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  • You done good Nickelodeon

    This Reminds me of Danny Phantom But It's not Pandering?
  • One of Nickelodeon's Best Animated Series

    My Life as a Teenage Robot is one of my favorite Nicktoons of all time. Without My Life as a Teenage Robot, there would no be Danny Phantom or Avatar. MLAATR brought action to Nickelodeon. This series is about a teenage robot named Jenny aka XJ-9 who was created by her mother, Mrs. Wakeman. Jenny is a crime-fighting robot, but she just want to be a normal teenage girl. As the series progressed, Jenny learns how is it like to be a normal girl.

    The characters are likable. Jenny is a sweet--yet tough robot. Brad is Jenny's best friend, who is cool and is the annoying younger sibling of Brad's, but who is the biggest fan of Jenny. Mrs. Wakeman has to be one of cartoon's funniest moms. Sheldon is a gadget geek, who has the biggest crush on Jenny, but he has a secret side as well. Britt and Tiff is one of the coolest and most likable popular I ever seen. Vexus, the main villain is one the best villains in animated history who will do anything to destroy Jenny. This animated series has a diverse cast that is well developed.

    The animation is beautiful and colorful. It has a 1940s/1950s cartoon style. The writing is genius. Many of the jokes are hilarious. The voice actors really connected to their characters. The action scenes are kickass. The music fits the atmosphere of the series and has a cool theme song.

    My Life as a Teenage Robot is one of Nicktoon's gems. I wish it was never canceled. It had so much potential. At least it did had a good run. Currently, Rob Renzetti is the supervising producer on Gravity Falls.
  • A show that had the potential to be really good, but just missed the mark

    Looking back on this show, I realized my older review really was too forgiving, so I'm going to try to be more honest about it this time. Now, I still don't hate or even dislike this show. Its main cast is still enjoyable and some of the plots can be very entertaining at times. So, I still think it's a good show.

    HOWEVER... its flaws are more glaring than I originally mentioned. Let's start with one that felt like the elephant in the room: Jenny Wakeman's obsession with wanting to be popular with her friends and classmates. Now, don't get me wrong. Jenny can be funny at times when trying and failing to do do. BUT.... it comes off way too cliched at times. She really feels like one of those shows about someone from the outside or another dimension trying to fit in, but fails due to not understanding their culture.

    Plus, the more I think about it, why would Jenny really care about wanting a human boyfriend? Seriously, think about it. She's a robot. Even if she was popular and had guys right and left trying to ask her out, it's not like she can give them affection like regular high school students. Ok, sure, she could technically, but it'd be like embracing or kissing a metal wall. No guy, unless they're a complete nut like Sheldon would find it hot.

    Also, why is it Dr. Wakeman never tried to remove that programming from her body if she found Jenny's obsession with the teenage culture so pointless? Heck, that could have made an interesting episode to see what would have happened if Jenny suddenly was no longer personable to her friends like Brad and Sheldon and instead was obsessed with being a badass robotic heroine.

    Another major problem I have with this show is Jenny's arsenal. I'm sorry, but as cool as it is she has all those weapons, it's like there's no limit to them. It's like she could literally pull a nuke out of her robotic body if she desired. That really took alot of the tension out of the battles because you knew in the back of your mind she'd just pull some random weapon out and defeat the bad guys. Ok, sure, she didn't always did that, but hardly ever did she win because she outsmarted or outmaneuvered her opponent.

    And last, but certainly not least, the quality of villains she faced. Yea, this one was something that really bothered me the more I looked back on it. Seriously, what was up with the pathetic villains she would have to deal with? Most of them were just pretty thieves or even misguided punks. Can't the police deal with those?

    Plus, even the villains that were good she faced like Vexus and Misty were either not competent enough or a waste of a time. Vexus was mostly just a bag of hot air. She rarely ever appeared to be cunning or a real threat. And Misty? She was definitely the more threatening of the two, but then the show makes it so Jenny doesn't even put her in her place when she crosses the line? What a joke.

