My Gym Partner's a Monkey

Season 3 Episode 3

The Spiffanos / The Little Mermonkey

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 19, 2007 on Cartoon Network
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The Spiffanos / The Little Mermonkey
The Spiffanos: Adam makes a potentially dangerous delivery for the Spiffies after borrowing a number two pencil. The delivery: delivering a lunchbox to a locker (as part of some revenge), which turns out to be harder than Adam thought, since Jake took it. Now Bull has it. How will they retrieve it? The Little Mermonkey: After Mrs. Tusk fattens Herman the Hermit Crab, he tries to find a new shell, since he's too big. After ending up in Adam's locker and several attempts to get him out of there, Adam helps him find a new home. Meanwhile, Jake falls in love with a mermonkey.moreless

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  • A light-hearted take on the dark side of comedy, & a match that was not made in heaven, but rather a fishing lure factory! :lol:

    "My Gym Partner's a Monkey," as of recent times seems to be trying to be more innovative. Although I've never thought that this series was Not already innovative to begin with, it's always nice to see the creators and the staff of this cartoon series always try to be striving for more. It's learned in this episode that animals (and even humans!) need to be careful when dealing with the Spiffies as there is more to them than meets the eye. Phinneas Porpoise happens to be Charles Darwin Middle School's smart, ultra-powerful version of a godfather but instead calls himself the Fin-father because he has fins! :lol: But doing favors for the Spiffies has risks as taking lunch to secret locker 8675309 is dangerous when Adam and Jake have an angry shark named Bull Sharkowski on the war path! Fortunatly this episode is all in good fun as nobody actually gets hurt. Than Jake Spidermonkey is tempted by the fruit of a woman for the very first time as he thinks he sees a mer-monkey in the underwater hallways of the school. While there is a crab, he's not hanging around with any singing mermaids or anything like that. Herman needs a new home and wants to live in Adam's locker. Adam doesn't want it at first, but then the crab proves to be very affectionate and willing to listen to Adam's stories about his grandmother (which I'm sure Nobody else at the school was willing to do!) :roll: So with Adam's attentions briefly focused elsewhere, Jake's only alternitive for love and affection was a date with an underwater damsel. But the search turns out to be fruitless as Jake's true love turns out to be a fishing lure! :oops: Talk about embarrassing! This series is really funny and I really love it! Enough said, true believers! ;)moreless
Cree Summer

Cree Summer

Eugenia Tusk, LaTanya Hippo, Eddie Panther

Grey DeLisle

Grey DeLisle

Lupe Toucan, Ingrid Giraffe, Mrs. Warthog

Maurice LaMarche

Maurice LaMarche

Principal Pixiefrog, Mr. Mandrill, Cyrus Q. Hornbill, Mr. Blowhole

Phil LaMarr

Phil LaMarr

Virgil Bull Sharkowski, Phinnius Porpoise, Endugu Elephant, Nestor Parrot

Rick Gomez

Rick Gomez

Windsor T. Gorilla, Slips Python, James Ant, Daniel Calamari

Tom Kenny

Tom Kenny

Jake Spidermonkey, Henry Armadillo, Marvin Hammy, Mr. Sugarjumper

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    • (Adam walks on-screen with a bruised, red face) Adam: How are things going Jake? Jake: Terrible, my heart is broken. Adam : Well if it's any consolation, I feel terrible to. All the blood vessels in my face are broken. Jake: (referring to Herman) I told you that guy was trouble! Adam: Friends? Jake: Friends! (They hug)

    • Jake Spidermonkey to a wet horse student: I said I was sorry! I thought for sure that you were an aquatic! Horse Student: Jerk! (Leaves off-screen) Jake: Well apparently, you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him sink!

    • Adam: So where's the lunchbox Jake?
      Jake: Huhhhh! If you must know, it was right here.
      Adam: Well, now where is it?
      Jake: I don't know.

    • Phinnius Porpoise: You're working for the Finfather now!

    • (About Adam)
      Slips: What a nork!
      Windsor: Nork?
      Slips: Yeah dude. It's a nerd and a dork put together.
      Windsor: How original. Come Slips, tell me more of your vernacular exploits.

    • Windsor: Monty Flounder once borrowed from the Spiffies.
      Lupe: Now he's swimming with the fishes.
      Adam: But Monty is a fish.
      Ingrid: But not a saltwater fish.
      Jake: He was fresh! Fresh!!!
      Monty: Ah, you get used to it.

    • Principal Pixiefrog: What's that?
      Mrs. Warthog: That's right P.F., I said it's not Crazy Unibrow Day.
      Principal Pixiefrog: Well, I guess you can take yours off then Warthog.
      Mrs. Warthog: Take off my what?
      (Mrs. Warthog gives a despised look)
      Principal Pixiefrog: ...This is awkward.

    • Principal Pixiefrog: Attention students, today is Crazy Unibrow Day. So put on those brows and get wiggling.

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