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Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Shining Days
      Shining Days
      Episode 26
      Miyu has destroyed the HiME pillars containing the spirits of all the loved ones, causing a dramatic turn of events including the returns of Mashiro Kazahana. Meanwhile Mai now has to face Mikoto or accept Obsidian Lord's proposal, nevertheless Mai just cannot accept it and is to be personally taken care of by the Obsidian Lord. Then suddenly somebody arrives just in the nick of time to save Mai and it's someone she least expected.moreless
    • The Moment of Destiny
      The HiME star has reached so close to Earth that it almost blocks out the moon. Mai and Natsuki begin to reminisce on how things used to while Mikoto is feeling alone without Mai. After some thinking Natsuki has decided to finally settle things with Shizuru in an emotional battle. Miyu has also returned and is on a mission but Mikoto will have to be the one to stop her. Meanwhile Mai will need to confront the Obsidian Lord to end this carnival; however will she accept his proposal or fight for what she believes in? Everything is coming to an end.

      The Gate to the Land of Fuuka finally opens.moreless
    • Love is a Battle
      Love is a Battle
      Episode 24
      Mai is trapped in Yukariko's Child illusion, in a world where all that she truly wishes is for is there but Mai was able to tell it wasn't real. Yuuichi has chosen Mai over Shiho and saves her, leaving poor Shiho all alone and she soon discovers where Yuuichi is. Meanwhile Nao is still holding Natsuki hostage although is that a wise decision when the one who loves Natsuki, Shizuru, has completely lost her sense of humanity?

      The 12th and final HiME has been revealed and it happens to be Shiho. The love battle has begun but both Mai and Shiho love Yuuichi, so there really can't be any winner at the end of this battle.moreless
    • Love and Friendship, Heartlessness
      As a last resort Midori has decided to awaken; non other than Miyu, which was the last request made by Mashiro Kazahana. However she is stopped by Mikoto and Mai is there to witness Mikoto's return, after thinking she had killed her. Natsuki has discovered what Shizuru means by love and isn't left much chance to be disgusted by it as Shizuru decides to fight any HiME who may be a threat to her dearest one. As more and more HiMEs lose their dearest one, who will remain as the last surviving HiME?

      Yuuichi has to make a tough decision; he must choose what's most important to him.moreless
    • Collapse
      Episode 22
      As the carnival goes on, disasters are frequently occurring around the world, from typhoons in Japan to hailstorms in the Sahara Desert. Mai's classmates are more worried about her well being and the sudden disappearance of Takumi and Mikoto. Yuuichi soon hears about this ends up worried yet he can't do anything, as well but as he has chosen Shiho. As the Sears Foundation try to get more involved, the Obsidian Lord begins to make his move.

      Relationships begin to develop and relationships start to collapse.moreless
    • The Obsidian Prince Awakens
      The aftermath of the chaotic battle that took place is so bad that there's no hope in the First District concealing this one. A man, John Smith from the Searrs Foundation, has made his appearance and he happens to be looking for Miyu. Natsuki is reluctant to help, however that is until she offered some information she's always wanted know, on the other hand it may be best if she doesn't find out. The Obsidian Lord has finally returned after his 300 year absence and someone plans to stop him.

      Natsuki ends up in a bit of trouble, then suddenly her saviour arrived and it's someone who she didn't expect. The 11th HiME has been revealed.moreless
    • Dance of Flames / Tears of Destiny
      Nao finally makes her appearance but not for a good reason. After what Natsuki and Mai did to her, Nao is out for revenge and her target is Takumi, Mai's little brother. Akira notices what's happening and manages to escape with Takumi, but Nao is still hot on her tail. Mai finds out and quickly goes out to help her brother with help from Midori and Natsuki however when she finally reaches Takumi she's shocked by what she witnesses...

