My Gym Partner's a Monkey - Season 1

Cartoon Network (ended 2008)




Episode Guide

  • Up All Night
    Up All Night
    Episode 12.2
    Adam's excited when Kerry invites him to play paintball early the next morning, but can't sleep when Windsor, Jake and Slips show up for a sleepover.
  • Bubble or Nothing
    Episode 12.1
    After being played around by three lions, Adam tells the nurse he is allergic to some of the animals. Principal Pixiefrog puts Adam in a plastic bubble, and it becomes the latest fad at school.
  • Guano in 60 Seconds
    Guano in 60 Seconds
    Episode 11.2
    After the school is condemned, classes get moved to a portable trailer. But when Jake accidentally knocks the classroom of its blocks, he and Adam must stop it before anyone notices.
  • Political Animals
    Episode 11.1
    Looking to make some changes, Adam enters the school elections, and goes up against the seemingly unstoppable political powerhouse, Bull Sharkowski.
  • She's Koala That
    She's Koala That
    Episode 10.2
    Ignoring warnings from his pals, Adam befriends a sad little koala named Deidre. When Adam finds out she really is a depressing drag, Jake and Lupe step in to help by giving Deidre a makeover.
  • Supplies Party
    Episode 10.1
    When his human friends and animal friends both show up for his birthday bash at the local pizza palace, Adam has to find ways to keep the two groups apart or risk embarrassing himself.
  • Docu-Trama
    Episode 9.2
    When a nature documentary filmmaker comes to Charles Darwin Middle School, she focuses on Adam, thinking he's some sort of freakish missing link.
  • 3/31/06
    On Howl-o-ween, Adam goes into the boiler room to get a file for Principal Pixiefrog, and discovers the ghost of an old human janitor.
  • Grub Drive
    Grub Drive
    Episode 5.2
    Adam and Jake have to sell candy for the annual school fundraiser., the candy they're selling is Chocolate Covered Grubs, and nobody's buying.
  • Shiny Thing
    Shiny Thing
    Episode 4.2
    When Jake brings a shiny glass ball to school, everyone but Adam is mesmerized by the glistening orb. And it isn't long before Jake is using it to hypnotize students into doing his bidding.
  • The Sheds
    Episode 4.1
    Hysteria breaks out when Slips comes in with a case of "the sheds." It takes an educational film about "Animal Changes" to make the students realize that they're just growing up.
  • Animal Testing
    Animal Testing
    Episode 3.2
    Adam is placed in the advanced class with the super-smart kids. After attempting to get kicked out, Adam comes to embrace his intelligence until he realizes he's gone too far over to the "dork side."
  • Inoculation Day
    Episode 3.1
    When Adam is accidentally inoculated with Monkey Booster, he turns into a crazed, pantsless monkey. It's up to Jake and the faculty to hunt down Monkey Adam and bring him back to his senses.
  • Kerry to Dance?
    Episode 12
    Adam wants to ask Kerry to go to the school dance with him on Saturday, however Ingrid wants him to go with her to the dance. So she tries to persuade him with the help of Lupe. Jake also wants Adam to go with him to the dance because he wants to be with him. But when Kerry asks Adam out, Ingrid and Jake get jealous. Meanwhile, Henry tries to find someone to go to the dance with.moreless
  • Bubble or Nothing / Up All Night
    Bubble or Nothing: Adam has had enough of attending school because animals keep hurting him, so he lies to Nurse Gazelle about having allergies. Principal Pixiefrog hears about this and forces Adam to wear a plastic hypoallergenic bubble. It becomes a fad when Jake calls everyone to look at Adam's bubble, but Jake feels left out when not getting a bubble of his very own. Will he get his own bubble and will the fad die out? Up All Night: Adam's excited when Kerry invites him to play paintball early the next morning by throwing a paintball at him, but Adam finds it very hard to sleep when Windsor, Jake and Slips show up for a sleepover. At first, he wants to sleep, however, they wake him up by making prank phone calls and noise. Finally Adam chooses to stay awake when they play his video game. Adam may be having fun, but is he getting enough rest for the paintball event?moreless
  • Political Animals / Guano in 60 Seconds
    Political Animals: Adam goes up againsts Bull Sharkowski to become president of the student body. They use campaign ads and speeches. Who will win: Adam or Bull Sharkowski? Guano in 60 Seconds: When Jake eats bat droppings from the ceiling, Principal Pixiefrog forces everyone to move into a portable classroom. There, Jake accidentally breaks a lever by scratching himself. Now the whole classroom is moving away. Can Jake and Adam stop the classroom and get it back to its original place while preventing the animals from noticing what is happening?moreless
  • Supplies Party / She's Koala That
    Supplies Party: Adam accidentally invites both his human and animal friends to his birthday party. It will be held at Pig E. Porker's Pizza Palace. There, he tries to put the animals in the supplies closet so he won't get embarrassed. She's Koala That: Adam befriends an annoying koala bear named Deidre who talks about eucalyptus and other things. To make her look better, Lupe and Jake give her a makeover so she can make more friends. Can it work?moreless
  • 4/14/06
