transferred to go to Charles Darwin Middle School after a mix-up with his last name. Apparently, someone saw "Lyon" and assumed Adam was a "lion" and figured he should be attending this school for animals.
    Adam finds this middle school to be just as bad--if not worse--than his old middle school. The bully is a shark, the cool kids stay in the arctic region of the school and Adam's best friend is a monkey.
    MGPAM is a pretty good show. Despite what a few people say: there aren't butt jokes in every episode! I really don't know why so many people loathe this program. There are a couple of episodes I dislike, but I generally find the show to be enjoyable.
  • Surprisingly good

    This show is actually tons better than I expected it to be. Jake is so hilarious and so are the other animals! the only downside is sometimes the show is disgusting like the episode where Adam and Jake are selling the candies but do disgusting things to get people to buy them. It's funny and I actually enjoy watching it from time to time. Sometimes there are episodes that are pointless and weird, but still very fun to watch.
  • my least fav school and my fav school

    I use to like my gym partner is a monkey..... WHEN IT WAS FIRST ON! I think its dumb its the worst show ever. I would hate to go that school it sucks!

    But do you know what is cool? WAYSIDE! That show is real cool! I would love to go to that school I cant wait till it comes back on in summer 2013! GO WAYSIDE!
  • I find this show funny and I think you will too!

    To start things off, "My Gym Partner's a Monkey" is about a boy named Adam Lion (or is it Lyon? Oh well...) who used to go to a normal human school, but gets transfered to a school cleverly called Charles Darwin Middle School because zoo and aquarium animals enroll there. Adam and his best friend, Jake SpiderMonkey, have a crazy day every day at this sxchool as Adam tries to fit in with the fauna of CDMS.

    I really don't understand what's wrong with this show and why people hate it. I think it has funny jokes and very good stories as well as great characters and animation. The voice cast is also a very good choice. Tom Kenny (SpongeBob SquarePants), Grey Delise and Cree Summer have very good roles. Also I noticed that Maurice LaMarche has made a comeback to cartoon voice acting thanks to this show. Some of the newer voice actors like Phil LaMarr and Rick Gomez (especially Gomez) are very talented and have made new careers in voice acting thanks to MGPAM.

    In short, it's definatley an underrated show that deserves to have a score between 6.0 & 9.5. It's not the best cartoon, but it's still worth the thirty minutes of viewing. If you have read this review and disagree with me, then screw you!
  • THis show rocks! Why does everybody hate it?

    This show rocks. All shows with animals are good, but this is my favorite. A typo accident puts a human in an animal school, and he has to live with it. In a school where anything can happen, it makes it unique Some people may not like it, some people think it is unoriginal, but I'll always like it.
  • It's a good show to watch when you're bored. Otherwise, it's boring.

    This is a good show, even though it's unoriginal. Like I said, it's good to watch it when you are bored. The only things I don't like about this show is how Jake always is addicted to his butt a lot. It's really annoying. But the rest of it is pretty good. But, for one thing, I don't like want it there forever. If it was on when I was bored it would be good. But if it is there and I want something else,it seems stupid. But the idea of a human kid being in an animal school is cool.
  • Awesome show,watch it people!

    This show was funny.Cartoonnetwork needed another show about a monkey.People might say this copies Camp Lazlo but probally they both did'nt copy each other because they could have been working at the same time and Camp Lazlo could have been produced first.I don't even know how anybody could hate this show.
  • More fun then a barrel full of monkeys (ya geddit)

    this show is awesome no kiddin' anyone who hates this show so stupid, This show so funny , one word "AWESOME", best show ever only second to Naruto these 2 show needs to be on every channel!! I don't Know why this show got bad ratings cuz it so cool
  • hahaha. this show is funny!!

    hahaha. this show is funny!! If you have never seen this show...then i think you are missing out! It is very funny! Jake (the monkey) is wild BUT funny! he is immature BUT funny! Why wouldnt you like this show?!!! Its funny and sure sometimes the characters act stupid BUT they are funny! And the plot might be weird BUT funny! Now do you get my point? This of course is all my opion but, i like "stupid funny" and somehow cartoonnetwork made this funny! How? i dont know but they did! I mean think about it, a show about a monkey and his best friend, a human to make that funny is creative and its a Fanatstic show!
  • cool

    i am sorry what i am about to do but here goes nothing.Quote I love this show and it's the best yo!!!!And Adam is really a cool person in a way but he's kind of a nerd if you ask me four real guys you should believe my.Jake is the best person in the show he is funny and he can do anything he can fly and swim and i really don't care though!!!Shut up fool i didn't ask you if I did i would of asked you the question you dang roddent.Lopez is cool she's like a spanish bird I think do you?
  • Okay people i hate you people who say for this show to be canceled. Continue ->

    i hate you people who are saying for this show to be cancel yes it may sometimes be gross and yes it looks stupid but first when i saw it was coming to cn i said "this show is going to be stupid" but then i noticed it was very funny lol so not all users and think its stupid buts very well um i donnu well like i said b4 funny so im rating this a 10.0! for funny stupid awsome monkey. and well there is nothing else i could say to this show but the thing i dont want to happen is for it to cancel it until the series finish :-)
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