My Hero - Season 3

BBC (ended 2006)




Episode Guide

  • A Day to Remember
    A Day to Remember
    Episode 10
    George can't remember who Thermoman is when he accidentally erases his own memory. Janet is very pleased with the aftermath because George becomes a model husband and father.
  • A Little Learning
    A Little Learning
    Episode 9
    George takes drastic action when he learns he has been banned from Ella and Stanley's 40th wedding anniversary party. He attempts to make new friends by placing calling cards in telephone booths, a ploy that backfires. He then gets miraculous results when he tries magic pork scratchings to increase his brain power.moreless
  • Mine's a Double
    Mine's a Double
    Episode 8
    George is called away on a superhero refresher course, leaving Janet with a clone of George called Hilary for company. Although Hilary may look the same as George, his character could not be more different - and when Hilary reveals a more sinister side, Janet is forced to take desperate measures to save the reputation of her husband.moreless
  • Mine's a Double
    Mine's a Double
    Episode 8
    The Ultron Council provides a George clone to keep Janet and the baby company while George attends a Super-Heroics Conference. Although the clone looks like George, his personality is completely different.
  • Little Green Man
    Little Green Man
    Episode 7
    When George discovers Janet in a compromising position with a handyman, she believes he is taking her for granted because he isn't jealous.
  • Shock, Horror!
    Shock, Horror!
    Episode 6
    When Baby Ollie runs a fever, George takes care of him while he zooms back and forth saving the world. He becomes careless in his haste and forgets to change from his Thermoman suit, and is photographed entering the flat. The photo is printed in the newspaper, and a rumor is spread that Janet is having an affair with Thermoman.moreless
  • Puttin' on the Writs
    When Thermoman rescues Mrs Raven after she falls over the edge of a multi-story building, she tries to reward him with one of her Battenberg cakes. The next day, George is dismayed to learn the litigious Mrs Raven has filed a writ against Thermoman for her alleged pain and suffering.
  • The Older Man
    The Older Man
    Episode 4
    Although young by Planet Ultron standards, George begins to look his real age by Earth standards when he turns 327 years old.
  • Pet Rescue
    Pet Rescue
    Episode 3
    Janet volunteers to look after Biggles, Ella and Stanley's dog, when the couple has their flat redecorated. Although George is disgusted, he strives to overcome his hatred and tries to bond with the animal.
  • Zero Tolerance
    Zero Tolerance
    Episode 2
    When a man enters the health centre waving a gun and demanding access to the drugs cabinet, life takes an unexpected twist.
  • Baby Talk
    Baby Talk
    Episode 1
    Having a new baby in the house makes keeping George's alter-ego identity a secret from Janet's parents makes life difficult, if not impossible, especially after the baby takes after George more than he does Janet.