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My Hero

Season 1 Episode 5

Old Man Riverdance

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Mar 03, 2000 on BBC
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Episode Summary

Old Man Riverdance
George's father visits, and he disapproves of Janet even more than her parents hate George. With their relationship at risk, Janet hatches a scheme, but her brilliant plan to fix things may make everything worse.

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  • George's father comes to visit. Disapointed that his son is living with an Earth woman, and believing she is the reason for his recent mistakes on the job, Seamus gives George a few days to shape up or he will force him to leave Janet forever...moreless

    This episode is expectionally funny. I am a fan of both Superheroes and British humor and this series is a perfect combination. This episode perfectly showcases what makes the show work, clever concepts and good actors with good jokes. An example is when George's father looks at Janet and asks "So this is the best you could do?" and George lets slip "Yes, I'm afraid so...Oh, no I mean Janet's great dad."

    Another great part is when Janet and George are discussing having children and she asks if they will be human or Ultronian (George's race) he replies they would be a bit of both, by human standards brilliant, but by Ultronian standards seriously retarded.

    All in all this is a great show that fans of Superman and HitchHikers would love and this is the best episode I've seen. Kind of like Mork and Mindy if Mork was an alien AND a superhero.moreless
Peadar Lamb

Peadar Lamb


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Anya Siteram

Anya Siteram


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Charlotte Hudson

Charlotte Hudson

Newsreader (uncredited)

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (8)

    • Ultronian Fact: Earth women smell like dead sheep to Ultronians.

    • Seamus' Golden Rule: Never carry anything heavier than Switzerland.

    • George's dad, and other retired superheroes, live at Dunn Rescuin', a retirement community in Florida.

    • George-outed Ultronian/Earthling hybrid children:
      • Mozart - Musician
      • Einstein - Physics
      • Pete Sampras - Tennis
      • Nick Faldo - Golf
      • Steven Hendry - Snooker

    • Times Janet has let George down (to date):

      • Fed George a peanut butter sandwich, and his head turned green.
      • Left his helmet on a bus.
      • Told George he'd enjoy Titanic, but he couldn't stop crying.

    • Ultronian Relations: We learn George's mum could shoot lasers out of her armpits, and died in an explosion -- a finger and ring were the only surviving bits.

    • In answering Avril's question about the Sunday family, Seamus says that there is just himself and "my three brothers." That ignores George's older brother who was put in jail for not eating his supper. Are we to believe that Seamus is so hardcore that the brother "doesn't exist" now he's incarcerated?

    • Why can't George undo what he did to the Berlin Wall? He said he put it back up, so you would think he'd be able to unbrick it, or whatever he did to it.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • George: But without you, what's the point? What's the point of anything? Life? Work?
      Janet: Oh god, a superhero with depression; that's all the world needs.

    • Mrs Raven: Went out with somebody last night as it happens. He got a nosebleed halfway through the prawn cocktail, so we had to leave.
      Janet: Oh dear; why'd he get a nosebleed?
      Mrs Raven: 'Cause I punched him.

    • Mrs Raven: Your life's still rotten, Mrs Hewitt, it's just the Prozac kicking in.

    • Seamus: You're not sleeping, surely? If I was out on a mission, his mother would pace the floor, praying.
      Janet: (under her breath) But you always came back.

    • Janet: (of any children they might have) So we could have great sportsmen?
      George: I'd like to have footballers, and they could play for the Republic of Ireland… although they probably wouldn't take aliens.
      Janet: I don't know, they take everyone else.

  • NOTES (0)


    • Three British shows got a mention:

      The Big Breakfast – what Mrs Raven prefers to "Cure It With Crispin".
      A Touch of Frost – the detective program George decided to watch when ignoring the crashing plane.
      Ground Force – the home improvement show Janet would've preferred to watch instead as George was ignoring the crashing plane.

    • George: ...and the nun's got her guitar out.

      This references the 1970 George Seaton disaster film, Airport, in which a nun got her guitar out to calm passengers when their plane was having problems.

    • Musical/Theatrical Show: Showboat & Riverdance

      The title is a twofer! It refers not only to the standard "Old Man River", from the musical Showboat, but also Riverdance, a celebration of Celtic dance.