My Life as a Teenage Robot

Season 3 Episode 8

Escape from Cluster Prime

Aired Unknown Aug 12, 2005 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Jenny is accidentally transported to Cluster Prime, the planet in which her nemesis Vexus rules and is filled with robots, where she goes through an emotional roller-coaster ride. At first, she is shocked that she fits in, surrounded by her true peers. But things change quickly as she is forced to battle evil robot guards, save robot slaves, and face betrayal from a new robot friend. Back on Earth, Wakeman and the boys try desperately to contain a swarm of colorful criminals that have come out of the woodwork in Jenny's absence. Ultimately, all our heroes must work together to stop Vexus and the Cluster's full-scale invasion of Earth.moreless

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  • Prepare yourselves, folks, to see My Life as a Teenage Robot at its very best!

    This mini-movie/mega-episode (whatever you wanna call it; it's a little long for an episode but a little short for a movie) is a prime example of just what the writers of the My Life as a Teenage Robot staff are capable of. It's a shame the series was canceled because this moviesode opened up new possibilities: Vega and company could have appeared again at some point, we could've learned more about Dr. Wakeman's history with Skyway Patrol and Vexus, and it was through this epic saga that a great deal of character development was achieved, opening for a more intense season of My Life as a Teenage Robot. It does all this without losing its subtle (yet still cartoony) sense of humor. This is an amazing and underrated series and this moviesode is a prime example of just what kind of potential it had. It's a shame they weren't allowed one more season (or possibly another movie like this one) to wrap things up and tie up all loose ends. Whatever the case, Escape From Cluster Prime is the climax of My Life as a Teenage Robot's greatness and whenever I need to be reminded of just how awesome this show was, I'll just rewatch it.moreless
  • Good, but somewhat dissapointing. And Vega's just a waste of character.

    I will admit, I was excited to see this episode at first, and I even was glad to see it. But, upon further inspection of the episode, I find it...somewhat disappointing.

    You'd think that there would be a bit of elaboration on the history of the Cluster or how Vexus came to power, but no. At least we got to see Cluster Prime, as redundant as it was to see it as it was written in a fanfic I saw: Robots living in happiness, unaware of Vexus' tyranny.

    My biggest disappointment was Vega, Vexus' daughter. I don't buy into the fact that she was just as unaware of her mother's schemes as everyone else. If Vega was built as Vexus' daughter, she most likely would have been as much a schemer as her. Add to the fact that she immediately trusts Jenny within a mere minute of meeting her, despite the xenophobia surrounding the planet. They could have done a lot more with her, but no.

    Yet another shining example on how lame TeenBot is.moreless
  • So great that I watched it 2 and a half times within the first three days of premiere and even recorded it to watch later! Not perfect, but leaves room for many more seasons! And that's what matters!moreless

    The humour was awesomely slapstick. However, I want to keep this review realistic.

    My complaints:

    1) Somewhere in the middle, it lagged and seemed like it wouldn't all tie up within the hour allotment. I was proven wrong with a great ending that left me laughing throughout almost the entire last 15 minutes.

    2) There was a line at the end that hinted at it being the finale! Not funny, guys!

    3) It aired in the MIDDLE of season two and seemed to do away with Vexus. Strange when Vexus is in some of the upcoming episodes!

    But I'm glad it wasn't perfect!moreless
  • Awesome Movie, its great for all ages! if you love the series, this is a must see! Wh00t Wh00t!

    I love this movie dude! I can watch it again and again for a while! I mean it has a pretty good plot:

    Jenny thinks she's useless(poor Jenny.) After many attepts of saving people, something always backfires. She just wishes she can go off the face of the Earth. Well she got her wish and was accidently teliported to Custer Prime! G-g-gasp! Wait, stop there for a momment! Culster Prime ain't so bad! A Robot paridise. Jenny fits in! The robots accept her! She even makes some friends. Jenny's happier than ever. But while Jenny having fun, Earth is being attacked by the Cluster troops!

    Like i said good plot. There is some J x B friendship momments in there too! Awesome movie! A must see. Two thumbs way,way up! 10/10.

