My Gym Partner's a Monkey

Cartoon Network (ended 2008)





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  • My Gym Partner's a Monkey is a Terrible show on Cartoon Network and it must be avioded at all costs. It's even Cartoon Network's version of Catscracth (Which it's also terrbile.)

    My 2nd review after Donkey Kong Country.
    Oh my god. This has got to be one of the WORST shows ever be created on Cartoon network. What the Heck is the Point of this Garbage?!?! I'm gonna tell what's so Terrbile about it. First off, This show makes people think that Austisic Kids (I'm Autsitic.) and Monkeys, are Stupid Freaks! Second, They gonna replace great shows like Camp Lazlo, Foster's home for Imagnairy Friends, Dexter's Lab, and Powerpuff girls, off the air for this stupid monkey garbage. Third, What kind of Stupid Idiot would wanana watch a Trashy, Cheap farting joke-telling, Butt-Drumming, Garbage-eating, Brainless Show like this?
    It's about a dumb 12-year old boy named Adam, who got transfered to a Animal school because: "Lyon" Was his last name. He goes on pointless Misadventures with a Horrbile Monkey, Jake. He's an Idiot! I rather get tied up by a back of a bus and get Droven away!
    I'm sorry but this show desverses an F. Here's the Dang results!!!:

    Voice Acting: D 4.0/10.0 Poor voice-acting, The people who voiced the chracthers, should get fired for replacing our good shows. Animation: F- 2.5/10.0 The Chracthers look stupid, Goofy and Pukish. I just want to thorw up all over the chracthers.

    Dialouge F-- 1.5/10.0 Who the heck came up with these corny scripts?!?! When I see jake talking about dumb garbage, I just want to Stab his chest with a Sword!

    Grapihcs: F 2.0/10.0 What the heck is this? It looks like a Lame 1980's cartoon from the Hanana Barbera company Title.

    Sound: E 3.0/10.0 One of the worst soundtracks ever made in a cartoon like this. Put the show on mute. It would be perfect if Robot Chicken made a spoof of this crummy garbage. Then we will be laughing and happy when we see that My gym partner's a monkey litterlay sucks Ugly Monkey butt.

    Lasting Appeal: F 2.8/10.0 This show is so Unoriginal and Not worth your time. This show should die in Heck.

    Overall: F 2.3/10.0 This is a real stupid show on Cartoon network. This series should end very shortly cause it sucks Ugly monkey butt Litteraly. I don't know why I'm giving this a 2.3 out of 10. I wish I can give this lower. But this is all I'm gonna say about this Terrbile show. Good day to you!!!