My Life as a Teenage Robot

Season 1 Episode 6

See No Evil / The Great Unwashed

Aired Unknown Sep 12, 2003 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • One of the hoses at the end seemed to be squirting some "invisible wall" in the way where although it was not pointed upwards, the stream of water stopped in mid-air!

    • Jenny kept being hit with water in "The Great Unwashed." But even the smallest bit of water makes Jenny malfunction bigtime.

    • Don's party was invitation only. Brad got an invitation, but Tuck didn't. How would Tuck have gotten in?

  • Quotes

    • Vendor 1: Get your eye drops here, eye drops... and hot sauce, red, hot, hot sauce.

    • (Crowd arguing about what the guy who stole the eye products looked like)
      A Guy: I remember now. He was invisible!
      Another Guy: Oh yeah.
      (everyone agrees)

    • Mrs. Wakeman: Ooh, teenagers. One day they're operating efficiently and the next they're tossing off body parts and calling you a dweeb.

    • Mrs. Wakeman: Take my advice - don't ever build children.

    • Jenny: (testing her new eyes) Ooh, pretty colors!

    • (Jenny's complaining about her freaky new eyes)
      Mrs. Wakeman: You don't look like a dweeb. I think you look very "puh-hat."
      Jenny: (annoyed) It's pronouned phat, mother.

    • Vendor 2: Get your pointy stick here!

    • Tuck: Somehow we're levitating! And it's kinda cool!
      (Brad looks at him angrily)
      Tuck: Well it is!

    • Jenny: I need someone to be my eyes! Someone intelligent, someone reliable, someone alert, someone like ... Brad!
      Tuck: But I'm just as ... alert as Brad! I want to be the eyes!

    • Guy: You don't seem to understand! I'M A DYNAMITE SALESMAN!
      Guy On Controls: DYNAMITE SALESMAN?
      Random People: DYNAMAITE SALESMAN?
      Mechanics: DYNAMITE SALESMAN?
      Dog Bobblehead: Dynamite salesman?

    • Jenny: Yes, those flames are painted on my feet. Yes, I like them too. No thank you, Don, I don't want any lemonade.
      Brad: Well, how 'bout some water, then? (sprays water on Jenny)

    • (Dr. Wakeman is left holding Jenny's eyes)
      Dr. Wakeman: Oh, what are you looking at? (pockets the eyes)

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Title: See No Evil

      The title of this episode is the third reference to the ancient Chinese proverb.

    • Element: Buggy Eyes

      Jenny's creepy new eyes are very similar to the eyes of Marx from the 1996 Super Nintendo Entertainment System game titled Kirby Super Star.

    • Character Design: Crust Cousins

      At Don's party, Tiff dressed like Snow White from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs," and Brit dressed like Aurora from Sleeping Beauty.

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