My Life as a Teenage Robot

Season 3 Episode 7

Voyage to Space Biker's Planet/Queen Bee

Aired Unknown Unknown on Nickelodeon
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Voyage to Space Biker's Planet: The space bikers travel cause problems in Earth again, and after defeat Jenny, they transform her in a motorcycle, now with the help of Tuck, they travel to the Planet of the Space Bikers to back Jenny to normal, but the place and the enemies are not how they hoped they are.

Queen Bee: Crust Cousins help Vexus to be part of the school, and thus destroy Jenny, but things turns when Vexus becomes in the most popular girl in Tremontor, now the Crust must to help Jenny to defeat Vexus and return the balance to school.moreless
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  • Its a very good episode, because we can see how is the life of some of Jenny's enemies, like the Space Bikers and Vexus.

    Its a very good episode, because we can see how is the life of some of Jenny's enemies. We sees the Space Bikers are really older what we though, like staff members of a school, something we could have never imaginated, maybe was cruel to have ruined their lifes in their home planet, but if you not want to get burned, don't play with fire. Vexus, in other hands, the show writers must to explain a pair of things about her, because in Trash Talk, she was all mad, and now she backs to normal, and with a new look (of course she looks better now). Also something changed in Vexus, because the accepted the help of the Crust, humans, a race she hate until her gears, the old Vexus will have never wanted the help of humans, even if were to finish Jenny. Also is incredible see how teenagers are easily caughted by the enchants of a new students, I wonder if students in real life are like that.moreless

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