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My Life With Men

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My Life with Men is a 2003 television series from ABC that is directed by Andy Cadiff and stars Wendie Malick as Emily Zebrowski. Emily is stuck in a house full of men and she must learn how to deal with all of the men in her life. She has to put up with her husband Jess (Sam Robards) and all of their sons. Emily feels highly outnumbered in her home and must learn how to still feel like a woman when she is surrounded by five men. Everyday she struggles to keep her house clean, discipline her four sons and keep her husband in line all while trying to not succumb to her old tomboyish ways and still feel like a woman. This series is a rare glimpse into the lives of many American families and the woman who are the backbones of the families that are full of testosterone and piles of dirty athletic wear.