My Life as a Teenage Robot - Season 1

Nickelodeon (ended 2009)


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Episode Guide

  • The Wonderful World of Wizzly: Brad and Tuck take an excited Jenny to her first amusement park, Wizzly World. However, Jenny is anything but amused when she sees all robots there, being humiliated and forced to sing the same stupid songs everyday! So, despite Brad and Tuck's disapproval, Jenny sets out to liberate her fellow robots. But can the Wizzly robots find a place in Tremorton society?

    Call Hating: After saving the town from a giant gelatin monster, Jenny scores some time for goofing off at the mall. However, Wakeman keeps interrupting her shopping with calls about the monster, trying to find out whether Jenny disposed of it properly. Things go to far when Wakeman disables Jenny's ability to turn her view-screen off: now Wakeman is with Jenny all the time! But what will happen when Jenny yells at her mom to go away - and the gelatin monster reappears?

  • Saved by the Shell
    Sheldon (as the Silver Shell) sets Jenny up to meet one of his "friends," but his plan backfires when he arrives at the meeting spot a little too late and Don Prima shows up! What will Sheldon (and the Silver Shell) do when Jenny thinks that self-centered Don has a crush on her? Tradeshow Showdown
    Jenny can't wait to meet other robots like herself at her first robot convention! However, all the other robots are servents without personalities - except for one particularly friendly robot woman, Vee. Meanwhile, Mrs. Wakeman runs into some of her old classmates, who ridicule XJ9 and her mom.moreless
  • Daydream Believer: When Brad and Tuck teach Jenny about dreams, she's dying to see what all the fuss is about, so she begs Mrs. Wakeman to invent her a dream-chip. Jenny loves her new dream-mode. A little too much, in fact. She starts activating the chip in school and around town, unaware of anything else while she's daydreaming. What will happen to Tremorton when the crime-fighting robot gets stuck in dream-mode? This Time With Feeling: Again, Brad and Tuck teach Jenny about feelings, so she begs Mrs. Wakeman to let her use old artificial nerve endings. Since the only settings are Pain and Tickle, Mrs. Wakeman doesn't think they'd be very useful for Jenny. The teenage robot puts them on anyway and pays the price when she can't control her almost maniacal laughter or screams of pain when a super-strong villain named Himcules is on a rampage.moreless
  • 11/7/03
    Dressed To Kill: The Krust Cousins get ahold of some Pip Crystals that enhance their powers and dress sense. The Krust Cousins are now consumed with madness and power, causing Tremorton to be in huge trouble. Will Jenny be able to use her own fashion style to save the day?

    Shell Game: Sheldon continues to suffer through his unrequited crush on Jenny. She just doesn't look at him as boyfriend material. In fact, she'd prefer a boyfriend made out of metal. Her hopes are answered with the sudden appearance of the Silver Shell, a new robotic crime-fighter. He's pompous and rude and what's worse, Jenny is smitten with the metal hunk. What is Sheldon to do?moreless
  • 10/24/03
    Hostile Makeover: The Cluster infects Jenny with a microscopic nanobot that transforms Jenny into a Neanderthalish, robotic she-thing. The change is slow, appearing to be some sort of robotic puberty. Bolts appear on her face like zits, her voice becomes deeper, and she has growth spurts. Will anyone figure out what is happening to her before the changes are irreversible? Grid Iron Glory: While trying out for the cheerleading squad, Jenny catches the football coach's eye. She is quickly drafted. Unfortunately, the student she replaces swears revenge. And he's quick to deliver.moreless
  • Sibling Tsunami: When Jenny, feeling like a "lonely only," finds her prototype sisters, she's instantly elated. However, she learns the hard way that sibling relationships aren't all fun and games. I Was a Preschool Dropout: Upon finding out that Jenny is only five years old, the officials take her out of high school and put her into kindergarten.moreless
  • The Return of the Raggedy Android
    Jenny gets kicked out of a local hangout for being a robot. So she puts on her exo-skin and she ends up looking like a real teen. But the skin has a mind of its own and tells Jenny what to do.

    The Boy Who Cried Robot
    Jenny becomes increasingly annoyed at being called over by Tuck again and again, just to impress his buddies.moreless
  • 9/12/03
    See No Evil
    Mrs. Wakeman makes Jenny some new eyes. The only problem is that they're huge and make Jenny look like a freak ... or at least more freaky. Jenny refuses to wear them, but she may change her tone with an invisible robber on the loose. The Great Unwashed
    Don Prima is hosting one of his many famous parties and Jenny manages to get an invitation. However, her usual and often dirty image isn't going to cut it. So Jenny gets a makeover, but the Crust cousins are out to ruin her fun.moreless
  • 9/5/03
    Party Machine
    Jenny, Brad, and Tuck host a party at Jenny's house, disordering Jenny's room so that she can't find the weapon she needs to repel the annual Minutian invasion. Speak No Evil
    When Jenny fights a monster in Japan, her language disk falls out and causes her to speak nothing but Japanese.moreless
  • Ear No Evil
    When she sees Tiff Crust has had her ears pierced, Jenny decides that she wants pierced ears of her own, but there is one problem with that: she doesn't have any ears to pierce. She then gets Sheldon to make her some, but her new ears are big enough to scare Dumbo. Unlicensed Flying Object
    Brad, who isn't even old enough to get behind the wheel of a car, encounters an abandoned UFO and goes off on a joy ride, which causes the Planetary Defensive Action Force to attack him.moreless
  • Attack of the 5 1/2 Ft. Geek
    After Jenny saves Sheldon from some bullies, he starts following her around and offering her gifts that will help her fight evil. Doom with a View
    After Tuck's snow fort is destroyed in Jenny's battle with a strange new Cluster Drone, the drone reassembles itself with Tuck trapped inside.moreless
  • 8/8/03
    Raggedy Android
    Jenny wants to go to the annual Town Square Fair, but Wakeman is worried that her appearance might freak out the townspeople. The scientist creates an "Exo-Skin" to make Jenny look like a normal human girl. The creation normally takes months to develop, but since Jenny wants to go the next day, she puts together a costume that makes Jenny look like a freakish Raggedy Ann doll. Action
    Jenny faces the daunting task of trying to fit in at high school. Despite all of her teen research, Jenny is not up to the task of interacting with actual teens on her first day.moreless
  • It Came from Next Door: Jenny Wakeman is a female robot experiment produced by the brilliant scientist Nora Wakeman, Jenny was built to protect the Earth from alien invaders and mass destruction, but Jenny feels as though she is missing out, and wants to spend time with human friends due to false alarms for Earth protection.

    Pest Control: When Jenny is used as a race car by Tuck and Brad, Jenny gets into trouble when a jump from the race track is misfired, in the meantime, Nora's old lab rats are out for revenge, and have a plan to take over Jenny's body to take out Nora.