My Life as a Teenage Robot

Season 1 Episode 6

See No Evil / The Great Unwashed

Aired Unknown Sep 12, 2003 on Nickelodeon

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  • The first cartoon is the better one of the two.

    See No Evil is the third of the "----- No Evil" group dealing with Jenny's senses. This time she gets new eyes that are improvements in every way but looks. There a good Tex Averyish double take when Jenny sees herself in the mirror, and the villian is straight out of Jonny Quest. It gets silly at the end but thats OK. I also like how she chooses Brad to be her guide. The Great Unwashed has Jenny wanting to be invited to Don Prima's party. However she gets all beat up and messy in her assignments. The solution is to get a make over at a auto body shop. The scene where the mechanics fix her up is cute. The main thing is here is that Jenny no longer wants to be friends with the Crust Cousins, and in fact wreaks revenge on them after they sic the Mudslinger on her.