      Prepare your box of tissues for this dramatic, tearjerker.moreless
    • Labyrinth of the Heart
      Nao is missing from the previous incident and no one seems to know where she's gone of to. Yuuichi heads off to the hospital to take care of Shiho, still feeling guilty and he's approached by the Captain of the Kendo Club, Masashi Takeda, who questions him about his decision. They both seemed to be very close in the past but Yuuichi's choice may affect their relationship. Mai's with Mikoto and manages to spot Takumi and Akira, then ends up eavesdropping on their private conversation, when the topic goes into something very personal. Mai has conflicting feelings, now knowing what Takumi truly thinks about going to get the operation and also that she isn't the only one who truly cares for Takumi.moreless
    • The Beginning
      The Beginning
      Episode 18
      Late at night Mai is being attacked by what seems to be another mysterious HiME and her Child, but she doesn't want to fight and so is helped by known other than Mikoto. Midori is trying to prevent anymore fighting amongst the HiMEs and Mai especially doesn't want to take part in all this however this may be difficult as Nao strikes fear into everyone by bringing up what happened to Alyssa's Child. Disputes begin to occur as tension rises and the inevitable battle commences.

      Midori may have also discovered something about the director of Fuuka Gakuen, Mashiro Kazahana, but what is her role in all this?moreless
    • Deceitful Lips
      Deceitful Lips
      Episode 17
      Mashiro is in a meeting with the ancients about the inevitable battle and the coming of the Obsidian Lord. From what Nagi said the night before about HiMEs fighting each other, with the consequences of what will happen to the loser, the fact of losing is eating them up inside. Also Takumi has figured out Akira's secret and now she has to decide what to do with him.

      The carnival has just begun...moreless
    • Parade
      Episode 16
      Everyone's sadened about Mai still being missing and Mikoto is the most affected by it, when all of a sudden Mai burst into the classroom as if nothing happened. Mai has some questions for Natsuki but she's a bit preoccupied with waiting for Akane to recover because she feels that there is more to all this. After what happened to Mai, Mikoto isn't just going to let her go of by herself again even while she's working, which is where Mai finds out about what happened to Shiho. Midori has decided to gather the HiMEs and form a team, but Nagi has something startling to say to all of them that may put an end to any future co-operation.moreless
    • A High School Girl Soars to the Heavens
      The Golden Millennium is drawing near and all the known HiME have escaped to a misterious place known as Kokuyouguu, the centre of Fuuka Gakuen. The Searrs Foundation plan to capture all the HiMEs, or just destroy the Academy and all the students within it if their plans fail, with Alyssa Child Eclipse One. Mashiro has come up with a plan to rescue all the students and staff being held in the Academy but it requires the co-operation of all the HiMEs.

