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  • loved the show season 1 to 5 are great

    loved the show season 1 to 5 are great

    season 6 is so Crap i watched season 6 in 40 mins just skipped it all to see the story line and NO wonder it stopped after 6 If you starting to watch this great show Stop at season 5 if you watch 6 you will just hate it
  • bring back thermoman

    my hero was a very funny and great show he need it back with the cast from the first 5 seasons
  • New Britcom shows marches on to a different beat - My Hero just polka! The rolls of laughter caused by BBC's "My Hero" was heard echoing through Scandinavia, when the full show was aired for a rerun on the Entertainment channel, alas as qui

    caught onto the humour of the Ultronian's trials in adapting to Earthly life, as quickly did the laughter fade when cast changes were made to continue the success.

    Overwhelmed by lovably dim-witted O'Hanlon as Thermoman, who rescues and later starts a family with lovely Joyce as his Earth wife Janet, the silly series with the incredible cast, suffered a fatal death when blue-eyed Irishman George Sunday, left his superhero leotard and eartly cover as a health store owner and BBC to continue with a poor replacement in Dreyfus as George Monday and weak storyline, it still deserves 10/10 despite the blasphemic ending.

    Despite the fact that a show like this, having a certain sense of far-fetched episode plots and tongue in cheek humour, was carried and held up by the excellent dynamic and casting of the colorful characters of My Hero, BBC failed to realise that without the presence and persona of O'Hanlon in the same dynamic, a show like this could not go on. Poor James Dreyfuss adopting the role that quirky O'Hanlon left behind, never felt right to viewers, and thus season 6 also became the last of our hero's attempts to come to grips with the earthly life, the critique of his characterisation and the impossible task of accepting a new Thermoman, killing off an excellent show, that should've been discontinued when the oddly attractive Irishman.

    Dissapointing, discouraging and suddenly breathtakingly stupid, the plot of My Hero, despite the ever genius crew of characters - Dr. Crispin, the ever present, never quite there obsessed-with-fame tv-doctor and Janet's boss, sharp-tongued receptionist Mrs. Raven who could just as easily be a torturing, mass murderess when not behind the desk of the doctor's office, the low-life, failed superhero cousin of Thermoman, Arnie, who later gets involved with Mrs. Raven, the anti-Keeping up Apperances-couple of Janet's miserable parents aswell the brain-fried, Scouse-accented neighbour of Janet, Tyler, who firmly believes he is and alien, and of course lovely, both-feet-on-ground, sensible nurse Janet Dawkins who faces as many trials in adapting to life with a superhero as he does in trying to adapt to his new life as an odd Earthling - was nothing but another mediocre Britcom with unfortunate James Dreyfus to pick up the pieces, and bless the guy for trying, but after 5 seasons of O'Hanlon as Thermon, no one could have continued the perfectly matched dynamics of this show.

    Though final season number 6 is still worth watching for the sake of following the lives of the other characters, but it's an unworthy ending to a show that could have been left and maybe picked up again with the right negotications between O'Hanlon and BBC thus giving it a chance to end properly with a satisfactory finale to fans of the show worldwide.
    Still, as mentioned, I will have to rate it 10 as I have never seen a show this funny and immediately catchy yet ever surprising, be it because of a fabulous cast or writers who continued in my opinion to do their job and do it good despite a new mis-matched Thermoman, and I will live in the hope that some day, gentle and velvet-voiced Ardal decides to come back to the show, an Ultronian private detective possibly finding a finger for them to make a new same-old body for Thermoman to return and continue his eartly madness for a season and then end it as this show deserved.
  • disappointing

    i expected more from this show. The first few episodes were funny but it got old very quickly and the storyline never changed(superhero trying to be normal- unoriginal too). Ardal O'Hanlon was not at his best and i found it hard to see him as anyone else but Dougal from father ted, and i think this was a problem for other viewers too. I think his performance was very wooden and that he really isnt the best actor, only as i said in father ted. They could have done more with this show. I'm not suprised at all that it was cancelled.
  • beautiful janet having the most versetile facial expressions while dealing with thermoman/husband if front of the society covering up for his frank one liners and saving the day for him.

    beautiful janet having the most versetile facial expressions while dealing with thermoman/husband if front of the society covering up for his frank one liners and saving the day for him. tailor is the character to look for for his accent and wierd dressing style.arnie cousin of thermoman is always up to his cheeky ideas and is always ready with a solution to thermomans problems.
  • The reason why I feel it needs to be back is because it is so tense. Not only is it a mysterous but there is always something new that makes more in tense.I like the guessing game makes, the show fun.

