My Life as a Teenage Robot

Season 3 Episode 4

No Harmony with Melody/Tuckered Out

Aired Unknown Oct 05, 2008 on Nickelodeon



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    • Tuck's Teacher: Your final grade is a C+.
      Tuck: (jumps up cheering then hugs Jenny's leg) Oh Jenny! I love you!
      Sheldon: (Hugs Jenny) Oh Jenny! Me too.
      Brad: Oh Jenny! (rolls his wheelchair to fast and crashes)

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Brad: So, she's mechanical.

      This can be a reference to an episode of Looney Tunes, where Bugs Bunny says the same line about a robotic rabbit decoy.

    • The Shinning: In Tuckered Out, Tuck makes a reference to the movie The Shining with Jenny's face on the door and Tuck saying "Here's Jenny!" instead of "Here's Johnny!"

    • The scene in Tucker's movie in which Jenny is created is similar to Frankenstein's monster creation in the movie and book Creature of Frankenstein.