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  • Is CartoonNetwork serious about allowing this crap on there channel!?!

    Good lord! CartoonNetwork must be drunk to allow this peice of Monkey crap on there channel!!! First we had Juniper Lee and HiHipuffyAmiYumi which was terrible and now we have this!! I sware! One of these days all of the good shows like "Ed, Edd n' Eddy" and "The Grim adventures of Billy and Mandy" will get replaced with junky cartoons such as this and CartoonNetwork is gonna go downhill fast!!! The show copies off of "Spongebob" which makes it unoriginal and the characters seem stale and uninteresting...It's sad too see CartoonNetwork so desperate, that they'll allow anything on there channel...even a boring flash animated cartoon with no sound, no music, and no plot. CartoonNetwork seriously needs to wake up! and bring back the classics like Dexter's Lab, Courage the Dog, Cow and Chicken, and Johny Bravo!!!
  • What kind of show is this?

    i don\'t know why this show was ever put on air. I thought it was going to be funny. But after the first few episodes, I was like, No way!!! I mean, there are some disgusting things, like Jake playing with his butt, and then making sick jokes about it. And where are Adam\'s parents?!? Why aren\'t they doing anything about Adam going to an animal school??
    The plot itself is stupid. And it is very unoriginal. Talking animals? WoW! Very original. I can\'t beleive they haven\'t cancelled the show yet. And where are the animals parents? You would think their parents would talk to them about growing up (shedding, molting.....). And the here is the part where I talk about human/animal rights.
    I remember in the first episode where these women came along and were like stop trapping the animals or whatever , and then Adam turned back from a monkey into a human, and they were like, Oh, It\'s only a boy.

    By the way, they episode where Adam gets injected with medicine and turns into a monkey is very unoriginal. I saw a Spongebob episode where he got turned into a snail, but that is more interesting and more funnier.

    I seriously hope they get rid of this show.

    THIS show is full of CRAP!
  • It did have some entertaining value to it, and while not the worse show ever made, MGPAM is really something that has probably been done before

    MGPAM is just one of those shows that looked stupid and is stupid to say the least. The show is about a kid named Adam Lyon who is transferred to an animal school because his last name is Lyon and the last name sounds like an animal name Lion. He goes to an animal school and befriends a monkey named Jake and other animal friends. Adam is constantly trying to survive the school and avoid being the prey for many animals. While the premise sounds stupid, most shows with dumb premises make them entertaining, but not this show. All the animals in this show are some of the dumbest I have ever seen. Nobody has common sense or thinks in that matter, and while Adam is the only voice of reason in this show he was annoying to say the least and whiny. Jake was the worst though, always making butt jokes and slapping it. I don't mind crude humor, but Jake goes overboard with it. As for the rest of the humor, it was OK, but it was mostly bad jokes or puns that didn't work. The artwork is actually another highlight. The sets designs are rather creative as well as how the animals look and capture the personality of everyday school people like the shark being a bully, so points to the show for that. The animation though is choppy and stiff a lot of the time. The stories are OK, but nothing new is added to them and are rehashes of stories done before. Also, why did Adam get sent to a animal school all because his last name is Lyon? Did no one realize that he was human at all? Apparently the humans are just as stupid as the animals to. I did actually find Winston the gorilla to be the only real good character in this show since he was laid back and mellow a lot of the time. Overall, this show is bad, but it's not the worse show ever made and it does have some entertaining value to it, but MGPAM offers nothing new and is a show that should be passed up should you see it on TV.
  • Warning: The following rant may cause serious depression of the show.

    Okay, since my old review is deleted, I'll review again, so... Yes. Cartoon Network used to be good, until... My Gym Partner's a Monkey came on to CN. Let's talk about CN.

    CN (which stands for Cartoon Network, in which, since it's owned by Turner, you don't have to get confused with CNN.) makes new shows every year where it's good (Chowder, Camp Lazlo, Billy & Mandy) and some that're bad. No, I lied. Cartoon Network has gone bad. And I mean bad. No, I lied. Cartoon Network is now currently the worst kids network ever with Nickelodeon & The Disney Channel combined. Lemme settle this, Cartoon Netowrk is bad, TickleU is weak, Boomerang is okay and [adult swim] is good.

