My Life as a Teenage Robot

Season 3 Episode 9

Weapons of Mass Distraction / There's No Place Like Homeschool

Aired Unknown Oct 04, 2008 on Nickelodeon

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  • Jenny gets a boyfriend (good); then gets homeschooled (bad)

    This is the start to the 3rd Season: Season 1 was mainly about Jenny and the people of Tremerton getting used to each other; Season 2 revolved around the Cluster. Rob Renzetti said that for Season 3, the characters were developed enough that they did episodes putting the characters in different situations to see what would happen. This produced mixed results. In Weapons of Mass Distraction, Jenny meets Travis, a new boy in town. The two hit it off, but there's one problem, Travis has a phobia about machines: he really likes Jenny when she's normal, but freaks whenever she has to go into battle mode. I really the liked the early scenes of Jenny and Travis together, as well as the source of Travis' phobia. A good episode I really didn't like the Home School episode. It starts off well, but goes downhill the moment Mrs. Wakeman starts instructing. Basically, she goes nuts- and it turns into "Dumb Hounded". so one good cartoon, one bad cartoon, and we split the difference and give it a Fair
  • Well,I wantedb to see this one badly,and looks like I got one of the best episodes.

    Although this episode in my opinion could've been better,I was cleverly plotted bringing a character from a recent episode and bringing that one back.

    There's No Place Like Home School really surprised my with it's clever plot,but halfway I felt the episode was repeating itself.So I can't say that it was the best...

    but then the Meldoy episode really got me.

    I don't know why,but I saw that imatation coming (I even knew it was Jenny to do it.Am I a fortune teller?Lol.).I loved seeing Jenny's jealous personality,although I could see what she was trying to do.Tuck was funny here and their,and usually his humor creams the crop on every episode.Melody was developed more than I thought this episode would develope her.And that robotic form......creepy.

    So,the first one was fine,second,incredibly well done.
  • No Harmony with Melody was suprisngly sad at the end but cute.

    Melody comes back and has a great time with Brad while Jenny's at a Roach thing with Tucker.

    Jenny then comes in between Melody+Brad's kiss. she doesn't trust the daughter of an evil sceintest so she flows them. obviously Jealous, Tuck cracks up at Brad having a girlfriend but doesn't follow. Brad gets along with Melody great but everything crashes after they leave. Jenny interupts their kiss again and starts a fight with Melody. Melody is a robot.

    Brad-how can i ever trust u again?
    Melody kisses Brad on the lips.
    Brad-so ur made of metal big deal, JENNY ARE U CRAZY!?

    Jenny starts a fight with Melody who has equal powers. Melody doesn't like what she's doing so she flys off. it turns out a Roach that has a crush on Brad was following them and crushing everything. Jenny feels gulity about figting with Melody but she flies away.

    sadly, Brad really liked her and Melody made a broken heart shape.