My Gym Partner's a Monkey - Season 3

Cartoon Network (ended 2008)




Episode Guide

  • Meet the Spidermonkeys
    Meet the Spidermonkeys
    Episode 12.2
    Adam meets Jake's parents, and spends a day playing monkey in their habitat at the zoo.
  • The Frog Principal
    Episode 12.1
    Pixiefrog's irrational fear of being kissed turns out to be not so irrational after all when, after a smooch from Warthog, he turns into a tiny human prince.
  • An Inconvenient Goof
    An Inconvenient Goof
    Episode 11.2
    When the Polar Wing starts to melt, Adam blames it on global warming. His warnings fall on deaf ears, however, as the other students use the flooded hallways to throw a massive pool party.
  • Hornbill and Ted's Bogus Journey
    Adam and his pals try to help Mr. Hornbill get rid of an annoying lawyer-like Oxpecker named Ted.
  • 6/29/07
    A student named Lola Llama copies Ingrid Giraffe because Ingrid is the weakest in Adam's posse.
  • Mongoosed
    Episode 9.1
    Slips and Carl Mongoose become friends, not realizing that they are supposed to be enemies. After a film explains they naturally are predetermined to do so, they end up being enemies much to the annoyance of Jake and Adam.
  • The Citronella Solution
    Pixiefrog fits students with Citronella collars that keep them in line after finding Jake has "the gift", enabling him to see into the future and causing the other students to panic after foreseeing "the end".
  • 5/11/07
    The gang must rescue Slips after he oversleeps in class and is stuck in night school.
  • Substitute Sweetheart
    Substitute Sweetheart
    Episode 7.2
    Jake has a crush on the substitute teacher, Mrs. Slenderloris.
  • The Morning Zoo
    The Morning Zoo
    Episode 6.2
    Jake fills in for Principal Pixiefrog after he loses his voice and bases his morning announcements on shock-jock style morning radio.
  • Pride and Pixiefrog
    Episode 6.1
    Principal Pixiefrog's ego becomes over-inflated when he wins Principal of the Year.
  • The Prince and the Pooper
    Jake trades places with his spoiled cousin Lord Saucypants who is actually the pet monkey of minor popstar Dobie Broadway Jr. but his life is not as great as it sounds.
  • Sidekicked
    Episode 3.2
    The laws of nature says that everyone must have a sidekick, and that sidekick must respect their leader, and Adam and Jake argue over who is the leader and sidekick switching every other duo in the school's respective roles.
  • Diplomatic Insanity
    Episode 3.1
    Lupe becomes outraged when she sees that a toucan star is making her species look like idiots, Adam debates to end this conflict by creating the "United Species", an animal version of the United Nations. Meanwhile, Jake comes up with a plan to shut down the organization after getting kicked out.moreless
  • The Little Mer-Monkey
    The Little Mer-Monkey
    Episode 2.2
    A hermit crab finds a new home in Adam's locker, but Adam wants him out to get his books for class. Meanwhile, Jake searches for the legendary "Mer-Monkey."
  • The Spiffanos
    Episode 2.1
    After borrowing a pencil from Phineas Porpoise, Adam and Jake have to deliver a lunchbox to a locker in return.
  • 8/31/07
    The Butt of the Jake: Jake's obsession with His butt goes too far and his friend Adam decides that an intervention is neccessary in order to curb Jake off of his unhealthy behavior. Shark Fin Soupy: Virgil "Bull" Sharkowski's headphones are accidentally taken up by the not very bright, but very friendly, Soupy the Basking Shark. Now Virgil is determined to retrieve his headphones back by any means neccessary!moreless
  • Meet the Spidermonkeys/The Frog Principal
    Meet the Spidermonkeys: Adam with his after-school plans goes with Jake to see how much of an endeavor Jake's parents go through in their daily life, and starts to experience their life firsthand. The Frog Principal: When Mrs. Warthog's kiss turns Principal Pixiefrog into a handsome prince, Adam and Jake try to lift the spell.moreless
  • Lie, Cheetah, Steal: Coach Gills is worried that a new cheetah who's filling in for Coach Horace is going to take over her job. Can Mrs. Warthog train Coach Gills to beat Mr. Cheetah, or will he take jurisdiction of Mr. Pixiefrog's job? An Inconvenient Goof: Miss Chameleon tells a story to her students in her acting course about the hottest day of the year at Charles Darwin Middle School. (Which is today.) When the school starts to flood, the animals think that the water might be Adam's sweat, but Adam thinks it might be global warming causing the Arctic wing of Charles Darwin Middle School to melt. But is Adam Lyon right, or is he all wet?moreless
  • The Cuddlemuffins
    The Cuddlemuffins
    Episode 1.2
    Jake tries to warn Adam not to fall for the petting zoo kids' dirty tricks, but after falling for their cuteness the little animals are robbing him of his dignity and his money.
  • Not So Good Will
    Not So Good Will
    Episode 11
    Jake Spidermonkey thinks that Adam's locker needs to be spruced up, so he and his friends decide to chip in for a locker makeover. But is all the fuss they're making about it going to satisfy Adam, or just confuse him?
  • Save the Drama for Your Llama/Hornbill and Ted's Bogus Journey
    Save the Drama for Your Llama: A student named Lola Llama copies Ingrid Giraffe because Ingrid is the weakest in Adam's posse. Hornbill and Ted's Bogus Journey: Adam and his pals try to help Mr. Hornbill get rid of an annoying lawyer-like Oxpecker named Ted.
  • Help Not Wanted
    Help Not Wanted
    Episode 11
    Mr. Mandrill is used to students coming to him with their problems. But when traffic is slow coming into his room, he tries to create some problems among the students so that they will come to him for help. But is Mr. Mandrill only creating a bigger problem for himself by doing this?moreless
  • Sick Day
    Episode 1.1
    While Adam is off school pretending to be sick, Jake misses him to the point of mentally breaking down.
  • Mongoosed/Mellow Fellows
    Mongoosed: Slips and a mongoose by the name of Carl become friends, not realizing that they are supposed to be enemies until after they see a Movie. Mellow Fellows: Slips decides to become a guidance counselor with the help of Mr. Mandrill, but learns that there's only room for one at Charles Darwin Middle School, and Slips ends up competing with his mentor.moreless
  • Don't Noc It 'Til You Try It / The Citronella Solution
    Don't Noc It 'Til You Try It: The gang must rescue Slips after he oversleeps in class and is stuck in night school, but they must go through scary characters to rescue Him.