    Anyway, back to My Gym Partner. It seems that it's too much for a kid show which talks about butts. And lots of it. Why? C'MON! I mean some kid shows have better jokes like adult shows. But not this show. And then, it gets worse. After the butt joke, the animation has... oh noes!

    Comic Book Guy: Worst... Animation... Ever!

    Like Jeff Anderson the comic book guy said, this has the worst animation ever. And it's a bad thing. Back to the jokes, the butt jokes are... please, that's too many. Therefore, the other jokes suck. Which means it gets boring as hell.

    (An example would be a 15-second video of a dog bored to death & sleeping while a fitting song plays)

    Yes, the show is bad and boring. Including the jokes. But we got butts. YAY! XD Just kidding.
  • This is terrible

    My 3rd reveiw after kappa mikey. When I saw comercials about this show I thought it would be about a boy whos gym partners a monkey. Instead its about a kid who got sent to a animal school because his last name is lion! The name doesnt fit. Jake the monkey is so anoying and loves his butt which is gross. The show is just gross for many reasons. The jokes are lame and way overused. Not much else to say exept that you shouldnt waste your time on this show. watch something better like kappa mikey or spongebob squarepants.
  • In short, don't watch this show unless you like dissapointingly bad cartoons

    So we have a human, an average human. However, he ends up at a new school with a bunch of talking animals (in a cartoon-verse where this isn't a commonly accepted fact of life). The jokes are horrible and inmature; butt jokes seem to be the wittest this show gets at times. Other episodes are just too bizare for us to take in (particulary one involving the zoo animals new classmate, a puppet). The animation is lackluster and the voice acting is annoying. As are the characters, thier just too quirky or annoying. And let's face it: inter species dating is wierd!
  • One of the few shows that is destroying Cartoon Network.

    This show is just horrible! I do not know why Cartoon Network made this show in the first place, if only they knew what is happening to their network right now. What I hate about this show is the dialog, humor, and characters. The dialog in this show is just awful. Most of the lines the characters say are really stupid. The characters just blab too much about themselves, and their natural superiority in their territory. Of course this is an act of nature. The humor in this show is EXTREMELY annoying. All of the jokes are not funny, and make you want to grab them, and rip out their larynx. I hated it when Jake was doing this joke when he talks with his tail. It made me want to grab my sword, and slice off his rear end, so I never have to look at his back again. I just do not like it when they had to add butt cheeks to Jake. Personally, I think they should have not done that, because this may make kids want to impersonate Jake by not wearing any underwear, and pants. That is just sick!!! The characters are horrible. It is just wrong to have a human go to a school that is all animals. If I was president of Cartoon Network, I would burn this show, along with Squirrel Boy, Chop Socky Chooks, George of the Jungle, and Out of Jimmy's Head. I would bring back classics like Time Squad, Sailor Moon, Yu Yu Hakusho, and Ruruoni Kenshin. Instead of swinging on a vine to a room, This show should swing into a shreader. Be gone with this show, and never ever come back!
  • A horible show that can only make one who watches it stupider.

    I watched this show one day just to check it out and it was horible. The show is a mixture of potty humor and generalizations. They make the animals stupid and uncivilized, the make the animal rights people care only about animals. This all leads to the viewrs growing up without caring about animals. The rest of the show is complete stupidity that tries to target a few 4 or 5 year olds with potty humor. Even if I was that young, I would think that it was stupid. This just proves that Cartoon Network has really gone downhill.

    In the end, by watching this, I think my IQ lowered by at least 3 points. Stay away from it or this may happen to you, too!
  • This show is extremely ugly. The animals are just idiotic jerks.

    I hate the animals in the show. They always accuse poor Adam of being a jerk when they're the real jerks. They wouldn't let Adam have any food and just hogged it all for themselves. All of the animals (except Windsor) were stupid enough to believe Teddy and Stupid Hand were real people. They were all stupid enough to believe that a human ate Windsor when it was so obviously Windsor in a human costume. They have no respect for art, paint is for creating, not eating. They mess up Adam's stuff and blame Adam for it. They make Adam eat the gross things they like. This would have been a better show if it had intelligent animals like Garfield. This show is also really ugly. The drawings are really ugly. There are too many grossly exaggerated expressions. It's really gory. Characters' arms get severed off. Characters get bitten in half. Characters get their skin torn off. It's so disturbing, it's not funny. I recommend that you stay away from this show and watch a healthier cartoon like Looney Tunes.
  • A cheap forgettable show that will still keep your kids glued to the TV.

