My Gym Partner's a Monkey

Cartoon Network (ended 2008)





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  • It had a huge chance of being CN`s best, but instead it went the opposite way

    When I first hear of this show, I thought it would be great like Ed, Edd n Eddy but I almost got the opposite result. First off, why are the animals last names similar to thier species? It fails to sound convincing. The plot lines also vary. Some souned great like the one where Adam and Jake be one player to play football, the one where the duo try to get thier coaches job back from a cheetah and the one where Jake and two of his friends steakout on Adam. Others however are pathetic and made me gag, not with laughter, but by how annoying they were, not to mention stupid. For example, in one episode, Jake gets sent to a school for plants. Plants? Then the episode Sidekicked was stupid as it made no sence. Oh, and who could forget Making the grade and its dumb plot line?

    Now for the characters: I liked some of them. Adam Lyon was also liked Slips, Lupe, the assistant ferret, the frog principal and some minor background characters. Windsor and Ingrid are sort of likable but the others like that shark bully and the rhino teacher, I cant stand. I really cant stand Jake most of all. He`s Fanboy & ChumChum annoying. Plus, he`s like baboon from weasle: He goes overboard with his butt to the point where I`m desperate to change the channel. Some of the jokes were funny but the gross ones almost took the thrill out of the good ones are some episodes I can stand but a little more than half of them I`d rather watch something else. All I can say is, Cartoon Network could have done better with this show.
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