My Life as a Teenage Robot

Season 1 Episode 1

It Came from Next Door / Pest Control

Aired Unknown Aug 01, 2003 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

It Came from Next Door: When Tuck and Brad are out playing ball, Brad throws the ball but Tuck misses it, and is now commanded to look for it in a house that gives Tuck the creeps. Tuck goes inside and is scared seeing some of Nora's failed experiments laying around the house, at the bottom of a stairway, Tuck sees the ball but is scared when a dark figure picks it up and hands it to him. Tuck runs out and tells Brad about his encounter, so Brad knocks on the front door and explains to Nora what Tuck saw inside. After Brad and Tuck leave, Nora goes and tells Jenny to try not and interact with any humans that may cause some frights and panic, and to just do her world protection job. Jenny however, is tired of being cooped up in her house all the time and is tired of saving the world from false alarms like Class C meteors. Nora tries to comfort her about this and have her relax. Then sometime later, Jenny finds Brad at her window and tries to hide him from Nora's sight, when the plan works, they sneak out together and they learn about each other, what humans do and what robots do, and then they go off and do things together. Tuck gives Jenny a weird look when he doesn't see Jenny eating her ice cream. Then later on in the day, Jenny receives another distress signal about incoming meteors, but this time it is not a false alarm, and is a massive meteor known as Class D. So now Jenny uses her rocket thrusters and accidentally pulls Tuck with her without knowing, and then once she reaches her destination, she uses all sorts of powerful tools and weapons to crumble the meteor into pieces. Once she is finished, she goes back down to Earth finding out about Tuck, he looks really frightened but then bursts into joy because he thought it was exciting to see Jenny use all of those cool weapons! So Jenny, Brad and Tuck become good friends and Nora allows them to hang out with Jenny.

Pest Control: Tuck and Brad have fun with Jenny when they get to use their huge race track course, and Jenny volunteers to have her head attached to their race car. All is going well until Nora comes in and Jenny flies off the race track, Nora is frustrated with this and wants this game to end. Jenny, Brad and Tuck are now in Nora's lab, after they leave, Jenny goes into her room and lays down on her bed, but Nora's old pet lab rats are seeking revenge, and find a good opportunity to overthrow Nora by using Jenny's body and dangerous weapons, so the rats carry out plans to lull Jenny to sleep by music and soothing pictures. When she is asleep the rats take action and crawl into her body, but Jenny wakes up in the middle of the process and the rats take extreme measures. When they finally get Jenny in control, the lab rat leader goes on a rampage, but then Brad and Tuck come back, and then Nora and them devise a plan to get the rats out of Jenny, the plan works, Jenny's head is back on Brad and Tuck's race car and lures the lab rat leader out into the pool as he is in Jenny's body. Nora dives in and rescues the leader while the other rats are taken away by a truck. All is well, Nora though, has a special treat for Vladimir, Mickey Mouse shorts!