My Gym Partner's a Monkey - Season 2

Cartoon Network (ended 2008)




Episode Guide

  • Pants in Space
    Pants in Space
    Episode 13.2
    Jake wants to join the space program, but the only problem is that astronauts wear pants and he detests wearing pants, so Adam tries to help.
  • Talking Teddy
    Talking Teddy
    Episode 12.2
    Teddy Truman, Windsor's ventriloquist's dummy, is enrolled into Charles Darwin Middle School. Most students think that Teddy is a living thing, except Adam.
  • 1/19/07
    Adam is embroiled in a prank war that he doesn't want to be in.
  • One Lump or Tutor
    One Lump or Tutor
    Episode 11.2
    When Adam fails another Feeding Frenzy exam, Mr. Hornbill thinks that he may be held back if he doesn't pass the next exam. So Adam gets a tutor to help him, but the tutor is actually Bull.
  • Making the Grade
    Episode 11.1
    Instead of letter grades on his report card, Adam receives generic positive symbols. He complains about this to Principal Pixiefrog and he changes the current system to letter grades with terrifying results.
  • Up and Adam
    Up and Adam
    Episode 9.2
    Adam is given the keys to the Lookout Tower after passing a safety test the first try. The Lookout
  • Lupe in Love
    Lupe in Love
    Episode 8.2
    Lupe falls in love with Orlando Parrot, a parrot who is Jake's pet. Orlando usually says that Lupe is a "pretty bird", but is Orlando really commenting on Lupe or someone else? Also, Adam ends up on the Love Doctor, where he and Jake randomly pick students' true loves.
  • Jake's Day Off
    Episode 8.1
    Jake takes a break from school, but in his fashion, he spends his break at school. While being there, he enjoys the facilities without the classes getting in the way and convinces Adam to attend. Jake steals Principal Pixiefrog's scooter and even tells Principal Pixiefrog about it in a note. Now Principal Pixiefrog is looking for them. What will happen if he finds them?moreless
  • Basic Jake
    Basic Jake
    Episode 2.2
    When Adam accidentally draws a Saturday detention from Pixiefrog, he discovers that Jake gets detention every weekend so he can get out of the zoo and do his very own basic cable variety show.
  • Cheer Pressure
    Episode 2.1
    The Charles Darwin Jungle Squad wants Adam to cheer with them at the extreme cheerleading finals after one of the cheerleaders gets injured.
  • 1/5/07
    Uniformity: It's spring and fashions at school are out of control! Principal Pixiefrog solves this by instituting a school uniformity policy. Now the students are starting to act overly "proper" except Adam. Adam teams up with Dickie to return the school back to its old, less mannered ways. Will they succeed? Pants in Space: Jake joins a group of cheesy group of monkey acrobats thinking it's the Space Program.moreless
  • Bullroar
    Episode 13
    Virgil "Bull" Sharkowski claims to be the #1 grandson attending Charles Darwin Middle School, but then he discovers that Henry Armadillo has laid a claim that the furry mammal believes he is the #1 grandson attending Charles Darwin Middle School. So Virgil and Henry have a competition to see who is better #1 grandson material.moreless
  • I've Got Rhythm
    I've Got Rhythm
    Episode 12
    Coach Gills cancels a planned session of Dodgeball and instead has the students team up with partners for a team dance session exercise. Adam tries to pick a partner, but he gets more than he bargained for when every girl student wants to dance with him! Now Adam needs to hide until the girl's emotions can cool down, but will his hiding be successful?moreless
  • Pranks for the Memories / Talking Teddy
    Pranks for the Memories: Jake believes that Adam is seizing the title as resident Prank Master General. Adam is soon involved in a prank war that he does not want to be part of. Talking Teddy: Teddy Truman, Windsor's ventriloquist's dummy is enrolled in the school. Adam knows that Teddy is not a living thing, but everyone else thinks Teddy is alive.moreless
  • I Got a New Aptitude
    I Got a New Aptitude
    Episode 1.2
    Adam and Jake take an aptitude test, but they are not happy with their results. So they try to find their true destiny.
  • Making the Grade / One Lump or Tutor
    Making the Grade: When Adam receives his report card, he finds that instead of letter grades, the school gives out generic positive symbols. Principal Pixiefrog changes the system to traditional letter grades after Adam complains, but with horrifying results. One Lump or Tutor: Adam fails another Feeding Frenzy exam and Mr. Hornbill predicts that he will get held back if he does not pass the next test. So Bull Sharkowski becomes Adam's new tutor.moreless
  • Le Switcheroo
    Episode 1.1
    Mr. Mandrill suggests that Adam and Coach Gills switch roles for day after Coach Gills loses her temper over Adam's performance in her class.
  • 9/22/06
    Carny Crazy: When the Charles Darwin Middle School carnival arrives, Adam becomes obsessed with winning a cheap Princess Ballerina Snow Globe for his collection. He tries to win them by throwing balls at dung beetles, but he misses every time.Up and Adam: On his first try, Adam passes Safety Class and he is rewarded the key to the Lookout Tower, which is a bachelor pad at the top of the school. His assignment is to look for any trouble to the school (especially pirates, clowns, and lawyers), however the assignment is made difficult when his friends want to use it to throw a big party. What's worse is that only one person is allowed on the tower and when he kicks a beehive, it hits pirates in a parade for floats. Then the clowns come after them and the lawyers try to sue since they crashed into the wreck.moreless
  • Bathroom Break
    Bathroom Break
    Episode 10
    Adam Lyon desperately needs to use the restroom, but Mr. Hornbill is forcing him to hold it until the school bell rings. And if that wasn't bad enough, Adam has a troubling time finding a decent restroom to use. Can Adam find and get his relief?
  • 9/10/06
    Animas is a celebration for animals and their instincts and it's come around, but Adam does not know and comes on the first day of Animas unprepared. He soon decides that he doesn't have instincts and goes back to Chester Arthur Middle School. He can't fit in with humans either. Will he ever go back to the school?moreless
  • Jake's Day Off / Lupe in Love
    Jake's Day Off: Jake takes a break from school, but in his fashion, he spends his break at school. While being there, he enjoys the facilities without the classes getting in the way and convinces Adam to attend. Jake steals Principal Pixiefrog's scooter and even tells Principal Pixiefrog about it in a note. Now Principal Pixiefrog is looking for them. What will happen if he finds them? Lupe In Love: Lupe falls in love with Orlando Parrot, a parrot who is Jake's pet. Orlando usually says that Lupe is a "pretty bird", but is Orlando really commenting on Lupe or someone else? Also, Adam ends up on the Love Doctor, where he and Jake randomly pick students' true loves.moreless
  • Ain't Too Proud to Egg: Adam, Jake, and other students receive eggs (as a cheap way to earn money for the school) that they have to take care of from Mr. Hornbill. Every student is taking this seriously, except Adam. When the eggs hatch, he finds it difficult to be a mother, however Jake can handle this. The Two Jakes: Adam learns that Jake completes all his work all because of his clone, Jakev2.0. He shows Adam's clone to him and claims that he knew a guy. At first, things go well, until the clones start acting like jerks. They are now wreaking havoc on everyone and it's ruining Adam and Jake's record. Will they catch the clones before they get into more trouble?moreless
  • 8/15/06
    I Fear Pretties: After Adam learns that Margaret is a rare animal, she becomes very arrogant, making her friends, Joanie and Latanya, angry. But when Adam learns that Margaret is not rare, he tries to tell them the truth. Adam has no choice but to talk to them- and takes all three of them on a date! The Magic Fish: Adam is granted a "magic fish wish" after finding a stranded fish called David Coppertrout. He thinks that the wish is foolish nonsense, however his friends have a different opinion and they want him to use the wish on them. Adam is being chased around the school, and he can't take it.moreless
  • 8/8/06
    Poop Scoop: Jake starts to publish lies about Adam in the school newspaper. Which starts to get out of Hand when Jake goes in on it, and when Adam Retaliates, Things go wrong...