Audrey Wasilewski

Audrey Wasilewski

Tucker "Tuck" Carbunkle (voice)

Candi Milo

Candi Milo

Mrs. Norene "Nora" Wakeman / Jantrice / Pteresa (voice)

Chad Doreck

Chad Doreck

Bradley "Brad" Carbunkle (voice)

Janice Kawaye

Janice Kawaye

XJ9 (Jenny) Wakeman (voice)

Quinton Flynn

Quinton Flynn

Sheldon Lee / Don Prima (voice)

Cree Summer

Cree Summer

Tiffany "Tiff" Crust (voice)

Steven Jay Blum

Steven Jay Blum


Guest Star

Thora Birch

Thora Birch


Guest Star

Jim Ward

Jim Ward


Guest Star

Eartha Kitt

Eartha Kitt

Queen Vexus

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Some of the lyrics from a song from the movie that played when Jenny was saving robots on Cluster Prime:

      Just when I thought I should go away
      I found a brand new reason to stay
      They need me
      Yeah I think they need me
      Saving folks that's what I do
      I won't reprogram i know it's true
      They need me
      Yeah I think they need me
      I help my friends
      I don't need to flaunt it
      It just means so much to know you're wanted
      They need me Yeah I think they need me
      They need me
      Ooh, I think they need me

    • Goof: Tucker says Brad is 65% water when Smitus calls him a meat sack but humans are actually 75% water not 65%.

    • Jenny's right pigtail is damaged early in the episode, but when she wakes up after her first day on Cluster Prime, it's fine.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Mrs. Wakeman: You've destroyed the rocket but did you disarm the war head?
      Jenny: Did I what the what?

      Mrs. Wakeman: It's the part that goes BOOM!
      Jenny: Oops...

    • Sheldon: (to Dr. Wakeman) A secret underground lair! This makes my garage workshop look like a workshop in a garage!

    • Mrs. Wakeman: Where did you get that idea? A gumball machine?
      Sheldon: I'll have you know gumball machines contain valuable information!

    • Mrs. Wakeman: You are an amateur!
      Sheldon: You are a Know-It-All!
      Mrs. Wakeman: Milbrat!
      Sheldon: Birdnose!
      Mrs. Wakeman: How dare you?!

    • Sheldon: WHAAAAA! If you don't know where she is and you don't know where she is, then Jenny can be anywhere from here and Cluster Prime!
      Vexus: Cluster Prime?! So THAT's why they won't stop calling me!

    • Jenny: Walk? Can't you just fly home?
      Vega: Right...and after I fly home, I'll just wave my magic wand and all my homework will be done. (laughs)
      (Jenny laughs nervously)

    • Brad: Viva la Revolution!
      Tuck: You speak Spanish?

    • (Brad and Tuck drop out of the sky)
      Jenny: Tuck! Brad!
      Tuck and Brad: Jenny!
      (Jenny and Brad hug while Tuck is in the middle)
      Sheldon: I didn't get a hug.
      (they let go of each other but their arms are on each other's shoulders)
      Jenny and Brad: I'm so glad to see you.
      Jenny: You crossed the galaxy just for me?
      Tuck: Actually we...
      (Brad puts his hand over Tuck's mouth)
      Brad: Yes, yes we did.

  • NOTES (2)

    • This episode has been nominated for an 2006 (58th) Emmy Award for Outstanding Animated Program (for Programming One Hour Or More).

    • The 'Escape from Cluster Prime' movie was actually supposed to be the intro movie to season three. However, Nickelodeon went ahead and aired it before airing the rest of season two, causing some confusion regarding the Cluster-themed episodes towards the end of the second season.


    • Vega: Haven't you ever been to a Robotropolis before?

      In the early 90's, Robotropolis was an important part of the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. In the franchise's Saturday morning cartoon from 1993, as well as the comic books based off of it, it was the name of the dark city that Dr. Robotnik (or Dr. Eggman, as he's called nowadays) ruled, and was mostly populated by his robots.