    What was the point of Misty in that episode when Jenny was getting her butt handed to her? To show what it was like to be a monster or bully for once? Ok, that's fine, but Misty gets away scott free. Heck, she doesn't bother to try to destroy XJ9 when she's on the ropes either. It's like the writers literally gave up on it because why else would she just fly away like that?

    Because she's the main character? That's really a pathetic reason to take the lazy route.

    All and all, I would still watch this show from time to time if I saw it air again, but I have to admit, I really don't enjoy it like before. It just doesn't hold up that good now. Sure, it's still entertaining, but it just pains me how this show could have really tried to be unique and something new instead of being cliched and lazy.

    When I crossed paths with this show and found out it was cancelled i thought what idiot would shut this down best show ever nick please bring it back in its rightful glory ;(
  • This show is amazing and totally sweet

    It's amazing how this show was created by the guy who use to work for: Dexter's Laboratory, 2 Stupid Dogs, The Powerpuff Girls, Samurai Jack, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. This show was awesome, and I am super mad that Nickelodeon cancel the series, to make room for their new shows that are nothing, but "unfunny, stupid vile trash" (in my own words). I wish it was back, and completely revived.
  • Stupid

    This show iz dum. Da charactirz r ugly and dar r no farts. Companies shud watch Sanjay and Craig or Breadwinners to get it rite.
  • Bring this show back, please

    I remember this show from long times ago and today, they air it on Nicktoons. But it was cancelled, because the writers said the audience was too small?


    Original review:

    My Life as a Teenage Robot is like 21st century take on Astroboy. It's funny and the old fashioned 1930s style is pretty cool. XJ9 or Jenny Wakeman is a powerful crime fighting robot built by Dr. Noreen Wakeman. She also has three human friends; Brad, Tuck, and Sheldon. The town Jenny lives in is Tremorton, Ohio in the year 2071 or 2072 not sure. Jenny often battles villains like the Cluster and many mutants. She also has an ongoing rivalry feud with the Krust cousins; two popular girls at her high school. Anyways, check out this show, chances are you'll probably like it.
  • i actually liked this show as a kid.

    I loved this show as a kid. it was very fun to watch

    nuff' said.
  • I'm Sorry, But This Show Is A Complete Waste Of Time

    I tried very hard to like this show. Seeing how I loved this show when it premiered in 2003, and that the show has a huge fanbase, I was hoping this show would be just as good. Unfortunately, this is a show I find to be terrible, no offense to any of the show's fans. The only thing I like about this show is that most of the artwork are great, taking influence from a lot of 30's classic cartoons, and Tuck is also a decent character. I found the main character of this show (Jenny Wakeman) to be way too dramatic. Seriously- this is one of the most annoying cartoon characters ever! Her voice over is WAY too high-pitched, she talks WAY too fast, and is just a self-indulgent, self-worshipping, greedy, disobedient, f---ing b--ch. For example, in Raggedy Android, she wants so bad to go to the fair with her friends Brad and Tuck, but when her mother doesn't want her to do so, she just cries like it's the end of the world. And yet she never has time to feel any sympathy for anyone in the show because they all enjoy it. You know, characters like this really piss me off. Overall, My Life As A Teenage Robot could've been much better if the main character wasn't so much of a slut and had a much better voiceover than Janice Kawaye. For this reason alone, along with the poor animation and predictable episode plots (I knew what was going to happen in Grid Iron Gang), this show deserved to be cancelled much earlier than it did.

  • One of my faves, but not all episodes stand the test of time.

    As a kid I enjoyed it, and I still do - but as an adult I notice the problems a little more.

    Good: Designs, Background, Unique style, Characters


    There are some story arcs in TR, but they only show up once in a while, and then are not likely to be mentioned again. They make for good episodes when the arcs are continued, but some of the 1-episode stories fell flat in this regard. The story arc involving The Cluster is resolved over several episodes in the series, but other arcs happen and then are forgotten instead of utilized in later episodes.

    For example - a 2 episode arc features Jenny being followed by comet-worshipping aliens. She eventually gets them to stop following her, but accidentally sends Sheldon into space, where (due to the theory of relativity) time passes faster, and Sheldon comes back as an old man to get his revenge. They try to get him back to the correct age, but as he points out at the end - no matter how old he appears, he had just spent 90 years of his life in space. After this episode, however, he never mentions anything that happened in that 90 years again, and is not revealed to be a better engineer, having all that time to have improved his skill, or anything really. 105 years old, and Sheldon has no more experience to offer the group that when he was 15?

