My Little Margie

CBS (ended 1955)





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  • Gale Storm was the original Comedy Queen of television.

    Only Eve Arden of "Our Miss Brooks" was close to her. These ladies were tremedous women who did not have the advantages of todays comedians. Their audience was live. Mistakes would be there for everyone to see. A couple of times I have been lucky to find an episode being played late at night. I guess, since they were in black and white, nobody wants to watch them anymore. I've seen many situation comedys in the last 60 years but none better than these programs. Good clean comedy that everyone can enjoy and understand. Simple yet enduring situations that still hold true today! I enjoy todays comedies, but once in a while I like a little nostalgia.
  • The poor father of "My Little Margie", Vern Albright had to put up with the antics of his lovely, but sometimes "do first and worry about the consequences later" daughter!!! Margie was always getting Dad in hot water, mostly with his boss. WONDERFUL SHOW!

    The best part of this show was when her Dad "played" her Mom so Margie could have a heart to heart talk with her Mom without Dad knowing. My husband and I actually do this when we talk to our best friends (each other) and it has not failed us once in our nearly 20 years of marriage. This show had a big impact on my life. It ended the day before my 10th birthday and I have never forgotten it! My biggest disappointment is that they never had re-runs of it. I am now definitely thinking about buying the DVDs and re-living all those wonderful shows! Poor Vern Albright, but he definitely loved his little Margie.
  • clasisc to clasic

    In hindsight, I think "My Little Margie" was a TV sit com version of the Frederick March and Teresa Wright characters in "The Best Years of Our Lives" (if Al Stevenson and Peggy had been on speed). Charles Farrel played a vice president at Honeywell and Todd Investment Counselors. He played Vernon Albright as a guy who would really prefer to apply his considerable financial expertise in the back room with the financial ledgers, but who always seemed to find that his main job was in making a good impression on the rich matron client of the week so that she would give her account or keep her account at Honeywell and Todd. The more he would try to maintain a proper image, the more Margie would get him into some madcap situation in which they were doing things like running through a haunted castle and swinging fireplace pokers at strange characters in medieval armor who were emerging from a huge fireplace and clanking down the hallways. Situations would reach a fever pitch of hysteria; but as Gale Storm always pointed out to Farrel at the end, "It all worked out. And Dad always shrugged with a sigh of a smile, "Well, that's my Little Margie."