My Life as Liz

Monday 10:30 PM on MTV - Music Television Premiered Jan 18, 2010 In Season


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  • best show!

    best show ever, let the nerd out an have fun! we need season 3!
  • what i thought of the show and honest pure opinion and everything

    basicalli i loved like seriuosly loved the show cause it like the neek/geeks standin up for theirselves and although it might be reality or scrpit i dnt care and it like i couldnt wait to see the next espisode
    and i hope the show have a season two cause i am watch and buy the cd if necessary i just think they should give it a try or have a show like this to show people of different stereotyping in high school like the cool and popular
    the geeks weirdo the normal ones the invisible ones
    obesity musician magician etc
    groups like that
  • Shows potential.

    While it does have some potential in certain areas, the show lacks any sort of realistic edge or any believable aspects that resemble what the show is trying to aim for. I've watched a few episodes and from my point of view, it seems that most of the show is scripted, very painfully and obviously. Its entertaining qualities usually involve the interaction of Liz and Taylor, but most of the time, it's overshadowed by the underwhelming feeling of any sense of reality. Overall, this is an average show at best and most of the time it coasts on its aimed image. Thank you.