My Life and Times

ABC (ended 1991)


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My Life and Times

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"I can't say that I seen everything but I've seen alot. I've seen footsteps on the moon and seen myself stumble. I've seen fear and did my darndest not to be afraid. I've survived the ninties and braved the millinium. I've loved and lost and learned to love again. And I've learned that life is an adventure. You have to hold on and let it carry you away. I've let in carry me to me to the year 2035 and I'm here to tell the tale. I'm Ben Miller and this is my life and times."
Ben Miller(Tom Irwin) in the opening sequence.

Tom Irwin (as Young Ben Miller) and Claudia Christian (as young Jessie)

This distinctive and all too short lived series was the creation of Ron Koslow (Beauty and The Beast). The series told the story of Ben Miller who was a journalist and writer. However, the twist was that Ben was telling his own story. In the year 2035 at the age of 85. Actor Tom Irwin played both roles (as the older Ben he wore heavy makeup). He always told his story to different people, whether it was a grandson, a son, or his long lost love Jessie. The stories always had a point including "sometimes life has a different plan for you" and "money isn't everything."

Orginally airing on Wednesday evening at 9:30 eastern it was quickly pulled and aired on Thursday evening where it burned off its last episodes and then disappeared. I was lucky enough to see almost all the episodes so I am writing this guide primarily from memory. If anyone else has information to fill in the blanks please let me know! Thanks.moreless
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  • A great show that was cancelled too soon.

    I have no specific recall of the individual episodes, but I ~do~ remember thouroughly enjoying this show and being saddened when it was cancelled after only 6 episodes. As I recall, at the time of the cancellation, the reason given (rumour?) was that "it was too difficult to follow for most viewers" which really doesn't say much about the tv executives' opinions of viewers. An old man reminiscing about his life...what's so difficult about that? But obviously, it didn't do well in the ratings, and it was pulled before being given a real chance.moreless