My Gym Partner's a Monkey

Cartoon Network (ended 2008)





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  • This show is extremely ugly. The animals are just idiotic jerks.

    I hate the animals in the show. They always accuse poor Adam of being a jerk when they're the real jerks. They wouldn't let Adam have any food and just hogged it all for themselves. All of the animals (except Windsor) were stupid enough to believe Teddy and Stupid Hand were real people. They were all stupid enough to believe that a human ate Windsor when it was so obviously Windsor in a human costume. They have no respect for art, paint is for creating, not eating. They mess up Adam's stuff and blame Adam for it. They make Adam eat the gross things they like. This would have been a better show if it had intelligent animals like Garfield. This show is also really ugly. The drawings are really ugly. There are too many grossly exaggerated expressions. It's really gory. Characters' arms get severed off. Characters get bitten in half. Characters get their skin torn off. It's so disturbing, it's not funny. I recommend that you stay away from this show and watch a healthier cartoon like Looney Tunes.