My Life as a Teenage Robot - Season 2

Nickelodeon (ended 2009)


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Episode Guide

  • Toying With Jenny: When Jenny becomes an action figure, she snubs Brad, Tuck and Sheldon for the glamour and fame. But when Tuck and Brad first discover that the toys are alive and dangerous, they help jenny against the toys and their evil toy maker which happens to be Vexus and Krackus in disguise!

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Troubles: When Misty arrives from a now-severed Teen Team, Jenny is excited to finally have a girl friend around. But when Misty talks Jenny into using their powers for messing with Brit and Tiff, what follows is an all-out tomfoolery battle between the two groups. However, Jenny soon realizes that Misty isn't interested in just mere pranks and must find a way to stop her new friend before she takes things too far.moreless
  • 9/8/05
    Bradventure: Brad, tiring of never really getting to be a part of the action, decides to venture on a treasure hunt…without Jenny! What he finds, instead, is an evil scientist and his daughter Melody who lives in the sewer creating robotic farm animals. Seeing Brad in a pathetic, captured state trying to break free, Jenny decides to help him escape without letting him know she's following behind him doing all of the work. But when Jenny, herself becomes captured and enabled in the process, it is finally up to Brad to be the hero.

    Mama Drama: When Dr. Wakemen starts dating, Jenny becomes suspicious of her mom's new romance and goes to all lengths to prove he's actually a villain. Jenny causes so much trouble that Wakemen decides she has no choice but deactivate her. What ensues is a misunderstanding by Wakemen that her date really is a villain although he really isn't! In the end, Nora and Jenny are just too much for him to handle.moreless
  • 9/7/05
    Designing Women: Wanting to reprogram Jenny into liking him, Sheldon gets a hold of her blueprints. But when Vexus nabs them from Sheldon, it puts Jenny up against the evil Cluster Queen who now knows her every weapon. It's up to Jenny to use brains over brawn to defeat her arch enemy.

    Robot Riot: For the sake of Tuck's self-esteem, Jenny allows herself to be used as his robot in a Robot War competition. However, with his greedy longing for victory and the title that goes along with it, Tuck pushes Jenny into the ring with giant robots that are actually the Cluster bugs in disguise. It's a fight to the finish that teaches Tuck a valuable lesson in friendship… and to stay away from robot wars!moreless
  • Victim of Fashion
    Episode 10
    After a fight with the Space Bikers, Jenny's rather unsightly, so she puts on a coat of wax. However, she outshines the Crust Cousins, which means they must resort to teasing Jenny. This time, she takes action and tries to get revenge, via fashion! She studies fashion trends with her friends and engages in a fashion war with the Crust Cousins. They eventually figure out Jenny's weakness though, and that is she can't be nice and slim. Well, not if she doesn't ditch all of her weapons anyway, which are exactly what she needs in combat and Earth protection. When she really does get rid of her weapons, this becomes a big problem when the Space Bikers return, how can Jenny defeat them without her weapons?moreless
  • 8/12/05
    Jenny is accidentally transported to Cluster Prime, the planet ruled by her nemesis Vexus and completely populated by robots, where she goes through an emotional roller-coaster ride.
  • A Pain In My Sidekick:
    Tuck becomes the Silver Shell's sidekick, but he soon realizes that it's tougher than it looks, especially when a giant wolverine attacks the city.

    Crash Pad Crash:
    Jenny feels that Wakeman is overprotective of her and wants a life of her own. So, Wakeman builds Jenny a house and promises that she will never interfere with her life. Will Jenny get used to this?moreless
  • 3/25/05
    Jenny is nearly destroyed by a powerful being, Armagedroid, which Wakeman seems to know a lot about.

    A small, annoying robot known as Killgore tries to recruit Jenny to the Cluster and drives her crazy.
  • Dancing With My Shell: Sheldon decides to tell Jenny that he is really the Silver Shell at the school prom, but in order to have the perfect night, he can't have her blasting off to deal with random threats. So he has to keep her in the dark about danger while trying to woo her. This is gonna be a challenge! Around the World in Eighty Pieces: Krackus, the Cluster inventor, scatters Jenny's parts all over the world, leaving it up to Brad, Tuck, and Sheldon to find them and put her back together before the Cluster arrives.moreless
  • Sister Sledgehammer: Jenny gets help from her sisters to take on the Cluster. Pajama Party Prankapolooza: Brit and Tiff invite Jenny to their slumber party.
  • Love 'Em or Leash 'Em: Phineas Mog, Nora Wakeman's rival, builds a super robot hunk named Y-K9, alias Kenny. As Phineas and Nora are rivals, they don't want their creations see each other. At first, this doesn't stop Kenny or Jenny - until she starts realizing his schematics may not be entirely human. Teen Team Time: Jenny teams up with other super heros, the Teen Team. Finally feeling like she's accepted, she hangs out with them and ends up snubbing Brad when she's supposed to meet him. But the Teen Team don't stay in one place very long, and they want Jenny to move to a different planet with them.moreless
  • 1/25/05
    Last Action Zero: Brad joins the Skyway Patrol, to finally step up from being just Jenny's sidekick after a fight with a lava-bathing monster. She warns him against it, but he doesn't listen. Little does he know that Skyway Patrol consists more of paperwork than anything else! And with Jenny in trouble from lava-bathing monsters, and not all the paper work filed, who's supposed to save her? Mind Over Matter: Jenny gets defeated for the first time by Gigawatt, an electric-draining villain from outer space. She tries to use system upgrades to battle a hostile alien life form. These don't seem to work, and the robot starts wondering if she's become obsolete.moreless
  • 1/24/05
    Future Shock: Thanks to Tuck peeking through one of Wakeman's inventions, the FutureScope, he believes that Jenny is going to seriously hurt Brad in the near future. Thus, Tuck goes to great lengths to keep the teenage robot as far away from his brother as possible.

    Humiliation 101: To make up for the great damage Jenny causes to Tremorton High while fighting the Cluster, Dr. Wakeman agrees to give a scientific lecture at the school. Unfortunately for Jenny, she's the subject.moreless
  • 12/8/04
    Jenny volunteers to be a robot toy for an underprivileged tyke, Todd, at Christmas, only to become his unwitting, remote-controlled weapon in an attack on all the holidays. When Jenny becomes public enemy number one, she must prove that the little boy is the true villain before he forces her to attack Santa's workshop and destroy Christmas forever.moreless