    Two Tons of Fun: After finding a large stash of love letters to Mrs. Tusk from Mr. Hornbill, Adam and Jake agree to coach Mr. Hornbill in wooing the lady of his own dreams from wrestling Principal Pixiefrog to dancing.Docu-Trauma: Zira Corneilius, a documentary filmmaker, comes to the school and starts focusing on a three-eyed creature in which she calls "pants," which she thinks it's Adam because he has a giant zit on his head.moreless
  • It's the Scary Old Custodian, Adam Lyon / My Science Project
    It's the Scary Old Custodian, Adam Lyon: When it's Howl-o-Ween, the animals keep howling. The howling is annoying Adam, so he volunteers to go down to the boiler room to get a file for Principal Pixiefrog. Jake comes too. In the boiler room, they find an old custodian named Old Joe who was from the days that humans attended the school. Old Joe tells many scary stories, but Adam and Jake have heard them all. Can Old Joe scare them? My Science Project: Jake ruins Adam's volcano project for the science fair by accident and to make it up, Jake gets a robot arm and implants it in his skull. He finds that he can control the robot arm and make it do whatever Jake wants, later on, it starts having a mind of its own. Now, it wants to go to the smartest kid it can find, which is in fact Phinneas the Porpoise.moreless
  • Law and Odor: Adam and Jake are sentenced by the Spiffies to do hall monitor duty after receiving a number of school citations. While being monitors, Adam finds that there is a corruption within the hall monitors unit for example, the animals are bribing other animals, so Adam tries to stop it. Yesterday's Funny Monkey: Jake's buttox makes people laugh, so Jake uses it as a puppet and it goes like this. Jake says,"What are you looking at?" and "okey dokey." The routine is successful, but will Jake need new material or will the fame die?moreless
  • 3/17/06
    Amazon Kevin: Chaos spreads when Adam sends a letter to the star of television's Amazon Kevin's Wild Animal Takedown to go to an assembly at the school. Now Adam has to beat up Amazon Kevin for the students including Jake.Grub Drive: Adam and Jake attempt to sell chocolate covered grubs for the school's Annual School Sales Drive, but no one is buying any of them. So, they try other ways to convince people to buy them for instance, Jake inflates his butt or Adam eats a sandwich that has worms in it.moreless
  • The Sheds / Shiny Thing
    The Sheds: When Slips comes to school with "the sheds," everyone thinks he's contagious and hates him because of the changes everyone is going through. They go watch an offbeat barely educational film called Animal Changes. Will it make everyone realize that the sheds is just part of growing up? Shiny Thing: Jake brings a door knob to school, which is against school policy. Everyone, except Adam, is mesmerized by the ball. After that, Jake uses it to hypnotize everyone into doing what he wants them to do and Adam notices that those door knobs are his parents' antiques. How will he get them back?moreless
  • 3/3/06
    Shark Attack: The school bully is taking everyone's lunch and Adam is mad. He accidentally hits the school bully on the snout and he becomes the new school bully. Now everyones is scared of him and he wants to return the title of school bully. Me Adam, You Jake: Adam wanted to play the part of Jungle Guy to impress a girl named Kerry, which is the girl he likes. Jake takes the part away from Adam and now he challenges Jake to a contest to see who is better suited to be Jungle Guy.moreless
  • 2/24/06
    Chew on This: Adam complains about the cafeteria and Principal Pixiefrog replaces the animal food with food humans eat, but the animals like it so much, they eat a lot of it and get fat, right in time for the big school fitness test. The "A" Word: After Bull Sharkowski bullies Adam, he says, "That shark went ape on me." Jake is offended because he's a monkey, so he holds auditions for a new friend. With Adam dressing up as Truffles DuVaul, Jakes favorite female rock star, can they become friends once again?moreless
  • 2/20/06
    Lyon of Scrimmage: Adam can remember the plays and he becomes a quarterback but he is not good at football. Jake has a great arm for football. Now he has to work with Jake to try and earn the first win ever for the team because the school has never won a game...ever. Bad News Bear: Jake breaks a fish tube and his consequence is to work in the school office filing papers for Mrs. Warthog. Meanwhile, Adam guides a foreign exhange student who is an endangered panda called Dingbang around the school, but Dingbang is causing a lot of trouble...and it turns out that Dingbang is actually Larry Raccoon, a former student who was expelled from the school for being a truant, and in disguise.moreless
  • Inoculaton Day / Animal Testing
    Inoculation Day: It's Inoculation Day at Charles Darwin Middle School, and the nurse fires shots through a pea shooter. Unfortunately, Adam is hit with a monkey booster and turns into an ape. The faculty and the students have to track him down so they can return him to normal. Animal Testing: A placement test score puts Adam with the spiffles. Adam hates the class at first, but begins to like it after he correctly spells a word. Adam is used to being smarter than he actually is, and the gangs' only hope seems to be a spelling bee... Which if won by the gang will restore the old Adam.moreless