    Ball and Chain was another random story arc that got buried. Looking back at biker gang episodes, Tammy does in fact, flirt with Brad (twice I think). And in this episode, he finally admits to not really being a ladies man and almost marries Tammy because of this constant rejection. It was really interesting to see, because before this, it was just implied that he wasn't really aware that he wasn't a ladies' man. It gives Brad a little more depth of character. just goes back to being that 'Johnny Bravo' guy that tries to pick up chicks after this episode.

    Continuity could have made this show into something amazing.

    I still love the show, and some of the episodes are actually funnier now that I'm older - like the episode where Jenny moves out of the house, and the raggedy android episodes (now that I see the references to the original 'Nutty Professor'). The Pest Control episode has a title card referencing the famous 'Beat the Whites with the Red Wedge' design piece from cold war era Russia, as well as the idea of these lab rats forming a sort of communist workers group, and I never would have noticed that as a kid. Also, rewatching as an animation student, I noticed right away that Brad's desk is an animation light table, whereas when I was younger I wouldn't have made the connection at all.

    Still fun, but maybe not the most action packed or sophisticated in story. I also like that most important characters have names. In some shows like 'Dexter's Lab' or 'Fairly OddParents' the parents don't have set names, or the main character 'Dexter' has no last name, etc -- Here you've got Dr. Wakeman, whose first name is Norene, And Bradley Carbunkle, with his little brother who actually even has a middle name. (Tucker Cornelius Carbunkle) Sheldon Lee, The Crust Cousins, and even Melody all have last names. It's nice to see that they thought enough about the characters to assign them believable names.
  • not as good a I remembered

    I was obsessed with this show when i was 12 years old. This show has also been an inspiration of my drawings. I made characters that looked like them in some sort.

    This show ends up not being as interesting as I thought. This might be because I don't want to end up being in the crazy nerd crowd, but also because I couldn't find an episode of this show that needed my attention. I don't HATE THIS show, but I wouldn't call this show a favorite. I do have memories of this show. There are also some episodes I thought were good in some of the first and second seasons but nonetheless, I would just care less.
  • A big hit

    Jenny is everything u want in a girl she can fight, pretty, and is a good friend so what ever I love her and when I was little I wanted to what her every night I love that show BRING IT BACK.

    Score 1,234,9064,2234,34574,75467
  • A sleeper hit.

    Loved this show. It reminded me of one of my favorite games.

    Mega Man any one?
  • Cool show!

    This was a cool show.
  • This is a great show. If you tell that this is bad, I say this is better than other crappy shows.

    There's an issue in this show, but only one.

    Plot: XJ9 (a.k.a Jenny Wakeman) was created by Dr. Nora Wakeman. She was designed to protect the world and serve as Dr.Wakeman's daughter. She goes to high school, and mostly encounters mishaps and problems. I can see that this is inspired by Megaman.

    Characters: They have nice details and had their own original attitude. Jenny needs to stop thinking about her popularity and be more noble and heroic like Megaman. Voice acting is nice.

    Humor/Action value: Humor is great, while the action value of this show is more excellent. If if they are focusing on making an action/comedy cartoon then they should improve the humor.

    Art: Art is great, animation movement is also great. I like Jenny Wakeman's designs, as they are inspired by Megaman X.

    Overall: 8.5. I wish they would make another season and improve it's small problems. Then this show would be good.
  • Blast off for a perfect cartoon!

    When it comes to good cartoons, it is very difficult to find good cartoons, especially because nowadays most cartoons aren't funny. But there are exceptions, like this one. This series had everything a great series needed to be successful. A nice design, a great voice cast and a great story.

    The series tells us the adventures and misadventures of XJ-9, or Jenny Wakeman as she likes to be called. She's the ultimate robot fighting machine, created to protect the Earth from all kinds of dangers, but, since she was built and designed as a teenager, what she really wants is to do things that normal teenagers do.