    The Citronella Solution: Pixiefrog fits students with Citronella collars that keep them in line, putting Jake's newfound gift on the line, (which is predictions), but Jake knows the answer to get rid of the collars.moreless
  • Flesh Fur Fantasy: Adam gets a job in a Gorilla costume. Substitute Sweetheart: Jake has a crush on a substitute teacher.
  • All-Nighter
    Episode 8
    In order to pass the Hibernation course, Adam Lyon and Jake Spidermonkey must find ways of keeping each other awake for one full night so that they can both get a decent grade.
  • Pride And Pixiefrog/The Morning Zoo
    Pride And Pixiefrog: Principal Pixiefrog wins principal of the year, but trouble comes to the school when the amphibian goes a bit to far by cancelling classes to build a Colisseum, which costed him the Title.

    The Morning Zoo: Adam becomes the new school announcer, but trouble insues when a cinderblock-related accident causes him to get amnesia, but because the last thing he heard was his radio persona, he believes he is his radio persona.moreless
  • Lunchtime Blues
    Lunchtime Blues
    Episode 7
    When Virgil "Bull" Sharkowski occupies Adam Lyon's regular lunchtime seat, Adam Lyon tries to search for another place to sit, with varying degrees of success and comfort.
  • That Darn Platypus
    Episode 6
    Charles Darwin Middle School gets a new student known as Rick Platypus. Everyone except Adam however, thinks that he is a brain-sucking mutant from outer space.
  • Photo-Phobia
    Episode 5
    Adam Lyon learns that Principal Pixiefrog is taking pictures of all the students, and those pictures will go into the end of the year school book. However, there is a catch. The Principal always pops out whenever a student least expects it and photographs them no matter what they happen to look like during the photo. So now, Adam Lyon must try to keep a smiling face during the day and ensure that nothing happens to him in order to have a good photo.moreless
  • Gorilla My Dreams: Windsor is afraid of Deb, a gorilla from the African country of Cameroon, because he believes that he will have to marry her. So he tries to hide from Deb. The Prince and the Pooper: Jake trades places with Lord Saucypants (also called Saucy), his spoiled cousin, but Saucy's life may not be as glamourous as it seems.moreless
  • Diplomatic Insanity / Sidekicked
    Diplomatic Insanity: Adam neglects Jake when he launches the United Species, an animal diplomatic organization. Meanwhile, Lupe is jealous of the toucan celebrity, Kiki Von Beaky, because Lupe wants to be a celebrity as well.

    Sidekicked: Adam and Jake try to determine which of them is the sidekick.
  • The Spiffanos / The Little Mermonkey
    The Spiffanos: Adam makes a potentially dangerous delivery for the Spiffies after borrowing a number two pencil. The delivery: delivering a lunchbox to a locker (as part of some revenge), which turns out to be harder than Adam thought, since Jake took it. Now Bull has it. How will they retrieve it? The Little Mermonkey: After Mrs. Tusk fattens Herman the Hermit Crab, he tries to find a new shell, since he's too big. After ending up in Adam's locker and several attempts to get him out of there, Adam helps him find a new home. Meanwhile, Jake falls in love with a mermonkey.moreless
  • Fresh-Brewed
    Episode 2
    When Mr. Hornbill can't get a morning cup of coffee, he grows irritable and starts giving detentions to his students rapidly and very crazily! Can Adam Lyon and Jake Spidermonkey team up and get Mr. Hornbill to calm down?
  • The Big Field Trip
    Episode 2
    Adam and his friends, the school band, and the faculty get lost in the woods after going on an annual field trip and crashing. While the others panic about not being able to cope with the wild, Adam applies what he learned at Charles Darwin Middle School to help save the day.moreless
  • Sick Day / The Cuddlemuffins
    Sick Day: Adam is sick (which he might be faking.) and without his best friend, Jake loses his mind because of it .
    The Cuddlemuffins: petting zoo kids are trying to run Adam Dry of His cash so they'll get food pellets can Jake correct the problem or will Adam be dried of everything?moreless