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  • I love this show I wish it was still on

    15 year old Mai Tokiha and her younger brother Takumi have been invited to attend the prestigious Fuka Academy, a unique island school that is administered by its own attendees. On the ship ride there they meet two of their fellow students. Yuichi is a normal guy but might just be a closet pervert, and he is always accompanied by his childhood friend, Shiho, whose tendril-like hair reflects her emotions, especially her jealousy of Mai! Things get a little stranger when a girl's body is pulled from the water. She is revived by Mai's CPR training but the strange thing is that when they pulled her out she was gripping a large grey sword! Another mysterious yet beautiful girl enters the picture, who seems to be either trying to kill or capture the sword wielder. She has some pretty fancy pistols that seem to materialize out of nowhere to match up against the sword. When the battle begins, Mai finds herself in the middle and awakening an unknown power in herself. Mai is a "Hime" and it is no coencidence that she is journeying to Fuka Academy. Secret powers are gathering together girls with supernatural abilties to fight against an enemy from the stars called "Orphans".