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  • A Pretty Decent CN Show, Pretty Underrated Now, Re-watched It Recently

    This show wasn't anything too special, but i'll admit to watching a lot of the shows episodes and remember quiet a few of them as well. Now was the Cartoon Networks best? Not at all. But I can;t deny liking some of what it had to offer as a bad, not bad at all. The characters were actually likable IN SOME WAYS and overall its a concept executed as good as it can be. Re-watching it there is a couple giggles and laughs, its A OK.
  • As irritating as this show was, I have to admit: "My Gym Partner's a Monkey" has been one of the most underrated Cartoon Network shows ever made.

    That's all I can say.
  • Hilarious

    The animals are hilarious, I mean his group of friends, they're cool and they seem better than most today's characters. Those animals know more about humor than human characters like johnny test uncle grandpa etc
  • This show is pretty good.

    It features too many butt jokes but the animation is perfect!
  • An underrated classic, in my opinion.

    My Gym Partner's A Monkey is one of those shows that gets a ton of hate that I don't exactly understand. MGPAM is about a kid named Adam Lyon who is transfered from a human school to an animal school because they mistook him for an animal due to his last name. Along the way, he has to go to an animal school where his gym partner is a monkey. The premise may sound stupid, but it's executed nicely. This show does a great job at capturing the aspects of an everyday school life, such as the shark being a bully. The plots may be weird, but like the show itself, are nicely executed. The show does have a variety of interesting characters such as Adam Lyon, Jake Spidermonkey and the Gorilla. There is some good humor and plenty of funny moments to go around in each episode, but it can go a little too far with the butt stuff, but it's a kids show so what else can you expect? The animation is really good and flows smoothly in the show, and has a fair amount of effort put into it. The only problem I have with this show is the slightly poor voice acting, but it isn't God awful like Uncle Grandpa, but still could've done better. MGPAM is one of the most underrated shows ever and is worth giving a shot to see if you like it or not.
  • Not that good, but at least watchable, and darn you, nostalgia!!!

    I grew up with this show when I was still a small boy. I thought this show was okay. Now, looking back at it, it has toilet humor, except they don't go crazy with it like they did with Breadwinners. Nevertheless, I don't like toilet humor most of the time, unless if done right.
  • About Average

    This was a pretty okay show for its time, but was no masterpiece. It had some interesting characters such as Adam Lyon and Jake Spidermonkey. But it was nothing all that special. In fact, when it got canceled, I didn't even notice and eventually forgot about it.
  • The Definition of Mediocre

    This show was not bad, but nowhere near being decent. It had really weird plots, the characters were either unfunny or uninteresting, and the animation is the only thing keeping this from being a lower score.
  • You know,if you get past the unfunny butt jokes,this show is not that bad.

    This show is kinda underrated if you ask me. Honestly,I've seen far worse shows on CN.

    But the premise is unoriginal and stupid. I mean,a kid is transferred to a animal school where he meets a monkey who's a complete JACKASS and he has to go there eveyday. It's like foster's home for imaginary friends meets camp lazlo! And the show also has a lot of plotholes,like shouldn't adam be eaten by now?

    The animation,though,I like. It's definitely not the best,but at least there's some effort put into it.

    The characters are the main thing I hate about this show. Adam is a whiny kid who's a complete and total geek. It's like he's mac from foster's,except that he has down syndrome. Jake is no better either,he's kinda like bloo - a COMPLETE AND TOTAL ASSHOLE!!! But at least bloo is funny as hell,but jake is just disgusting,annoying and unfunny. In fact,in one episode I think I saw him licking his butt or something. The other characters are average though they can also be complete jackasses at times!

    The humour is hit and miss. When the show relies on butt jokes,it fails MISERABLY!!! But when it's not it can actually be a little funny. The humour reminds of spongebob,but at least it doesn't reuse the same jokes.


