My Life as a Teenage Robot

Season 1 Episode 4

Ear No Evil / Unlicensed Flying Object

Aired Unknown Aug 22, 2003 on Nickelodeon

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  • One great episode, one not-so-good one

    First up is Ear No Evil. Jenny is still naive and innocent and wanting to be friends with the nasty Crust cousins. All the girl in the clique are getting their ears pierced- this creates a problem for Jenny as she has no ears. I do notice that she learns to play on Sheldon's feelings for her- so maybe she's not so innocent. Best parts of this are Jenny with her Mom, Sheldon acting as a plastic surgeon, and the fight with Lancer. The ending gag is a bit lame though, but I admit I don't have a better ending. Unlicensed Flying Object is the first MLaaTR I didn't care for. The reason is simple: I didn't care for Brad's actions in this cartoon. To put it bluntly he steals a UFO, goes on a joyride and almost gets everybody killed. I know that he fesses up in the end and takes responsibility but I still think Jenny should've kicked his butt.
  • The true reason to love Brad first revealed.

    In this episode Brad's character is developed in major ways. He goes from being just Mr. Cool to being the adventurous boy who really has higher expectations set for himself than he cares to admit. Although his actions in this episode are somewhat childish, it shows his struggle to of changing from boy to man with the right of passage we tend to call DRIVING! And although he messes things up, in the end he makes ammends and shows the inner sweetie he is.
    I also love this episode because it's Brad and Jenny's first real fight.