My Hero

Season 5 Episode 5

Nothing to Hide

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Feb 04, 2005 on BBC
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Nothing to Hide
George is arrested when the painting of Mona Lisa is discovered in the Sundays' flat. Stanley devises a plan to save George from going to jail; however, the plan results in damage to the painting.

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    Ray Burdis

    Ray Burdis

    Detective Symes

    Guest Star

    Paul Bigley

    Paul Bigley

    PC Dobbs

    Guest Star

    Guido Adorni

    Guido Adorni

    Leonardo da Vinci

    Guest Star

    Natasha Kaplinsky

    Natasha Kaplinsky


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    • TRIVIA (1)

    • QUOTES (12)

      • Arnie: I've made a very sound assessment of George's legal position.
        Janet: And?
        Arnie: He's in deep doo-doo.

      • Janet: What are you wearing?
        Piers: It's the Warhol look.
        Mrs Raven: It's the something-hole look!

      • Janet: Well that's the cost if you want to become a philanthropist.
        George: Janet, I'm not going back to medical school.

      • Detective Symes: I think someone's been watching too much Inspector Morse.
        George: Morse is a disgrace! Most detectives solve a murder in one hour, but not Morse, oh no, he always takes two hours.

      • George: I believe in zero tolerance.
        Janet: You even arrested my mother for double parking.
        George: I also believe in having fun.

      • George: How many citizen's arrests have I made this month?
        Janet: Ah, four hundred and nine.
        George: And how many people did they actually charge?
        Janet: One. You, for wasting police time.
        George: And was I wasting police time?
        Janet: Yes, you can't arrest someone for eating crisps in a library.

      • Janet: Leonardo da Vinci is Ultronian?
        Arnie: In 1500 he was designing helicopters and tanks. Does that sound like the behaviour of a normal human being?

      • Tyler: Don't worry, master, there's a foolproof way of gettin' out of prison. It's dead simple; you just need one thing.
        George: What's that?
        Tyler: The key!

      • Detective Symes: I just hope you made your phone call count.
        George: I certainly did.
        Delivery Boy: Pizza for George Sunday!

      • Detective Symes: You are so nicked!

      • Piers: If Anthea Turner can finance her own prize, what's stopping me?
        Janet: Anthea Turner?
        Piers: You have heard of the Turner Prize?

      • Ella: Arresting your own mother-in-law, George. I was not amused.
        Stanley: I was.

    • NOTES (1)

    • ALLUSIONS (2)

      • Piers: You have heard of the Turner Prize?

        The Turner Prize is awarded by the Tate Britain to honour the best of British contemporary art from young (less than fifty) artists. The prize is named after a British artist from the 19th Century, JMW Turner.

      • Piers: If Anthea Turner can finance her own prize, what's stopping me?

        Anthea Turner bills herself as the "Pefect Housewife" in her show on BBC Three. A cross between Martha Stewart and Super Nanny, Turner takes two hopeless housewives under her wing and performs a transformation in each episode.