My Life as a Teenage Robot

Season 1 Episode 1

It Came from Next Door / Pest Control

Aired Unknown Aug 01, 2003 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • The leader of the mutant rats calls himself Vladimir, but his lab name is Mr. Scruffles.

    • Wakeman has Minnie Mouse shoes.

    • When Tuck is looking around Jenny's house when it was dark, there is a replica of Larry 3000's head from the Cartoon Network TV show Time Squad. This is because one of the character and prop designers during season one was Dave Wasson, the creator/producer of Time Squad.

    • When Tuck was knocking on Wakeman's door in It Came From Next Door, his shirt was completely red, but when the door opened, a black stripe appeared on his shirt.

  • Quotes

    • Wakeman: (scolding Jenny over the "baseball incident") XJ9!! It seems that some young robot has forgotten the rules of this household! You were built for ONE purpose- to protect the planet Earth! Unless you're out saving the world, you should stay in your room! You must avold unnecessary contact with the human population...especially teenagers!!! Do I make myself clear, XJ9?
      Jenny: (muttering) Jenny.
      Wakeman: Uh, what?
      Jenny: (angrily): Jenny! Call me JENNY!! I changed my name to Jenny, remember?
      (Wakeman groans)

    • Jenny: Oh what's the crisis anyway?! So I left my room for 5 seconds! Do you hear any alarms going off? Everything's totally mellow.

    • Brad: Whoa! A real life robot!
      Jenny: A real life teenager!
      Brad and Jenny: Whoa! Look at that! And those! And that hair! (laughs)

    • Tuck: Oh Jenny! You were the best freaky, creepy robot friend a boy could ever have!
      Jenny: Hey, who are you calling creepy?
      Tuck: The Head! It lives!

    • Mr. Scruffles: Yes! This is power bomb! (Bubbles come out of Jenny's hand and pops on Mr. Scruffles's face) You fools! I said: "Power BOMB!"

  • Notes

    • This episode is a remake of the original My Life as a Teenage Robot on Oh Yeah! Cartoons, 'My Neighbor Was a Teenage Robot', with slightly different designs and dialogue.

  • Allusions

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