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  • My Kind of Town is a great show. I live in a town of 1300 in Indiana and this show is just real down-home.

    I love this show. I think Johnny Vaughn is an excellent host. He brings a genuine interest in small living to the show. Sometimes a host from another country doesn't try to be a part of the shows they are hosting, not so Johnny. This show captures the small town atmosphere just right. Thank you
  • It’s been done

    This type of variety, comedy, game show has been done, and done a lot better, all around the world. It has never caught on in the US and this show demonstrates why. While it may be interesting for people from the featured small town, there isn’t any compelling interest for the rest of us to watch.

    Signing an unknown foreign guy to host seems to be getting off on the wrong foot. Who is this guy? Is he supposed to be funny? Because he really isn’t. My thinking is that instead of waiting for this show to be cancelled they should voluntarily take it off the air. This might be more appropriate for a cable network on a Sunday afternoon, but it has no business in prime time.
  • 200 people from a small town come to a New York Studio to try to win prizes to bring home.

    The show is hilarious, plain and simple. The prizes that can be given away are pretty neat, along with that fact that the show is usually very fast paced. The host isn't always as funny as he thinks he is, but he doesn't kill the show as stated in other reviews. I would recommend this show to anyone who either needs comedy or something to watch. Right now, this is the best show that airs on ABC and I hope it stays on for a while.
  • This show is terrible. The show is very dry and dull. The host kills the show. He thinks he is funny but indeed is not.

    This show is terrible. The show is very dry and dull. The host kills the show. He thinks he is funny but indeed is not. I think that this show will fall off the charts and soon cancel. The word for this show is corny. I guess it kills time during the summer.
  • ABC celebrates small-town America in its new hour long comedy/variety show “My Kind of Town”. Each week 200 lucky people from a small town come to the New York City ABC studio where a group of them will participate in comedic games and gags in hopes of wi

    I don't get this show at all. Ok lets start with the
    host, Its an American show, why can't they hire an american to do the job? god, what has American come to, First they invaded them then they get big paying jobds as hosts of realtliy tv shows. secoundly, who cares about some small town in the middle of nowhere
    and really if Canada had a show like this it would be called" welcome to reddear, eh?" and the host would be some washed up nogood prime misisters son ... welll at least its enter tanning to see other people when expensive tvs to watch them selfs on.
  • Absolutely hilarious!

    Absolutely hilarious! Keeps my husband and I rolling in stitches. We can't wait for the next episode. And finally...something good to watch on Sunday night.

    Is there any way to get the recipe from show two for the casserole that she cooked her husband (minus the bugs, of course)? It looked absolutely delicious!
  • A reality show full of energy and quirky small towns people

    My Kind of Town is a quirky show that has people from small towns compete in strange games to win prizes. I like the show and think it is a great new idea for a television show. The towns chosen are full of strange people and each of the episodes have been entertaining. I liked the charades while sky diving segment in episode 2 and the other pranks were fun too. An okay tv show that is great to watch if nothing else is on.
  • A very interesting show.It can go places!....(pun intended)...

    We have this show going around america and bringing 200 people from a randomly selected town to do wacky stunts in order to prizes...or hae house hold items of theres incinerated and replaced with an even better one!Now,in my opinion,the how can still use a little fine tuning,But I like the concept,plus it's pretty funny...
  • This show is absolutely terrible.

    I honestly thought that My Kind of Town might be a quirky, fun little show to end the summer TV season...I was extremely wrong.

    I found this show a complete waste of time twenty minutes through the show. The hosting is atrocious...terrible, corny jokes and a hosting sense that will almost drive you up the wall.

    The concept is completely stupid...they destroy personal items only to give them the same thing? And who would actually want the prizes that they give away? Personally, if I was on a reality TV show like this making a fool of myself, as a completely irritating host made me tell somebody to incinerate one of my personal items...I'd want a load of money instead of a tractor...but hey, that's just a personal opinion...
  • My Kind of Town is a relentlessly energetic primetime studio show in which real American people, in all of their imperfect and awkward glory, have the chance to become the stars of their own show for one memorable night.

    This looks like a great show to watch. I will watch it every week until it is over. This looks like a really funny show. My Kind of Town is a great show to watch. I would love if my town was choosen but it is to big to be choosen.
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