My Life as a Teenage Robot

Nickelodeon (ended 2009)


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My Life as a Teenage Robot

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While most kids think their own problems are the end of the world, there's one girl whose problems really are the end of the world. My Life as a Teenage Robot is the story of Jenny, a super-powered robot with a super-sensitive teenage heart. Her primary function is to protect the planet from certain disaster, but, like all teenagers, she has her own ideas about how she would like to live. Defending the Earth has become a mundane chore, and she would rather do more exciting things like go to high school and be allowed to drive the family car. My Life as a Teenage Robot, a spin-off from Nickelodeon's hit Oh Yeah! Cartoons (under the name My Neighbor Has A Teenage Robot), was created by Rob Renzetti and is executive produced by Renzetti and Fred Seibert. This show is the third of three spinoffs of Oh Yeah! Cartoons, the others being ChalkZone and Fairly OddParents. Characters: Global Robotic Response Unit XJ9, aka Jenny Wakeman - XJ9 is just like any other robot designed to defend the planet. She's powerful, confident, clever, brave...oh yeah, and she's gotta be home by 9! Jenny, as XJ9 likes to be called, is spunky, dramatic and prone to major mood swings (sound familiar?). She's also obsessed with pop stars, teen magazines and fitting in with the cool kids. Just like a regular teenager, right? Well, yeah...if regular teenagers were 6 feet tall and made of metal! XJ9's creator (a.k.a. mom) is constantly reminding her of her planetary responsibilities, but Jenny's tired of saving the world and just wants to hang out with her friends. What's a teenage robot to do? Bradley "Brad" Carbunkle - Brad is the boy next door. He's Jenny's closest neighbor and her best friend. Brad's not really interested in the stuff his friends at school are into, and wishes he were more like Jenny. He loves a good adventure and he's dying for a chance to explore the world outside high school. To Jenny, Brad's the reference point to all things "teenaged." He's the gatekeeper of "cool." Only Brad gets bored talking about all that lame teenager stuff and jumps at every chance to get in on Jenny's universe-saving superhero action. Guess the grass really IS greener on the other side of the fence... Tucker "Tuck" Carbunkle - Unlike his older brother Brad, Tuck is suspicious of the unknown and likes to be surrounded by familiar things and faces. He has a whole assortment of hidden fears and anxieties (let's just say he's not a fan of ferris wheels!) At first, Tuck was terrified of Jenny too, but after an unplanned tag-along on a meteor-blasting mission he's become her biggest fan. Well, next to Brad. Despite his fears, Tuck insists on going along on Jenny and Brad's adventures. Though being the typical trouble-making little brother he is, he usually ends up doing more damage than good. Mrs. Norene "Nora" Wakeman - Mrs. Wakeman had been struggling for years to rid the world of evil through the use of her inventions. And then, in a moment of brilliance, she created: XJ9 (a.k.a. Jenny). More mad scientist than understanding mom, Mrs. Wakeman can teach Jenny to battle almost anything that comes her way, but she's not so hot at talking about teenage stuff like clothes and boys. Mrs. Wakeman just doesn't get why Jenny would rather go to the fair than defend the Earth. But isn't having a mom who doesn't understand you, like, Rule #1 for being a teenager? Brittany and Tiffany Crust - Brit and Tiff sit securely on the top of the social hierarchy at school. Brit is the master of the putdown, and Tiff can intimidate anyone in school. All the world domination-plotting super-villians on the planet don't even come close to wielding the power these two cliqueish cousins hold in their hands, and no one is more aware of that than Jenny. But Jenny's arrival on the scene throws this tyranical twosome for a loop. Her physical power makes Tiff's intimidation impossible, and the curiosity she generates threatens Brit's center-of-attention status. Suddenly, Jenny is Brit and Tiff's public enemy number one! Unfortunately, the one thing Jenny's superpowers can't stop is her own desire to be popular! Sheldon Lee - Even though he knows he's pretty low down on the totem-poll of popularity, Sheldon is satisfied as a budding engineer and a comic book fan. And if that makes him a geek, so be it! He's quite content to spend his time perfecting mechanical projects and pouring over comics. Until he meets Jenny, that is. Jenny's the perfect combination of superhero and suped-up machine, and Sheldon falls for her-fast! He's constantly giving her gizmos and gadgets as gifts, but they never seem to do the trick. Alas, unfortunately for Sheldon, Jenny's fine with being his friend, but the thought of dating him hurts her brainwaves.moreless
Chad Doreck

Chad Doreck

Bradley "Brad" Carbunkle (voice)

Moira Quirk

Moira Quirk

Brittany "Brit" Crust (voice)

Janice Kawaye

Janice Kawaye

XJ9 (Jenny) Wakeman (voice)

Candi Milo

Candi Milo

Mrs. Norene "Nora" Wakeman / Jantrice / Pteresa (voice)

Cree Summer

Cree Summer

Tiffany "Tiff" Crust (voice)

Quinton Flynn

Quinton Flynn

Sheldon Lee / Don Prima (voice)

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Fan Reviews (103)


    My life as a teenage robot is truly amazing Its about Jenny a robot girl that wants to fit in and be normal, Her Mom/Creator, her best friend Brad, and Tuck his wacky little brother. This show is really good litteraly its only flaw is that her school bully's are too cleche and one dementional
  • One of Nickelodeon's Best Animated Series

    My Life as a Teenage Robot is one of my favorite Nicktoons of all time. Without My Life as a Teenage Robot, there would no be Danny Phantom or Avatar. MLAATR brought action to Nickelodeon. This series is about a teenage robot named Jenny aka XJ-9 who was created by her mother, Mrs. Wakeman. Jenny is a crime-fighting robot, but she just want to be a normal teenage girl. As the series progressed, Jenny learns how is it like to be a normal girl.

    The characters are likable. Jenny is a sweet--yet tough robot. Brad is Jenny's best friend, who is cool and is the annoying younger sibling of Brad's, but who is the biggest fan of Jenny. Mrs. Wakeman has to be one of cartoon's funniest moms. Sheldon is a gadget geek, who has the biggest crush on Jenny, but he has a secret side as well. Britt and Tiff is one of the coolest and most likable popular I ever seen. Vexus, the main villain is one the best villains in animated history who will do anything to destroy Jenny. This animated series has a diverse cast that is well developed.

    The animation is beautiful and colorful. It has a 1940s/1950s cartoon style. The writing is genius. Many of the jokes are hilarious. The voice actors really connected to their characters. The action scenes are kickass. The music fits the atmosphere of the series and has a cool theme song.

    My Life as a Teenage Robot is one of Nicktoon's gems. I wish it was never had so much potential. At least it did had a good run. Currently, Rob Renzetti is the supervising producer on Gravity Falls.moreless

    When I crossed paths with this show and found out it was cancelled i thought what idiot would shut this down best show ever nick please bring it back in its rightful glory ;(
  • This show is amazing and totally sweet

    It's amazing how this show was created by the guy who use to work for: Dexter's Laboratory, 2 Stupid Dogs, The Powerpuff Girls, Samurai Jack, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. This show was awesome, and I am super mad that Nickelodeon cancel the series, to make room for their new shows that are nothing, but "unfunny, stupid vile trash" (in my own words). I wish it was back, and completely revived.moreless
  • Stupid

    This show iz dum. Da charactirz r ugly and dar r no farts. Companies shud watch Sanjay and Craig or Breadwinners to get it rite.

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