  • It had a huge chance of being CN`s best, but instead it went the opposite way

    When I first hear of this show, I thought it would be great like Ed, Edd n Eddy but I almost got the opposite result. First off, why are the animals last names similar to thier species? It fails to sound convincing. The plot lines also vary. Some souned great like the one where Adam and Jake be one player to play football, the one where the duo try to get thier coaches job back from a cheetah and the one where Jake and two of his friends steakout on Adam. Others however are pathetic and made me gag, not with laughter, but by how annoying they were, not to mention stupid. For example, in one episode, Jake gets sent to a school for plants. Plants? Then the episode Sidekicked was stupid as it made no sence. Oh, and who could forget Making the grade and its dumb plot line?

    Now for the characters: I liked some of them. Adam Lyon was also liked Slips, Lupe, the assistant ferret, the frog principal and some minor background characters. Windsor and Ingrid are sort of likable but the others like that shark bully and the rhino teacher, I cant stand. I really cant stand Jake most of all. He`s Fanboy & ChumChum annoying. Plus, he`s like baboon from weasle: He goes overboard with his butt to the point where I`m desperate to change the channel. Some of the jokes were funny but the gross ones almost took the thrill out of the good ones are some episodes I can stand but a little more than half of them I`d rather watch something else. All I can say is, Cartoon Network could have done better with this show.
  • Take it Off Cartoon Planet

    This show is just garbage, the voice acting is bad, the jokes are terrible and they are poorly written and very poorly executed. As for the idea of the show it is just really really stupid! I mean a kid going to0 school, is that the best these people could come up with! Also, probably the most annoying part of this show is that the pacing is just really bad since it is the same thing over and over again. Really, not joking it really is the same over and over again. But, to say the very least do not watch this show seriously, it is that bad now there are worst shows out there but this comes very close to the really bad ones!(like Sidekick, Pearlie, and Tak and The Power of So, with all of this said please do not watch this show!

    Of all the offensive kids ever depicted in an animated series (Ian Kelley, Bessie Higgenbottom), Adam Lyon makes even Ruthie from One Big Happy look like angels in comparison.

    My Gym Partner's a Monkey is the absolute WORST animated show ever allowed on the Cartoon Planet. A show about some milk and water little creep of a boy who goes to a wrong school (yes, the principal is evil) & the various stupid situations that not even the creators of Skunk Fu would touch with rubber gloves on. And to top if off, the little troglodyte is being bullied by a jerk who happens to be his school's principal.

    The best thing for CN to do with this turgescent abomination of a cartoon, is to have it buried at sea, but then again, the ocean's is already polluted as is
  • My Gym Partner's a Monkey is VERY underrated!

    Well, honestly, I was a teenager when this show came on for its run. I praise for Adam Lyon's misadventures in an all-animal school. The wacky antics of the storyline and writing are amazing! I like how the show combines middle school life with anthropomorphic animals! It's like a mix between Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide & George of the Jungle to create a fantastic masterpiece! The characters are well written, and my favorite would be Ingrid Giraffe because she's lovestruck for Adam, and my favorite episodes centering her are "Save the Drama for Your Llama" & "Ingrid Through the Out Door". Overall I give this show a 10/10.
  • I'll be honest, this show was ok, but not the best

    This show wasn't that bad, but it wasn't perfect either. some episodes were kinda annoying, but it was ok. look at it this way, it's better than Squirrel Boy, that show was boring as hell.
  • Wow, this show actually sucks.

    This is not a very good show. It's also the worst show on Cartoon Network! I also believe this show is stealing ideas from other shows. I hate it because of the humor sometimes mostly. The humor gets more worse than you expect. Lastly I want to explain the characters:
    Adam Lyon: An annoying kid who goes to an animal school
    Jake Spidermonkey: An idiotic chimp that always gets into trouble
    Other animal students: Idiots! Because they never listen to Adam.

