My Gym Partner's a Monkey

Season 4 Episode 1

The Hyena and the Mighty/Oh Henry

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Sep 17, 2007 on Cartoon Network

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  • The Hyena And The Mighty

    I'm only writing this review for the first episode and not the second and let me say, upon watching the hyena episode: Adam Lyon and Nurse Gazelle are pretty much dead to me. We are introduced to Rufus Hyena, an adorable yet socially awkward and loud hyena who loves to laugh a lot. Eventually, Adam gets fed up with it and insults him in the bathroom. Rufus overhears and storms out in tears only to be comforted by Windsor Gorilla. Windsor calls Rufus his sweet, which makes me think they (Rufus and Windsor) might make a cute slash couple. Anyways, Windsor explains that Rufus may die if he doesn't laugh. Adam doesn't care and walks away like a cold-blooded gangster. Jake convinces him to help Rufus and Rufus is further emotionally tortured by Nurse Gazelle, who threatens to shave him while he's traumatized for no good reason other than to be evil. Principal Pixiefrog is also a total uncaring jerk in this episode and near the end, Adam THREATENS TO HURT RUFUS for crying even though Adam himself started it. Adam didn't even BOTHER to apologize to the poor hyena and basically, treated him like trash. It really makes me wonder if Adam has sociopathic tendencies. Anyway, Rufus finally speaks and talks in a really effeminate English accent and Rufus cries a LOT in this episode, like puddles of tears. I'm suprised he didn't get dehydrated. Anyways, Rufus officially gets my vote as the biggest "woobie" character on the show, I wanted to cuddle the hyena several times and Adam and Nurse Gazelle can go rot in hell for all I care. I used to like Adam but now he's pretty much dead to me. End of story.
  • Adam Lyon hurts the feelings of a hyena which causes negative repercussions and a surprising factoid about Windsor Gorilla, while everyone tries to be nice to Henry Armadillo, but they might not need to be nice! :idea:

    Despite the fact the show's title is misleading since it rarely features Adam Lyon or Jake Spidermonkey in Physical Education, this show is staying strong and is starting season four! It's no secret hyenas love to laugh, but a certain one named Rufus might be taking it too far. Because all his laughter is getting on Adam's nerves and Rufus laughs at the most inappropriate times! Finally, Adam confides to Jake in the restroom that he doesn't think Rufus Hyena is funny At All! Unfortunately, Rufus was In the restroom and he heard Adam's hurtful comment! And he starts crying uncontrollably! He runs to Windsor Gorilla and Windsor shows us his caring, comforting side to the heartbroken laugher. He tells Adam hyenas Need to laugh because that's the way oxygen flows into their brains! If they don't laugh, they die! So now Adam needs to find a way to get Rufus to laugh or have a guilty conscience for the rest of his life all because of a few mean words! But things might not be as they seem if Adam finds out Windsor was just making things up to get a laugh out of Adam's expense! Who knew Windsor could be so creative at getting others to laugh at stuff that He came up with? And Henry Armadillo is treated like dirt, so it seems like the negative attention is going to drive him away back to his native home at Greenland. :roll: Yes, Henry Armadillo Is an exchange student! You Can't make this stuff up! And if Adam Lyon can't find a way to keep Henry at Charles Darwin Middle School, not only will Henry be replaced by super-tiger jerk Alistair, Adam will be shipped on a one-way ticket to Siberia! So Adam desperately tries to get everyone else to act nice to Henry! Virgil, Slips, Jake, Ingrid, Lupe, and Windsor all get into the act! But their kindness actually creeps Henry out as it was really Negative attention he was after, and boy does he get it! Adam actually saves the day again! Love this show! ;)