My Gym Partner's a Monkey

Season 4 Episode 9

Where In the World Are Adam's Parents?/Mountain Dude

Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 01, 2008 on Cartoon Network

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  • CN needs to show this again

    Now, "Where in the world are Adam's parents" was funny. The main reason why? Adam sang "Don't you wish your monkey was hot like me?" I laughed like crazy when I heared that. Now, why would someone want to be a billy goat? And, why would someone eat ketchup as a sandwich? That makes no sence... I frankly forgot about "Mountain Dude". That's why CN needs to show more Gym parner... Anyways, I don't think Chowder should be the only thing on here! Now, I'm going through the list on my Dish network for Monday... Transformers animated, Pokemon, Bakugan, Ben 10, Johnny test, Skunk fu, Tom & Jerry, Flapjack, Camp Lazlo, Chowder, George of the jungle (I can't finish this) Where is My Gym partner? Sigh...
  • The normally high standards of humor on this show have become hard to find. :(

    Life is filled with irony. I work hard on this website for the past 2 years, contributing and providing facts here and there in the hopes that someday, I could become the editor. In 2008, I finally became editor for "My Gym Partner's a Monkey." I was so excited because I thought under my leader-ship, people would finally see just how good this show really was. And for the past four episodes I've had as editor, that's the way most people have viewed this show. And for some reason, the unimaginable has now happened! This is the first really not that good episode of "My Gym Partner's a Monkey" I've ever seen! What's going on here?! The writers can't possibly be running out of ideas, can they? Because all I have to say is, I have three seasons worth of ideas, and they're all good! :) But in any case for whatever reason, this has been allowed to happen. I must say that I did not find it very funny. It was a little disturbing actually! Just because people Can find out what would happen when animals go on a stakeout to see if a human is a deranged psycopath, doesn't mean they should. Tom Kenny, the screaming bit is Way overused! :roll: And another thing, the whole plot of the episode didn't make much sense either. How could a human boy who's not allergic to animals have two parents who are dreafully allergic? Does anyone have the number of the Logic Police, because there's a pretty big case here?! And it's a bit of a stretch, even for Jake Spidermonkey, to want to become a mountain goat! :| The one thing that pulled this episode up though was the musical appearance of "Eye of the Tiger." :D All I can say is, I sure hope all future episodes of this show are written to a Much greater degree of success than this! :idea: Let's hope for the best! :!: Enough said! ;)