    This show is too stupid and less entertaining, I especially hate Jake than the others. This show should never deserve a good rating! Anyone agree with me?
  • my least fav school and my fav school

    I use to like my gym partner is a monkey..... WHEN IT WAS FIRST ON! I think its dumb its the worst show ever. I would hate to go that school it sucks!

    But do you know what is cool? WAYSIDE! That show is real cool! I would love to go to that school I cant wait till it comes back on in summer 2013! GO WAYSIDE!
  • Top 20 Cartoons Of All Time

    This didn't make my Top 10 Of My Cartoonetwork Best shows Because it just wasnt good enough I think it needed some better drawing but I loved the plot it's just one those thing you've wished you came up with but here's the thing about this show if Cartoonetwork shows Reruns I bet you wouldn't like because they would show the beginning of the series episode the show are always better later in the series cause there newer ideas and plan Over all This show likable Thank You Julie McNally-Cahill & Timothy Cahill
  • Ughh...

    This show can DIE IN A HOLE SOMEWHERE.

    The plot of the show is pathetic, and unappealing. It seems like Cartoon Network made a wrong turn at this show.

    The charaters look like morons, first off. The kid, Adam, looks like he was drawn by a 10 yr. old. So does the monkey.

    The animation is lame, too.
  • I never liked this show.

    I don't get this show at all.
  • It Really Isn't that Bad

    It wasn't THAT horrible, but yes. Some of the episodes were really boring, and Jake would screech sometimes and that was ANNOYING as he**. :/
  • Ok, back to the zoo.

    One of the most annoying cartoon, My Gym Partner's a monkey.

    Let's get this summed up.

    Plot: Adam Lyon, a 10 year old boy, has transferred to an animal school because of a typo on his identity submission, instead of Adam Lyon, they typed "Lion" mistakenly. A little good for humor though, it's bad luck. But I have a cooler idea than this one.

    Characters: Each has their own levels of annoyance, for me Slips the snake is the least annoying. They are always seen screaming, fit for an animal, but not on this show. They also have insecurities and ADD.

    Humor: Fart, barf, butt, disgusting jokes. Some are good, but 90% of them are horrible at it's finest.

    Art: Some of them don't even got the same looks of an animal, Windsor is more of a bear, and Jake looks like a pig instead. They are simplistic but poor.

    Overall: 2. It had some good points around, but still poor.
  • It's the worst Cartoon Network show ever

    No really what the crap wer ethey smoking when they thought this up.CN must think that cancelling all the good shows and exiling them to Boomerang will get them good ratings and let crap take over the network,but it doesn't.It's a bad influence on kids.Adam I feel may be an autistic kid and that the creators hate kids who are like that.Guess what I'm one of those kids.And moving on,it's too FICIONAL.When was the last time you saw hair on a (insert animal here),second why are you even having them go to school when you they'll just grow up to be zoo animals?Another thing why must we have butt humour in every episode?It's not funny all the time!I feel that it's telling kids that adults can't help them,then we hear Pixiefrog find out he's a human,why doesn;'t he send hi back to his old school?He's not an animal!Second why did the people even send him to the animal school?Because his last name is Lyon?Wow,that's a real good reason.Did they ever bother to look at him? Does he have a mane?Claws? Big teeth? No,I don; think so.The animation is terrible,I used to think this show rocked when I was 11,I only watch i when I'm really bored.At those times I'd be giving it a 7.Any other condition,no siree Bob!
  • My Gym Partner's a Monkey is a Terrible show on Cartoon Network and it must be avioded at all costs. It's even Cartoon Network's version of Catscracth (Which it's also terrbile.)