    I love the interaction between Jenny and her mother, Dr. Wakeman, who tells her that she has to protect the Earth, and do as she is told to. Janice Kawaye and Candi Milo have some kind of chemistry between them, which is transported into the screen.

    The villains are cool, and so are the supporting characters, like Brad, Tuck and even Sheldon. I also love the previous XJ models who are Jenny's sisters. I just wished they would have appeared more. Still, it's a very cool cartoon and I highly reccomend it to everyone who's a fan of robot-cartoons.
  • When the fourth season premiere?

    I love this cartoon it's very funny and I'm waiting for season 4 .

    Does anyone of you know which year it will premirra Season 4 ?

    (Sorry about my english but I lern ;D )
  • Not my kind of cartoon

    At first I used to like this show (Probably around 2003-2005) But then I began watching it again around 2008 on Nicktoons network and I began saying to myself "How can I've like that show"

    The thing that the creators should have done is made jenny a robot but disguised as a human. Having her as a robot IN robot form and going to school while nobody gives a crap bothers me. If the creators would have done that it would have been a good show. Another thing I dislike about the show is the silver shell. It's VERY repeative when he comes out. Silver shell comes and beats up the villain when jenny has been K.O, jenny and him set up some kind of date of some sort, then at the end of the episode Jenny hates him because he ignored her. I hate it when he comes out.

    Another thing is the lack of villains. The main villains there are Vexus (Don't know how to spell her name correctly), and the bikers (Wannabe villains). They come out almost in every episode. If there is another villain it would be another wannabe predictable villain that you know jenny would be at the end of the episode

    And I also find it weird that sheldon likes a robot. Which means he loves metal? That's another reason why jenny should have been in human form from the start.
  • Pure awesome! Give it a shot!!

    I remember when this show premiered in 2003 (I was 6 then). I don't think I liked this show back in 2003 & 2004 much. I just didn't find it enjoyable back then. But in 2005, I sat down and watched the show. I LOVED it. I thought it was just so entertaining. It was also funny in some parts. I had 3 favorite characters: Jenny (XJ9), Brad and Tucker. I think Tucker is my favorite character of all time in the show. I liked his attitude. I haven't seen this show on the "Nickelodeon" channel in ages... Probably since 06/07 or so. It's sad that it's no longer on Nickelodeon. But it's on Nicktoons now and I watch it sometimes. This show is amazing. I could watch a marathon of this show. I also liked a lot of episodes. There was probably only a few episodes I didn't like. This show DESERVES a 9!!! Check it out if your cable provider carries "Nicktoons"
  • The 2nd Season...

    There were a few BAD episodes in the 1st Season (like "This Time With Feelings"): they were boring, non-sense and childish. The show was literally 'jumping the sharks'.

    Fortunately, during the 2nd Season the show gets *really* better. Episodes like "Future Shock", "Bradventure" and "Toying With Jenny" are (maybe) unoriginal, but very good. Plus: "Escape From Cluster Prime" is a great Tv-Movie, well written and highly re-watchable.

    Note: Also, in the 2nd Season, there are a few JennyxBrad moments ("Bradventure" and the Tv-Movie): maybe in the upcoming 3rd Season Jenny & Brad will end up together...I hope!

    Conclusions: "My Life as a Teenage Robot" is getting better, you should give it a chance...and, if you're a good person, you can try to save Jenny/Xj9 from the cancellation with petitions or sending E-mail to Nickelodeon.

  • It's for babies, plain and simple.

    This show can be summarized in one word:dumb. I'm not trying to make everyone who likes this show mad, but for Pete's sake ppl, a robot trying to fit in with the regular world? What kind of dumb show idea is that? It's an unoriginal plot, u know how many shows have that exact plot line? Powerpuff girls, every superhero show, Danny Phantom, American Dragon, I could go on for hours! I'm not trying to insult the listed shows either, I'm just saying, I think this show is a waste of time and money when we've got funnier, higher quality shows out there. Not to mention the characterization is really bad. Has anyone ever seen ppl so less-teenager-ish? They all act like two year olds!
  • Nick just will never learn.