    Leaf of Absence: Principal Pixiefrog's worst nightmare comes true when Trunks Elephant sues the school successfully because of the elephant grass. He panics, so he takes a break from work while Principal Wolverine does his job. It turns out that the students are not happy with him being in charge because he is making things miserable. Even Mrs. Warthog is miserable, so Adam and Jake try to convince Principal Pixiefrog to go back to work.moreless
  • 7/31/06
    Disregarding Henry: Jake enters Henry in the school talent show after hearing Henry's poor singing. He also books him a gig on the T.V. show, Wacky Pet Tricks! To prevent Henry from becoming humiliated, Adam attempts to take his place.Nice Mustache: Jake's world changes when he wakes up with a mustache. He drops out of the school to follow his mustache, wherever it leads him. Adam must shave Jake's mustache off or else Jake will experience a lot of pressure. Luckily, he knows the secret code of a mustache club. When he says it out loud, Jake cannot hurt him, even with his nunchucks.moreless
  • Clam-mercial
    Episode 4
    Henry Armadillo reports on the latest craze to sweep Charles Darwin Middle School. The fad known as the Pocket Clam! And every animal student wants to get their hands on this toy! Adam Lyon however, doesn't see what the big deal is.
  • Cafeteria Duty
    Cafeteria Duty
    Episode 3
    Adam Lyon and Jake Spidermonkey are forced to serve lunch to other students after Jake 'accidentally' lights a firecracker.
  • The Times, They Are Exchangin': Adam returns to his old school during an exchange program. While being there, he realizes that things there are not exactly the same as he remembers it. Jake comes along with him, however, he has a hard time distinguishing Adam from the other students. Cool Kids: While being in a polar class in a refrigerated part of the school, Jake falls and finds some "cool kids." When he does find them, he forgets his old friends, not realizing that the cool kids are using him.moreless
  • The Note
    The Note
    Episode 2
    Adam Lyon gets the blame for Jake Spidermonkey's note-passing.
  • Cheer Pressure / Basic Jake
    Cheer Pressure: Adam is enlisted by the school's Jungle Squad to cheer with them at the extreme cheer-leading finals at the Stapled Center after Dickie, one of the cheerleaders, gets an injury while performing "The Tower." The squad then kicks Jake off the team because he's not pretty enough. At the finals Adam is introduced to a girl named Jackie, who just transfered to Chester Arthur. Only Adam believes that Jackie is actually Jake and when he insults Jackie, he unintentionally has to compete against her. Who will win the challenge? Basic Jake: When Jake pours chum from a bucket onto Principal Pixiefrog, he sends Adam and Jake to Saturday detention with three dingos. They climb a tree in the detention room and Jake takes Adam to the A.V. room, where his secret low-tier public access cable show Basic Jake is filmed. Jake and Adam try to entertain the audience although Jake starts to act really insane.moreless
  • Le Switcheroo / I Got a New Aptitude
    Le Switcheroo: Mr. Mandrill wants Coach Gills and Adam switch places for a day after she gets angry at Adam's performance in gym class. They switch roles and they learn about each other. Adam realizes that being Coach Gills is not just fun and games, while Coach Gills learns that Adam has to use his energy just to survive school...literally. I Got a New Aptitude: After taking an aptitude test, Adam and Jake get unsatisfied with their future careers as being zoo animals. So with Mr. Mandrill's help, Adam does all the things he wants to do, but with no success. The only thing now is to become a hobo with Jake joining him.moreless