My Heartfelt Sympathy, Ninomiya-kun

Chiba TV (ended 2007)


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My Heartfelt Sympathy, Ninomiya-kun

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Shungo is a high school student who has been trained as a top mercenary by his older sister. His latest assignment is to help a young girl named Mayu get over her androphobia (fear of men) by making her live with him. As if that wasn't bad enough the ever-growing popularity of Mayu at school together with the student council president's infatuation with Shungo only increase his already heavy workload. Alternative title:
Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun Opening Theme:
"Yubikiri" by Mai Kadowaki & Miyuki Sawashiro Ending Theme:
"Furefurepponpon!" by Mai Kadowaki & Miyuki Sawashiro