    My 2nd review after Donkey Kong Country.
    Oh my god. This has got to be one of the WORST shows ever be created on Cartoon network. What the Heck is the Point of this Garbage?!?! I'm gonna tell what's so Terrbile about it. First off, This show makes people think that Austisic Kids (I'm Autsitic.) and Monkeys, are Stupid Freaks! Second, They gonna replace great shows like Camp Lazlo, Foster's home for Imagnairy Friends, Dexter's Lab, and Powerpuff girls, off the air for this stupid monkey garbage. Third, What kind of Stupid Idiot would wanana watch a Trashy, Cheap farting joke-telling, Butt-Drumming, Garbage-eating, Brainless Show like this?
    It's about a dumb 12-year old boy named Adam, who got transfered to a Animal school because: "Lyon" Was his last name. He goes on pointless Misadventures with a Horrbile Monkey, Jake. He's an Idiot! I rather get tied up by a back of a bus and get Droven away!
    I'm sorry but this show desverses an F. Here's the Dang results!!!:

    Voice Acting: D 4.0/10.0 Poor voice-acting, The people who voiced the chracthers, should get fired for replacing our good shows. Animation: F- 2.5/10.0 The Chracthers look stupid, Goofy and Pukish. I just want to thorw up all over the chracthers.

    Dialouge F-- 1.5/10.0 Who the heck came up with these corny scripts?!?! When I see jake talking about dumb garbage, I just want to Stab his chest with a Sword!

    Grapihcs: F 2.0/10.0 What the heck is this? It looks like a Lame 1980's cartoon from the Hanana Barbera company Title.

    Sound: E 3.0/10.0 One of the worst soundtracks ever made in a cartoon like this. Put the show on mute. It would be perfect if Robot Chicken made a spoof of this crummy garbage. Then we will be laughing and happy when we see that My gym partner's a monkey litterlay sucks Ugly Monkey butt.

    Lasting Appeal: F 2.8/10.0 This show is so Unoriginal and Not worth your time. This show should die in Heck.

    Overall: F 2.3/10.0 This is a real stupid show on Cartoon network. This series should end very shortly cause it sucks Ugly monkey butt Litteraly. I don't know why I'm giving this a 2.3 out of 10. I wish I can give this lower. But this is all I'm gonna say about this Terrbile show. Good day to you!!!
  • This show is extremely ugly. The animals are just idiotic jerks.

    I hate the animals in the show. They always accuse poor Adam of being a jerk when they're the real jerks. They wouldn't let Adam have any food and just hogged it all for themselves. All of the animals (except Windsor) were stupid enough to believe Teddy and Stupid Hand were real people. They were all stupid enough to believe that a human ate Windsor when it was so obviously Windsor in a human costume. They have no respect for art, paint is for creating, not eating. They mess up Adam's stuff and blame Adam for it. They make Adam eat the gross things they like. This would have been a better show if it had intelligent animals like Garfield. This show is also really ugly. The drawings are really ugly. There are too many grossly exaggerated expressions. It's really gory. Characters' arms get severed off. Characters get bitten in half. Characters get their skin torn off. It's so disturbing, it's not funny. I recommend that you stay away from this show and watch a healthier cartoon like Looney Tunes.
  • Not the best cartoon, but not the worse either.

    At first I didnt think much of this show because of its name and the few episodes I watched. After a while the show became somewhat interesting. Its not the best show out there but its not the worse either. Its the kinda show that you watch on a rainy day and enjoy it a little bit more each time you watch it the kinda show that you suddenly miss once its canceled and stops reruning.

    This show isnt the kind show you can enjoy right away though. Its one of those shows that you have to watch a while for it to become reasonably interesting or enjoyable/funny. It has its momnets of funny and its moments of just plain "what the heck?". It seems like it gets better every new episode I watch and ill be watching it from time to time to see where they go with it.
  • Agressive to Ingrid Giraffe

    i only like other characters like Spongebob and the simpsons tv show. but the simpsons was only for adults. i got very aggressive to Ingrid Giraffe. i really seen aliens being dead for threatening the earth. i do like Nina the giraffe in Camp Lazlo my friend told me i like her. i know that not everyone likes Nina because thats there opinion. well, i going to kill Ingrid from My Gym Partner's a Monkey cause i'm mean like Chucky from Child's Play to her.
  • Not Funny OK?

