My Gym Partner's a Monkey

Cartoon Network (ended 2008)





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  • It's the worst Cartoon Network show ever

    No really what the crap wer ethey smoking when they thought this up.CN must think that cancelling all the good shows and exiling them to Boomerang will get them good ratings and let crap take over the network,but it doesn't.It's a bad influence on kids.Adam I feel may be an autistic kid and that the creators hate kids who are like that.Guess what I'm one of those kids.And moving on,it's too FICIONAL.When was the last time you saw hair on a (insert animal here),second why are you even having them go to school when you they'll just grow up to be zoo animals?Another thing why must we have butt humour in every episode?It's not funny all the time!I feel that it's telling kids that adults can't help them,then we hear Pixiefrog find out he's a human,why doesn;'t he send hi back to his old school?He's not an animal!Second why did the people even send him to the animal school?Because his last name is Lyon?Wow,that's a real good reason.Did they ever bother to look at him? Does he have a mane?Claws? Big teeth? No,I don; think so.The animation is terrible,I used to think this show rocked when I was 11,I only watch i when I'm really bored.At those times I'd be giving it a 7.Any other condition,no siree Bob!