My Life as a Teenage Robot

Season 1 Episode 9

Hostile Makeover / Grid Iron Glory

Aired Unknown Oct 24, 2003 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

  • Quotes

    • Jenny: Wow, look at all the friends I have! (waving to everyone at school while she walks down the hall)
      Brad: Those are not your friends, they are your fans.

    • Brad: (singing to Jenny) Someone's having mood swings.

    • Coach: (to Jenny) Congratulations, you're our new quarterback.
      Jacque: Hey, what about me?
      Coach: Think of it this way, Jacque. You'll have more time to sign autographs now that you're cut.
      Jacque: CUT?! Grr...

    • (after seeing Jacque's mechanical dog run by)
      Dogcatcher: (in a western accent) Christmas bonus, here I come!

    • Brad: (after tripping over his helmet and falling flat on his back at football try-outs) So I guess I didn't make the cut?
      Coach: Did you black out?
      Brad: No.
      Coach: Great ... you're on the team.

    • Brad: (after Jenny changes more) What's your hurry, Sally--I mean Jenny.

    • Brad: My only battle today is between my urge to gorge on chocolate and my desire to be zit-free for school photos tomorrow. (sees a huge chocolate bunny) Foul temptress!

    • Tuck: (singsong) Brad wears make-up.
      Brad: It's cover-up, and there's no shame in it!

    • Brad: ... and little Sally turns into- uhh ... BIG Sally.

    • Jenny: Are we the only ones left?
      Brad: All that's left standing.
      Jenny: But, what about Dominelli?
      Brad: Broken scapula.
      Jenny: Thomas?
      Brad: They ripped his lips off.
      Jenny: Sanchez?
      Brad: Fractured toe.
      Jenny: Parkins?
      Brad: Inner-cranial dislocation.
      Jenny: Lopez?
      Brad: Real bad owwie.
      Jenny: Cruz?
      Brad: Comatose. But he wasn't much of a talker anyway.

    • Tuck: Freaks?! Mutants?! Where?!?

    • Jenny: That's one good thing about being a robot--you never have to worry about breaking out. (A bolt appears on Jenny's face) AHHHHHH!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Jenny: Cricky!

      This word was used by the late Steven Irwin from Crocodile Hunter, which he said a lot when he saw something interesting.

    • Geek: Rolling a many-sided dice.

      When one of the geeky football players rolled the many-sided dice to figure out what they should do in the game, he was playing Dungeons and Dragons, a typical geek role-playing game.

    • Vexus: Be seeing you.

      The hand movement Vexus does when she says, "Be seeing you," at the beginning of "Hostile Makeover" is from The Prisoner. Whenever they would say "Be seeing you," they would also make that gesture.

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