    Back in the hey day when children's animation was taken seriously, with great animation and humor that parents and children alike could enjoy. Those days are long past and now big corporate executives stick to one annoying formula for a children's television. Add a colorful pallet of colors and fart jokes so the young ones can munch on their pop tarts and drool in front of the TV.

    Entertainment today is terrified to cross boundaries and shows like this prove it. Kids won't notice it and you don't have to watch it. Although shows like Invader Zim or old school Dexter's Lab will never be forgotten in my book.
  • This show, even if it is targeted toward children, really sucks...

    The show is about some kid that has to go to a school full of animals because his last name is lion. That itself is just a stupid concept.

    Another thing is that the whole show is dependent on a few things.

    -Unfunny jokes about Jakes butt. Come on, a kid can only laugh at that for so long. Then it just gets annoying

    -Unfunny jokes about the principal (a frog) being worried about lawsuits

    -unfunny jokes about the animals themselves... \"lol i have a tiny brain because i\'m a deer lol lol lol!!!!\" I would have never thought that to be even slightly humorous when i was younger.

    -finally, references to tv shows that about 50 other shows have done. (i.e \"i got a rock\")

    With a show like camp lazlo, you can see that everyone there is animals, but they don\'t use that as half of the humor for the show. It is possible.

    I think the cartoon era is almost ever...
  • Just what everyone needs, another Spongebob wannabe.

    Like Coconut Fred, "My Gym Partner's A Monkey" seems to be a desperate attempt to imitate similiar success from Nick's "Spongebob Squarepants".

    The plot of the show is very simple: a kid name Adam Lyon is the only human being in Charles Darwin Middle School (where it is literally a jungle)due to a typo in his last name. Fortunately for him, he makes pal with Jake Spider Monkey, and is turns out, having a spider monkey for a friend is much complicated than anyone would have imagine.

    The animation looks dull and repetitive, the music is horrendous and most of all, the characters are uninspired.

    My recommendation: avoid this show and watch either "The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy" or "Camp Lazlo".
  • Pretty Gross.

    I don't like this, it's pretty gross. I'm sorry i added this to My Fav shows. I don't like the monkey, i think all he does is Fart and Stick his Butt in the camera, and say at least it could be better adam! *FARRRTTTT!!* I thought monkeys picked their Butt and Stick their hands in their mouth, but this one looks like a slob compared to them. The Princpal barely cares, Adam is embarresed a lot by him, atleast adam is CIVILIZED. I don't know why adam doesn't say: Mom, Dad, I a'm going to Animal School! Tell the Authorities! That's what i'd do. And he had to Go to ANIMAL SCHOOL (like that makes any sense) Just Because your name is ADAM LION (or whatever his name is) or HIPPO or DOG (or whatever) doesn't Mean you have to go the animal school. I guess if you're name is PAPER in this show, you'll have to go to ART SUPPLY & SCHOOL SUPPLY school, i feel sorry for him. I think 1st graders could make a better cartoon involving their Play-Doh Clay and Fingerpaint than this is. If you like a cartoon with People worshiping their butt, and people giving poop as presents than this is the show for you. Oh well, i have a minor crush on the coach fish.

  • Come on people! This cartoon is not funny at all!

    How can any one like this show?!?! Everytime I watch My Gym Partner\'s a Monkey(which is only when I am VERY bored)I think that this show can\'t possably get any stupider but they prove me wrong everytime they air a new episode! They people who like this show try to suppoet it by saying thatt it is funny. I never laugh at all when I see this garbage!! What\'s there to laugh about anyway? A monkey who is obsessed with his butt!! How stupid is that! The first 3 second of the show is almost as bad as the rest of it! The theme song is horrible!!! I have heard better music when someone scratches their nails against a chalk board! The animation is not that great either! The plots are pointless too! There is nothing good about My Gym Partner\'s a Monkey! It is beyond me how it got this many fans! It should never have been aired! It s taking time away from better shows on Cartoon Network! I think it should be canceled NOW!!!!!!!!!
  • Another badly done Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends is all MGPAM truly is. It also shows how kids are tied under our government’s system of corruption- which is not acceptable in any kind of kid’s TV in the end and leaves you questioning your freedom.

