My Gym Partner's a Monkey

Cartoon Network (ended 2008)





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  • It did have some entertaining value to it, and while not the worse show ever made, MGPAM is really something that has probably been done before

    MGPAM is just one of those shows that looked stupid and is stupid to say the least. The show is about a kid named Adam Lyon who is transferred to an animal school because his last name is Lyon and the last name sounds like an animal name Lion. He goes to an animal school and befriends a monkey named Jake and other animal friends. Adam is constantly trying to survive the school and avoid being the prey for many animals. While the premise sounds stupid, most shows with dumb premises make them entertaining, but not this show. All the animals in this show are some of the dumbest I have ever seen. Nobody has common sense or thinks in that matter, and while Adam is the only voice of reason in this show he was annoying to say the least and whiny. Jake was the worst though, always making butt jokes and slapping it. I don't mind crude humor, but Jake goes overboard with it. As for the rest of the humor, it was OK, but it was mostly bad jokes or puns that didn't work. The artwork is actually another highlight. The sets designs are rather creative as well as how the animals look and capture the personality of everyday school people like the shark being a bully, so points to the show for that. The animation though is choppy and stiff a lot of the time. The stories are OK, but nothing new is added to them and are rehashes of stories done before. Also, why did Adam get sent to a animal school all because his last name is Lyon? Did no one realize that he was human at all? Apparently the humans are just as stupid as the animals to. I did actually find Winston the gorilla to be the only real good character in this show since he was laid back and mellow a lot of the time. Overall, this show is bad, but it's not the worse show ever made and it does have some entertaining value to it, but MGPAM offers nothing new and is a show that should be passed up should you see it on TV.
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