    I hate this show so much. I'm so tired of superhero cartoons, spider-man was the last good one. First off, robots can't age, so they can not be teenagers. Also they don't have genders, just male or female voices, and Cluster Prime is just a stinking ripoff of the borg from star trek. Nicktoons where good along time ago, but not now.
  • I don't like this show.

    Sorry, but I could never get into this show. It is very unoriginal and the plots make no sense at all. It's about a teenage robot, XJ9 who prefers to be called Jenny, who doesn't appreciate her current life but wants to be popular. Not exactly the worst plot, but not great either. The animation is cool and techno-like, but everything else? I didn't really like it. Honestly, I've tried and tried to give this show a chance, but I just found it too boring to watch! Jenny and Brad are okay, but some of the other characters are awfully annoying. I think this show needs a lot of fine-tuning. It just wasn't original and funny enough to be considered a classic. But that's just my opinion.
  • My Life as a Teenage Robot isn't that great

    Im sorry to people who like this show, but I just don't like it. I mean at first I thought "Okay, this is cool" But now, it's gotten really bad. I mean a robot trying to fit in at school? There have already been shows with people trying to fit in at school and become poplular, and after a while it's gets boring and un-exciting. And I am getting tired of super hero shows. I mean I will still watch the show if it's on, but I don't really like it. Sometimes I just HAVE to change the channel like during a marathon of it. Besides, it's already a dying show, and after It only had came on a few times like in a month, new epiosdes of it come out. Plus a movie. Like to try to get the ratings up on it again. But, to me, now it's just a pretty dumb show. The only thing that I have ever really liked about it was the TV movie "Escape From Cluster Prime"
  • terrible

    I don't like this show. It's really boring. It's such a stupid idea for a show. Whenever it's on I'm like wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Dumb....dumb....dumb

    Worst show in the world! It's about some friggin robot...who wants to be all popular...bleck! Nick is totally going downhill with thier's almost upsetting. I really have lost most intrest in Nick, and I mainly watch stuff like Family Guy, The Simpsons, American Dad...anyway, this show is pathetic and really quite snobby (Jenny is a #%@#$8)Robot Jones was such a better show and this should have been canceled instead.
  • Not

    This is a pathetic excuse for a show.Let's start offwith the characters ,XJ9 aka Jenny is a robot who apparently can make herself into a variety of useless junk,but can't turn into something she always looks to be: popular. Tuck is a kid with a little bit of a sugar problem.Dr. Wakeman is the dumb scientist who can make robots but can't handle the responsibility of a teenage robot, Brad or whatever his name is , is Jenny\'s first and only frien. And then there's Sheldon he is absolutly the worst character of the show. Why you may ask,it's because of the fact that he has a thing for a robot, yep you read right, a robot, and let's not forget that there seems to be major inconsistancies when it comes to the tim period the show, because there are people who dress like their from the 50s, other people from the early 1900s and it has slightly futurisit technology.all that couplesd with the lack of originalty and sterotyping only snatches whatever charm I can see in this show this a 0 out of 10.
  • Robotboy, no matter how stupid it may be, is better.

    Will Nick ever stop giving shows like this a chance? What ever happened to the old shows we used to know and love? gone like the wind I suppose. This show is probably one of the worst shows out there. The characters are stupid, their voices are annoying like hell, the animation is from bad to worse, and the villains are just plain sad. The plot is getting very old. Do you know how many shows have this plot? American Dragon, Danny phantom, Ben 10, Static Shock, Juniper Lee, Atomic Betty (which I really detest) Robotboy, etc. I could think of more, but I really don\\\'t want to go there. The only reason I gave this 1.6 because of the movie, at least that had a microscopic part of good.
  • Cool show

    half robot girl i like the idea but i am not too crazy about the show but i somewhat like it but hey its not really on anymrore and a lot of other people like it. teenage robot is pretty decent, but I don't hate it or dislike it, but I dont love it cause the idea is kinda stupid some episodes were tons better than others that i could watch in thousands of replays but overall the show is just plain old...decent, meaning i cant watch it forever unlike avatar but i really truly like it sort of..somewhat. Yea!
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