    MGPAM ( I don’t have to fully write out the title here) is a wreck of a show, overall, and it shows. Not to mention, if you take it seriously enough- it will leave you questioning human and animal rights amongst each other if you dwell on the issues of this show seriously enough…
    These issues are my review and how I will address them.

    1. Why is the main character sent to a school for animals (why does this type of school
    Even exist if animals can’t learn or be truly educated like humans can?) Just because his last name is Lion? That is just retarded- besides his real last name is Lyon…

    2. This show thinks primates are stupid- especially the main character’s animal friend, Jake the spider monkey. Why? If primates evolved into us humans, and know how to take care of themselves in harsh environments, then why are we considering them stupid in the first place? It must be because Jake acts and is stupid to boot- this is just insulting, and it is the same story with every other animal stupidly placed in this dumb@@@ show!!
    Ex. Of fact- animals are smart and do have brains, but why would they need to dress themselves or have hair in parts where not normally found on that specific animal?!
    They have noting to hide!! It’s not cute to see animals in clothes; it’s stupid and uncreative, just like this show!!

    3. I know this is a stupid complaint- but where are the animals’ parents? They (the kids, of course) could learn a thing or two from their parents about molting, skin changing, shedding, or growing parts of their body as maturity and aging up signs… I mean, in one episode, these animals didn’t know how to even deal with their signs of growing up. Real animals aren’t this stupid.
    While we’re on the parental subject- why didn’t Adam’s parents’ stop the animal school transfer from happening? Could it be they are animals (lions) themselves? Did lions raise Adam?!!
    So many questions about this situation are unanswered as the show desperately and badly drags itself out as if being beat up by a gorilla…

    And that simile with the gorilla just about sums up this show- the uncreative and corrupt concept, bad animation, weak storylines and plots, as well as lack of intelligence with real animals proves how bad overall this show is for a 1 out of 10. In reality, I give it a big fat goose egg (0!!)

    CN, if you are going to make a show about animals, unless you truly are portraying them as if how humans act, do some research on those animals instead of putting together something stupid like this- leave that to a good show, like Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends…

    F91- Nuff’ Said!!

  • The show's idea was origional, but after that the producers got lazy.

    This show is a complete waste of time. I can't believe it got so many episodes, all of them are unorigional. I usually enjoy shows where nearly all of the characters are animals, but I was appauled by this one.

    Animation: The producers got lazy and spent about 30 seconds drawing each clip. This equals poor animation.

    Plot: I have never seen a creative plot in this. ONCE!!!

    Voice Acting: Average.

    Humor: The jokes in this wouldn't even make a two-year-old laugh, and they lack any origionality. How many times do we have to see Jake's butt?

    Dialogue: Poor.

    Characters: They lack character development and everything else a character needs.

    Overall: Change the channel!!!
  • My gyn m partners a monkey is about a boy named Adam lyon and gets accidently transferred to an animal school and befriends a spider-monkey and becomes his best friend. They go on crazy adventures together.

    This show is a piece of bull s**t!!!!!!!!! I don't understand why people watch this. This is a complete waste of time! I mean what kind of kid or human has a best friend as a monkey!! The theme song is HORRIBLE it is soo annoying especially when the monkey says, "monkey-monkey!" You know what you should be watching? I'll tell you what you should be watching! You should be watching something that has a meaning to life, makes you understand things much better. All this show does is make you think about sick monkeys that get cheek implants!!! They are not real gym partners! Hey, what if one kid decides to bring a monkey to school and call it their gym partner? Who has gym partners anymore? So in conclusion it is a piece of crap!!!
  • Cartoon network is going downhill very fast.