      Operation Fuuka Gakuen Recovery has commenced.moreless
    • The Targeted Academy
      With Alyssa Searrs' display of power, everyone at the Tamayura festival are left dumb-founded by the huge explosion. The next day at Fuuka Academy, people are still wondering what on earth happened to the bridge and with no news whatsoever on it, speculations are arising. Then events tend to get out of control when the military shows up at the school, which seem to the Searrs Foundation's private milatry and they're after the HiMEs. How will all the HiMEs get out of this one?moreless
    • Night of the Tamayura
      Mai, Natsuki, Midori and Mikoto have met up to talk about the incident that took place, the night before, at the old factory and what to do about the known enemies to the HiME. But it's already time for the Tamayura festival and that ends up being on all the girl's minds, all except Natsuki. While everyone is having fun during the festival Natsuki's doing some more investigating and may have discovered something terrible about Akane.moreless
    • The Smile of an Angel
      The events that led to Mai's classmate Aoi lying on the floor unconscious and Sister Yukariko standing above her, with a strange-looking bow, are revealed. Later Sister Yukariko is the prime suspect and is being interrogated by the student council but she's unable to say what happened, or say anything in fact. Meanwhile Natsuki seems to be uncovering something major during her private investigation; however it could put her life in danger.moreless
    • Dance of Light and Darkness
      Late at night a girl is attacked; who is later found, naked and with bite marks on her neck. It turns out this has not been the only incident of its kind and rumours are spreading that it's a vampire. Now given charge of the situation, Haruka of the Student Council has gathered all the man power she can get to put an end to this. Sister Yukariko is beginning to feel helpless, with not being able to do anything for her students. Though she doesn't seem to be the only one affected by this, with Mai beginning to wonder if she wants to be a HiME but she may not have a choice in the matter.moreless
    • Cake Wars!!!
      Cake Wars!!!
      Episode 10
      Midori has arranged a Re-exam for those in the cooking class; including Mai, Natsuki, Nao, Mikoto and several others and they are tasked by baking a cake. Nagi is really disappointed that he can't sample their cakes and decides to cause a rukus; however the Priest of the church seems to be upto something suspicious aswell, involving Alyssa.moreless
    • The Sea, the Maidens, and Natsuki's Secret
      With Akane and Kazuya absent from school, a rumour already seems to be circulating that they have eloped; however Nagi knows the terrible truth and is discussing things with Mashiro, the Director of Fuuka Gakuen. Summer has just begun and everyone is at the beach enjoying the sun, all except Mai, who's working as a lifeguard. It seems that Natsuki has over things on her mind over than summer vacation and it may have something to do with the First District.moreless
    • Precious Thing
      Precious Thing
      Episode 8
      It is the day of the Fuuka Gakuen School's Anniversary Celebration and everyone is out having a fun time, except Mai who is busy taking care of her little brother, who's a little ill. They both decide to go out to get a little fresh air, when they run into Yuuichi and Reito of the Student council and end up helping them at the library; however something strange happens and they all end up in some weird underground complex. Also it turns out that Akane, the girl who works with Mai, has something important to confess to a certain special someone.moreless
    • Lost Kittens
      Episode 7
      At night in the middle of the city, Mikoto seems to be thinking about her brother when she notices someone she knows. It turns out to be Nao, a student of Fuuka Academy and another HiME, yet they end up fighting. The next day they're both cut up from their fight, however they're talking to each other as if nothing had happened and they plan on going out together in search for Mikoto's brother. It seems that Nao has an ulterior motive but will Mai manage to stop whatever Nao has planned for Mikoto.moreless
    • The Passionate Age of 17
      It's a nice and sunny day and Shiho is up to her usual mischief with Yuuichi, when she brings up that she has a part-time job for a wedding at her Grandpa's shrine. Yuuichi decides to accept Shiho's offer to help and he also invites Mikoto, Takumi and Mai, much to Shiho's dismay, aswell. It's the weekend and the group are hard at work preparing for the wedding however Midori (Mai's work mate) seems to be upto something fishy and it seems as though she is hiding something about herself, what could it be?moreless
    • Rain - - . Tears ......
      It's a rainy day that reminds Mai about the past. While Mai's outside after refusing her friends offer, she meets a strange girl who happens to be in her class, Miyu Greer. The next day Mai's on her way to work when she notices something strange about a bus that went by, moments later the same strange girl Mai encountered the day before also noticed something. The next day news of a bus accident is circulating around the Academy and it turns out that a teacher was seriously injured, could it be that these events are connected?moreless
    • 10/21/04
      It doesn't take long for something strange to happen in Fuuka Academy and this time a mischievous Orphan is stealing the girl's underwear. Natsuki fully explains to Mai the reason why HiME are gathering at the school and why she's against it. Also Takeda gets the shock of his life, on two occasions.moreless
    • Dance of Flames / Star's Oath
      The fight with the monster continues with Mai trying to protect her little brother who's unconscious when all of a sudden Mokoto arrives to cut the monster down to size. All things seems well, until the two halves of the monster comes back to life and Mai is focred to call forth Kagutsuchi (her Child) to defeat them. The next day everyone in the school is wondering what happened to the partially destroyed mountain that Kagutsuchi caused and with Mai being summoned by the Board of Directors, things are beginning to get very overwhelming.moreless
    • After-School Secrets
      Mai is being interrogated by an executive of the Student Council for the previous, mysterious events that place. Mai herself even doesn't know what happened and how she got there; when things are getting heated she's help out by Yuuichi, who's seems to be a member of the Student Council and she repays her gratitude by making fun of him before class. Later Mai spots the girl, named Natsuki Kuga, who was after the girl with the black sword. It turns out that she attends Fuuka Academy, but is there another reason she's here?moreless
    • A Girl's Most Important Event
      Mai Tokiha and her brother Takumi are on a cruise ship to Fuuka Academy, when suddenly they discover a mysterious girl floating in the sea. If that wasn't weird enough, this girl seems to be unconscious and clutches a large black sword. After crew members are able to haul her on board, Mai performs CPR on her, and manages to save the girl's life. Later on, Mai and her brother meet Yuuichi and a girl named Shiho; they are also going to Fuuka Academy. But this is where the weirdness stops and the devastation begins.moreless