    The person that wrote the show has very good imagination to keep the flow of the plots going,to make you want to keep watching and wondering. I like these kinds of shows I hope there are many more of it. My favorite hero are peter , hiro
    and clara. I like the scientist too.They are the top of my choices. Very least is syler,jessica and Issac I want to see more of what the little boy and his father can do to see if I can put them on my favorite or least favorite. I hope soon.
  • My Hero follows the superhero George Sunday (Thermoman) who has come to Earth and meets Janet who he falls in love with. The main plot follows how he adapts to life on Earth and his relationship with the people around him.

    My Hero had one of the best comedians in the UK with Ardal O'Hanlon who was made famous on Father Ted. He made the character as funny as he was because of the way he acted which made the character seem somewhat believable. The main focus of the comedy was George not being aware of Earth's way of thinking. This leads to a lot of mishaps when he interacts with other characters such as Piers, Mrs Raven, and Janet's parents.

    In my opinion the show should have stopped when Ardal left the show instead of bringing in James Dreyfus. This led to some farfetched (even for this show) transformations to the new Thermoman and this means that the whole of the newest series revolved around this, meaning it was nowhere near as funny as previous seasons.
  • Following the life of a superhero living on earth

    This used to be a great programme but since Ardal O'Hanlon left it's kind of gone downhill. I really do think that the BBC should have just axed the show since it doesn't have the same appeal to it anymore. Some blame the ratings on reality television shows such as Big Brother and Love Island but i really do think it is down to the fact that the show isn't as popular as it used to be. What it really needs is for the writers to sit down and ocme up with a decent stpryline to bring back the magic that the programme once had.
  • A random but great show.

    It is a great show with all characters contributing to a rather boring storyline but they turn into something much more wothwhile. George Sunday (or Thermoman to his native planet Ultron) is a literal, if not embarrassing Irishman but always make it funny, Janet Sunday (nee Dawkins) always bringing a bit of common sense into the situation, the sarcastic but funny (in fact one of my favourite characters) Mrs Raven, the overbearing and self-centred Piers Crispin), the Ultronian Yankee Arnie, Tyler, Janets parents and the cute baby Ollie Sunday makes for this a great show which I always try to watch when its on.
  • Dumb but entertaining.

    At first I thought this show was just pretty stupid. But somehow, I got pulled into it. It's really pretty funny. This is now my favorite british comedy(although my list is very limited). What I find interesting about this show is the strange sense of humor(or at least to what I'm used to). It has various characters with a wide range of different personalities. I still don't know why this show intrigues me, but at least it does make me laugh. What's better than a commical superhero that you never heard of before. Thermoman...although not original... is quite genius because it's so corny. But it's still good.
  • Definately something that picks you up.

    The concept is brilliant and I think that it is one of the most underappreciated shows on the air today. We just had reruns of season 1 and 2 here in Australia on satelite and I can not wait to see the rest. Also getting my hands on a DVD release would be heavenly. I haven\'t seen the new season with the new George, but if the writing stays as witty as it has been, then I don\'t see any problems. This is definately a show that you can watch and feel relaxed afterwards. It doesn\'t have any complicated plot twists and soap opera style storylines, just good clean comedic fun.
  • A reasonably decent show

    This is not a bad programme but it needs some serious work to be as good as it deserves to be. In theory it is a really good show and adral ohanlon is fantastic as George Sunday/Thermoman but it sometimes falls a bit flat. The jokes need reworking to really reach the full potential of the actors. This show is in need of a new writing team.
  • A super hero and a nurse from England gets you what? Lots of laugh definitely!

    I was just flipping thru my Demand channels and I went to BBC on Demand hoping to watch all my fav show of AB Fab when I hit on My Hero on accident. When I watched ep 1 I knew I had to watch them all!

    It is hilarous in a silly way and I like that. Ardal O'Hanlon is absolutely great as George Sunday, an alien super hero, who falls for Janet after he saves her. The hi-jinks and situations are just silly but you would not want them to be any other way.
  • Awsome

    This is the best show ever. The first time i watched it on holiday my life changed i watch it ever time i can i love it so much. Its a brilliant comedy. If there were more shows like this everyone would just stay inside and watch tv, to bad there isn't
  • Shows with superheroes are always good but this one has a certain charm about it. It always provides a laugh as well.

