My Gym Partner's a Monkey

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  • Season 4 Episode 10: Animal School Musical

  • In the Understudy song, Lola Llama makes her second appearance, and she is using her neck extender as well.

  • This is the second instance of Jake making a face using his butt, the last time being in Yesterday's Funny Monkey.

  • Running Gags in this episode are: 1. Everybody breaking out into a musical number. 2.Jake trying to rhyme, and failing.

  • This is the first time that Horace has ever said anything.

  • The fourth appearance of David Coppertrout, the wish granting fish.

  • If in Flesh Fur Fantasy, Windsor became a new boy cheerleader, then why is Adam still shown as a cheerleader? Response: Windsor probably gave it up once he no longer needed to disguise himself as a human.

  • Season 4 Episode 9: Where In the World Are Ad...

  • Mauricio Polar Bear from the episode segment of Cool Kids can be seen in the school auditorium in this episode.

  • Principal Pixiefrog's middle name is revealed to be Pegone.

  • First on-screen appearance of Adam's parents (although their faces aren't shown) and the second on-screen appearance of Jake's parents. It's also revealed that Jake's dad thinks more highly of Adam Lyon then he thinks of his own son.

  • Look closely behind Adam Lyon when he's taking a picture. Slip's parents and Windsor's mother Margie (mentioned before in Mandrill of the House) can be seen for the first time in this episode.

  • For some unexplainable reason, even though Adam has no health problems being around animals, his parents are extremely allergic to them which is why Adam has to wash his clothes in boiling water every night and why his parents have to wear cyrogenic suits just to be around animals. (Although it is possible that Adam inherited some recessive genes which don't make him allergic) although that's not very likely.

  • Season 4 Episode 8: Human Behavior/Four Eyed ...

  • It is revealed in this episode that Kerry has empathy for Adam Lyon concerning what he has to go through at Charles Darwin Middle School.

  • It seems that Jake Spidermonkey has gotten over his jealousy in Kerry to Dance? of Kerry being attracted to Adam when Jake was also attracted to Adam; as Jake was willing to help re-train Adam to be civilized again so that Kerry would have a good date at her debutante ball.

  • It is revealed that prior to this episode, Adam had been pulling all-nighters for three weeks straight in order to pass his mid-terms. And that's what caused him to act weird. It also explains why Adam briefly acted weird in A Mid Semester Life's Dream. He was already feeling the effects of insomnia. So all the events between A Mid Semester Life's Dream and Human Behavior took place within three weeks. Glazed and Confused only took one entire week.

  • Revealed weaknesses (that were cured later) of characters:
    Jake Spidermonkey: Had poor eyesight.
    Windsor T. Gorilla: Was afraid of puppies.
    Lupe Toucan: Is overdependent on her vulture boyfriend, Corey. Virgil "Bull" Sharkowski: Turns into a Bull Moose Shark on every Wednesday. Adam Lyon: Sounded too much like a girl. Ingrid Giraffe: Her weakness to everything was her weakness.
    Slips Python: Has feelings (left unchanged.)

  • Third time that Slips has appeared naked in an episode.

  • It's learned in this episode that Adam has at least one uncle, and this one uncle is an Optometrist who lives in the same city that Adam lives in.

  • Running gags in this episode: 1. In Human Behavior, Adam Lyon keeps acting like different animals. 2. Jake and his friends keep spraying Adam with water bottles whenever he does something wrong. 3. Jake is not able to see clearly without glasses or corrective surgery. 4. Creatures continue to shun Jake by ignoring him.

  • Billboard gags: 1. Human Behavior: The Midterms are A. Today? (Checkmarked) B. Tomorrow? (Blank) C. None of the Above? (Blank) 2. Four Eyed Jake: Join the Repelican Party.

  • Season 4 Episode 7: Synch or Swim/Lyon's Anatomy

  • When Superintendent Wolverine first appears in Nurse Gazelle's office, he's not wearing anything at all! But as soon as Principal Pixiefrog and Mrs. Warthog come into the room, Wolverine is wearing a green speedo, and wears it the rest of the time he appears on-screen. But where would he have gotten the speedo, and how would he have possibly had the time to put one on when Principal Pixiefrog and Mrs. Warthog managed to get into Nurse Gazelle's office so fast?

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