My Gym Partner's a Monkey

Season 1 Episode 9

Supplies Party / She's Koala That

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 21, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • It was okay.

    I really liked the part when Adam kept having to push the animals in the broom closet, but she's koala that is just plain boooooring. Who wants to listen to an animal who talks about her drink and food and stuff like that? I think it was really borrrring when Adam walked everywhere with deirdre. And I didn't actaully get why Jake and Lupe wanted to make her look better. This episode was sooooo booorrrrring I didn't really watch the whole thing on TV, since I got bored. I finnaly got to watch it on video and it was so boring I almost decided to skip it! But supplies Party was really funny and was awsesome!
  • Rocks!

    This episode had a lot of new characters including his dad, Deidre, and the name of the kid who used to bully Adam's name was Chad. Kerry appeared once more, and it amkes it more easy to tell that Adam likes Kerry more than she likes Adam, but still loves Adam a lot. It was funny how he kept dragging the animals into the closet. Deidre, a Lonely koala bear without friends appears and Adam becomes friends a little with her because she is really messed up with her body function and Adam befriends her. It was very funny at times.
  • See, I\'d never seen the show before. I thought it was stupid. But this episode changed my mind.

    I had never seen the show \'My Gym Partner\'s A Monkey\' because I thought it would be stupid. I\'d thought it was horrible and stupid and for little kids. I was surprised when I saw this episode. It had some funny parts, like when Adam is pushing all the animal\'s into the broom closet and he accidentally puts in one of the animatronics and it shows the inside of the closet with everyone staring at the animatronic while it plays the banjo. I just downright thought that was hilarious. I\'m not saying the series is good, but this episode is most likely underappreciated. Please try this episode. It\'s better (I think) than most.