    I am hard pressed to find a show as funny as this on TV today. Whether you're watching George Sunday as Thermoman and what he always seems to mess up, Tyler talking to all his friends including Gandalf, or Mrs. Raven ruining the lives of Piers patients one at a time, you always seem to laugh.

    This show has some great actors and great writing, hard to find in this day and age. It has some great moments and you always like to watch and see what all the characters will do next. This show has some great comic moments and seems to get better every season. Let's hope it's a show that will be around for a long time.
  • An Ultronian hero falls in love with an Earth woman, and we follow their courtship, marriage and family life, which is anything but normal.

    I love the characters of this show, not just a couple, but allof the characters! They all have a place not just in the show, but in my tv-watching heart.

    George and Janet Sunday- sweet couple with two kids, Ollie and Cassie. He's a superhero and she's a nurse. The kids tend to take after his side of the family, but that's a good thing on this show. It helps when it comes to....

    Ella and Stanley Dawkins-Janet's parents; they have hated George from the first, but always talk up Thermoman (George's superhero identity) or Piers Crispin, the quack of a doctor Janet works with and who also has a spot on a breakfast time tv show.

    Arnie and Tyler- the Scheming Cousin and the Wacky Neighbor; Arnie always has some plan for quick cash or is willing to make a plan for you. Tyler is a seemingly insane neighbor who sees hobbits, Gandalf, aliens and more, but knows George is Thermoman and keeps his secret, mostly.

    Mrs. Raven and her triplets- the sadistic, scheming front desk clerk at the health clinic janet and Piers work. Her unseen terrors are another entry into the Coolest Unseen Characters On TV, along with Cheers' Vera and Fraiser's Maris. Mrs. Raven and Arnie eventually became an item and their twisted relationship is a hoot!

    How these folks bounce off each other in consistently funny ways, sometimes literally, is a wonderful gift for us the audience! After five seasons, with the hope of a sixth, the show is still fresh and highly enjoyable. The dialogue is quick, sharp, and thoughtful. The cast, and crew, deliver one of the tightest ensemble comedies since Fraiser and Coupling.

    I heartily suggest to anyone to try this series out!
  • Excellent BBC show

    George Sunday appears to be a mild-mannered man who runs a health shop in Ireland, but in reality, he is Thermoman, a superhero who hail from the planet Ultron. While in America, he rescues nurse Janet Dawkins from falling into the Grand Canyon. So taken by her he picks up he shop and moves to England to be closer to her. What follows is truly a strange courtship, and the two fall in love. The series mainly looks at George's attempts to come to grips with everyday life, love and saving the odd planet. Ardal O'Hanlon from the Father Ted series is excellent as George Sunday. Emily Joyce is his girlfriend, who is looking for love and an honest man. Hugh Dennis plays her boss the TV doctor who wants fame and money and fewer patients. Geraldine McNuttly plays Mrs. Raven the sharp-tongued doctor's receptionist who abuses all comers to his office. This show is like taking The Adventures of Lois and Clark, and putting it in a blender, and hitting the puree button.
  • A fantastically funny show!!!

    It is such a funny show!!!

    George Sunday is one of those lovable characters that you warm to almost instantly. A hilarious comedy where the jokes just keep on coming. As the previous reviewer has said the newer Series have not been so funny, but are still good to watch.

    The way the characters of Stanley and Ella Dawkins, especially Stanley, along with the marvellous Mrs. Raven have developed has really added an extra depth of humour to this show.

    There have been many hilarious episodes, but the hypnosis scene from the crematorium in ‘The Living Dead’ is one of the funniest scenes in this show and one as the funniest British comedy scenes that I have seen is some time!!!

    A great show, all-round and a well done goes to the BBC and the writers and actors!!!

    Well Done!!!
  • Ridiculously Hillarious! The best brit-com I've seen yet

    This is the most hillarious show I've seen that's ever come from britain. Now, that's not saying too much, but it's still spectacular. The show is about a superhero, but it's all about his alter ego, George Sunday, and his attempts to understand "strange human behavior." Furthermore, he gets involved with a human woman, Janet, and marries her, and henceforth she also has to get more used to him and his strange behavior.
    I am however saddened by the recent seasons, which while still funny, have been less so, since George has had to change less and Janet has just had to put up with him.
    It's still among the best shows I've ever seen, though.