    Ugh i thought this show would be great but no it is'nt it sucks out loud i'm gonna take this show out of my favourites no wonder everybody hates it It's about some kid named Adam Lyon who even though has'nt got the same voice actor has the same annoying voice as Chris in Sonic X(does'nt mean i hate both of them just resent their voices) and his pal Jake who has the voice of Heffer Wolfe and the new SpongeBob SquarePants OK and the butt jokes suck bring back the good old cartoons like Dexter's Lab or Johnny Bravo(ahhh,those were the days) it also has the same music as SpongeBob as well.
  • The Last Nostalgic and Original Show that Aired on Cartoon Network!! :(


    I Have to Agree this Show did have some original Characters and Plots and had Some Funny Stuff... Though It's very Childish kind of Humor. I Have to admit it's not the Best Cartoon that Cartoon Network has had to Offer... It doesn't Compete with Ed, Edd, N Eddy, KND, Billy and Mandy and Camp Lazlo; And I Personally say that this show is Not Great or Bad, but just a Decent Show. Now for the Ratings:

    Plots: 6/10

    Character Development: 3/10

    Originality: 7/10

    Animation: 8/10

    Overall 6/10

    I Say watch this Show and give it a try and if you don't like Childish Humor then this is not really for you!!

  • It did have some entertaining value to it, and while not the worse show ever made, MGPAM is really something that has probably been done before

    MGPAM is just one of those shows that looked stupid and is stupid to say the least. The show is about a kid named Adam Lyon who is transferred to an animal school because his last name is Lyon and the last name sounds like an animal name Lion. He goes to an animal school and befriends a monkey named Jake and other animal friends. Adam is constantly trying to survive the school and avoid being the prey for many animals. While the premise sounds stupid, most shows with dumb premises make them entertaining, but not this show. All the animals in this show are some of the dumbest I have ever seen. Nobody has common sense or thinks in that matter, and while Adam is the only voice of reason in this show he was annoying to say the least and whiny. Jake was the worst though, always making butt jokes and slapping it. I don't mind crude humor, but Jake goes overboard with it. As for the rest of the humor, it was OK, but it was mostly bad jokes or puns that didn't work. The artwork is actually another highlight. The sets designs are rather creative as well as how the animals look and capture the personality of everyday school people like the shark being a bully, so points to the show for that. The animation though is choppy and stiff a lot of the time. The stories are OK, but nothing new is added to them and are rehashes of stories done before. Also, why did Adam get sent to a animal school all because his last name is Lyon? Did no one realize that he was human at all? Apparently the humans are just as stupid as the animals to. I did actually find Winston the gorilla to be the only real good character in this show since he was laid back and mellow a lot of the time. Overall, this show is bad, but it's not the worse show ever made and it does have some entertaining value to it, but MGPAM offers nothing new and is a show that should be passed up should you see it on TV.
  • This show is awful.

    The voice acting is extremely annoying, the animation is ugly, and the jokes and plot are beyond terrible. I do not know who the target audience of this show would have been, besides those kids who think butts are the most hilarious things in the whole world for some stupid reason. Every time this show comes on, I HAVE to change the channel. The fact this show ever got on television in the first place is completely shocking. I'm more surprised it lasted as long as it did. This was one of the worst, if not THE, worst show that has ever been on Cartoon Network.
  • Boring.

    this show my gym partners of monkey is about a boy named adem lion who is sent to an all animal school cuz his last name is lion. so now hes the only human in his school. okay the show itself is kinda entertaning but extremly boring. the premise isnt bad but the show itself stupid. the animals in the show are so annoying and are completly brain dead. the show does nothing more than rely on complete stupidity the animation itself kinda strickes me as a little cheesy. the humor is stale chessy stupid and way random so random its just random to the point were its stupid. and i find it so dumb this kid has to go to an animal school cuz his last name is lion. this is trippy 2x4 sighning off!!!!!!!