    This show is completely horrible period. What's even worse is that cn is allowing this kind of stuff to come on air. First hihipuffyammyyumi, and juniper lee. Then they made camp lazlo and now this! Cartoon network is running out of good ideas. I think they should just make new episodes for old shows instead of making new shows. They need to learn that copying nick is not a good idea.
  • Top 20 Cartoons Of All Time

    This didn't make my Top 10 Of My Cartoonetwork Best shows Because it just wasnt good enough I think it needed some better drawing but I loved the plot it's just one those thing you've wished you came up with but here's the thing about this show if Cartoonetwork shows Reruns I bet you wouldn't like because they would show the beginning of the series episode the show are always better later in the series cause there newer ideas and plan Over all This show likable Thank You Julie McNally-Cahill & Timothy Cahill
  • This is atrocious!!

    The idea just seems dumb. I mean, a guy and his monkey, absolutely dumb. If it had a test grade, I'd barely poass them. This is one oif the weirdest shows on Earth. Better than the X's for sure! The worst show ever and they're going to air it. If I could, I'd sue them!
  • You know,if you get past the unfunny butt jokes,this show is not that bad.

    This show is kinda underrated if you ask me. Honestly,I've seen far worse shows on CN.

    But the premise is unoriginal and stupid. I mean,a kid is transferred to a animal school where he meets a monkey who's a complete JACKASS and he has to go there eveyday. It's like foster's home for imaginary friends meets camp lazlo! And the show also has a lot of plotholes,like shouldn't adam be eaten by now?

    The animation,though,I like. It's definitely not the best,but at least there's some effort put into it.

    The characters are the main thing I hate about this show. Adam is a whiny kid who's a complete and total geek. It's like he's mac from foster's,except that he has down syndrome. Jake is no better either,he's kinda like bloo - a COMPLETE AND TOTAL ASSHOLE!!! But at least bloo is funny as hell,but jake is just disgusting,annoying and unfunny. In fact,in one episode I think I saw him licking his butt or something. The other characters are average though they can also be complete jackasses at times!

    The humour is hit and miss. When the show relies on butt jokes,it fails MISERABLY!!! But when it's not it can actually be a little funny. The humour reminds of spongebob,but at least it doesn't reuse the same jokes.


  • Had my Gym Partner's a Monkey been filled with better humor and plot, it would be worth watching.

    The good: Qualiy Animation hits the spot, Music isn't very cheesy
    The bad: Lacks humor and a plot, the name of the show doesn't make sense, since the show is rarely seen in the gym.

    Plot: 4/10
    Animation: 7/10
    Sound: 7/10
    Humor: 5/10
    Why don't you (insert word) and be somebobdy: 5/10
    Average Score: 5.6/10

    Cartoon Network has really gone downhill since 2004. Great shows such as Camp Lazlo, Foster's, Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, and Ed Edd N' Eddy are gone or nearly gone. The only two shows that really keep CN alive are Chowder and The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack. Not this show. Had My Gym Partner's a Monkey been filled with better humor and plot, it would be worth watching.

    The show is basically about a 12 year old boy who went to Chester Arthur Middle School, but was transferred to Charles Darwin Middle School (a animal school), becuase his last name (lyon) was spelled as Lion, therefore giving him free will of being transferred there. Then, the misadventures begin. He meets and befriends a spidermonkey named Jake, who is obsessed with his butt and wears his green hat backwards.

    I have some positives about the show, like the animation. It isn't sloppy, but not great. The music is also swell, and the voice acting isn't lacking either. However, the humor isn't that good, and Jake's butt thing gets old fast. And many times, the animals say stuff that begin to be obvious to the viewer, such as That darn Platypus, when Jake flashes the camera in Principal Pixiefrog and Mrs. Warthog's faces, they say "we're blind! we're blind! we're blind! we're blind". That's more obvious than it is funny.

    Overall, don't watch this show if you want first class plot or humor. You're better off watching episodes of Camp Lazlo or Foster's than this if they're still around. MGPAM wasn't really cut to be a CN show in the first place.
  • It's not good, but, hey. I've seen worst.

    THis show... I dunno how to describe it. It has good points, yes... but SO many bad points... it-it it just... baffels me!

    Good Points;
    Well, it had a good animation counter point.
    It's original... in a weird, conspiculant way.
    It's voices are... good

    Bad points;
    Where do I start? Oh, okay;
    The animation can also go choppy.
    Story's not original.
    The characters act so... dumb.
    I am BEFUDDLED on how dialoge sounds evil and bad.
    The theme song.... horrendus.

    Entertainment factor; I'm generous, so I give this a c-.

    Overall; Just, don't watch the show. It's kinda.... a waste of time. If you like to learn how to draw animals and how to attract good vocals, I say watch the show. Other than that, I do not recommened it.
  • I knew this show would never have a future.

    This show was really dumb with how they came up with the plot and the title. I hated the old episodes they were stupid and Adam was a wuss, but I will admit I liked SOME of the newer episodes, they were not all bad and plus they were way better than the old ones. Never got into this show and was pretty much of a waste, but not all of it. I knew it never had a future since on how dumb it looked and possibly the lack of viewers that would've brought. So I'll just put this to poor since it wasn't all of a waste. Final Grade: D-
  • This show is proof that Cartoonetwork is making each new show crappier than the last (with a few exceptions.)

    Simply put this show sucks.

    One flaw (out of many) is that the plot sucks. 12-year old Adam Lyon becomes the only human student at Charles Darwin middle school. That's quite the crappy plot.

    This show makes no sense. Shoudn't Adoms parents realize there son is a school for animals and get him into a human school? And why aren't
    the teachers doing anything about it? Too many questions left unanswered.

    Another magor problem is the animation. It looks like it was drawn by a two year old! A stupid theme song doese not help. The charecters have very annoying voices too. I have to mute the T.V. whenever Jake Spidermonkey sayes something.
    For youre own sake do NOT watch this show.
  • And I thought most animals were smart. Most of these animals are stupid and crappy-looking!

    Bravo Cartoon Network! Once again you were stupid enough to have a show just as retarded as SpongeBob and Camp Lazlo! I know that most people who hate this show call this show stupid, but since that word is overly used, I\'d consider it imbecilic and senseless. And the animals they represent don\'t even look like that in real life! The last time I checked, most spider monkeys are black, and not brown with their asses sticking out like that. I mean, why can\'t people just watch something that isn\'t as retarded as this show? I can think of a million shows better than this one!
  • A show sort of paroding Fosters, in a fan that's not very funny.

    Lyon, mistaken for Lion, blah blah, read some other reviews. But really, Number 1, every single character on this show is a mororn. The people who tansfered the kid, the animals, the people. Number 2, the jokes aren't funny. They typical corny jokes you see on a show like this. And besides that, most of the episodes are poorly written, and this seemed like a last stab at a non-anime cartoon before most of them died out. My gym partners a monkey huh? More like, My Writers and animators Are really a bunch of monkeys is more like it. Sorry, that was terrible.
  • just another lame cn show.a human boy who goes to animal school.

    this show is makes animals look stupid expecially monkeys.and the plot is:JAKES BUTT!every time jakes stinky butt is in the center of the show!haha a but how freaken funny.NOT!!!and that kid adam is soo annoying!hes 12 but he looks like hes 6.and hes allways wyning how hes life is miserable!hello,we are just kids not psychatrests!and its stupid how the animals have clothes and hair.its only cute in disney movies!and they are cheerleaders,nerds,goths,punkers...gimme a break!so that would make lupe tucan naked and bald ha?and how can a rhino teacher teach kids about hunting meat?he eats plants duh!and the humor is stupid :toalet humor and jakes butt.and they copied some stuff from the greatest show ever:beavis and butthead!for example b&b were selling candy and they bought candy from eichoter so they ony made 2 bucks.adam and jake did the same thing when they were also selling dare they copy b&b!i hope this poor exuce for a show gets canceled soon!
  • Cartoon Network has been getting bad ideas for tv shows!!

    The show is a bout a human boy that somehow gets tranfered to another school, but this school is filled with animals! He makes friends with the animals, and they get him in trouble alot. His best friend is a monkey who isn't that bright. His other classmates look as if they were thought of in three seconds. The plot is stupid, the episodes are dull, and the characters are annoying! This show is one of the worst ideas that Cartton Network has thought up! I don't recommend this show unless you are in grade school!
  • Danm!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is a load of crap it about a boy who want to be popular & got sent to a zoo school the worst animal show since "CatDog" & "Arthur" & they steal show & Movies like Maeter, Maurice, & Link [Eureka 7] & Yoshi [Nintedo] who ever thought of Tash-amastion, Sissy Voice-acting & Rude chataer disvers to be fired

    CN Canncel it Now
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