My Little Margie - Season 2

CBS (ended 1955)




Episode Guide

  • Double Trouble
    Double Trouble
    Episode 37
    To keep Margie from wanting to go on a trip to South America, Vern hires an actor to court her. Margie uncovers the plot and uses the actor's twin brother to make Vern think he's losing his mind.
  • Margie's Helping Hand
    Margie asks Vern for the money to pay a charity pledge and then gets a lecture on responsibility, so she sets out to prove she really does want to lend a helping hand.
  • The Truck Driver
    The Truck Driver
    Episode 35
    A truck driver runs into Margie's car in order to ask her on a date. Vern and Mr. Honeywell think he's only a gold-digger, so they convince Margie to pretend she is poor to test him. However, the man is actually a rich client of Honeywell & Todd, who, acting on similar advice, is also pretending to be broke.moreless
  • Freddie's Formula
    Freddie's Formula
    Episode 34
    Vern offers to take care of a client's pet white cat, but Margie thinks its a stray and lets Freddie use it to try out his new invention, a permanent hair dye.
  • A Mother for Vern
    A Mother for Vern
    Episode 33
    Margie has to pose as Vern's mother in order to get a client to sign with him.
  • Delinquent Margie
    Delinquent Margie
    Episode 32
    Mrs. Odetts enlists the help of Margie and Vern to get $6000 dollars out of her trust fund so she can buy a hot rod car.
  • Father's Little Helper
    Margie convinces Vern to let her help him land a deal with two rich Texans, but when they turn out to be phonies Margie has to try and save Vern's job.
  • Vern's New Girlfriend
    Margie tries to prevent a gold-digging blonde from hooking her father.
  • Mrs. Margie Calkins
    Mrs. Margie Calkins
    Episode 29
    Margie poses as her neighbor's wife in order to scare off an old girlfriend, but the plan backfires and his old flame decides to move into the building.
  • Girl Against the World
    Freddie can't get his play produced because it is too far-fetched, so Margie, Freddie and Mrs. Odetts act out the play as though it were real for Vern's new client who happens to be a producer.
  • A Horse on Vern (aka A Horse for Vern)
    Margie gets a job as a newspaper reporter but runs into some trouble over a missing horse.
  • Young Vern
    Young Vern
    Episode 26
    When Vern starts feeling old because Roberta is dating a younger man, Margie tries to help out by having his hair dyed while he sleeps and enlisting the help of her young girlfriend to make a fuss over him. The only trouble is, her scheme works too well and Vern gets carried away with himself.moreless
  • To Health with Yoga
    To Health with Yoga
    Episode 25
    Margie tries to meet the author of a book on yoga by telling some fibs that keep growing.
  • The Newly weds
    The Newly weds
    Episode 24
    Margie inadvertently causes trouble between her newlywed neighbors by an offhand remark about not letting jealousy break up their marriage.
  • They Also Serve
    They Also Serve
    Episode 23
    Margie and Vern are forced to take jobs as a maid and butler to have a place to sleep when their hotel reservations are canceled. The only problem is, they run into the client Vern is in town to sign.
  • The Golf Game
    The Golf Game
    Episode 22
    Freddie has a job at Honeywell & Todd and Margie is afraid he will lose it if he can't play a good game of golf to impress a prospective client, so she conspires to make him appear an expert golfer.
  • Buried Treasure
    Buried Treasure
    Episode 21
    When the Albrights buy a run-down country house, Vern tries to keep Margie occupied by planting a phony treasure map.
  • Stock Control
    Stock Control
    Episode 20
    Margie finds herself in possession of some very important stock and takes advantage of the situation.
  • Vern, the Failure
    Vern, the Failure
    Episode 19
    Vern feels like a failure after attending his class reunion, so Margie tries to get him promoted by pretending another firm has offered him a better job. Trouble arises when Vern thinks the job offer is real and quits Honeywell & Todd.
  • Trapped Freddie
    Trapped Freddie
    Episode 18
    Vern promises Margie a new car if she won't see Freddie for one month. Unaware that Freddie is already there, Margie agrees, then must try to hide him from Vern.
  • Homely Margie
    Homely Margie
    Episode 17
    To keep a young client away from Margie, Vern shows him a picture which has been retouched to make her look homely. When Margie has to meet the man, Vern convinces her to disguise herself to look like the photo.
  • Cry Wolf
    Cry Wolf
    Episode 16
    When Vern won't take her on a trip to Mexico, Margie hires a press agent to make it seem she is involved with a notorious playboy. Vern uncovers her plot and hires an actor to pose as the playboy, but matters are complicated when the real man arrives in town.
  • Hypochondriac
    Episode 15
    When a client of Vern's backs out of a deal because of her sick grandson, Margie's trip to Paris is canceled. Margie learns the grandson is a hypochondriac so with the help of Mrs. Odetts, she pretends to be even sicker than he to make him feel better about his own condition.moreless
  • Hillbilly Margie
    Hillbilly Margie
    Episode 14
    When a group of mountain folk inherit stock in Honeywell & Todd, Margie and Vern must pose as hillbillies to get it back.
  • Hollywood Trip
    Hollywood Trip
    Episode 13
    Margie, Vern and Mrs. Odetts take a trip to Hollywood. Trying to crash the movies, Margie pretends to be an acrobat and Mrs. Odetts pretends to be a clown in order to get jobs in a circus epic.
  • The Two Lieutenants
    The Two Lieutenants
    Episode 12
    Mrs. Odetts has been writing letter to servicemen using Margie's name and photos. Now two of the servicemen are in town and want to meet their pen pal.
  • The Indians
    The Indians
    Episode 11
    Vern hires an actor to pose as a client to keep Margie away from the actual man. But the real client overhears Margie telling the actor she can show him real Indians in Central Park, so the client offers to pose as an Indian so he can find out whats going on.moreless
  • Motorcycle Cop
    Motorcycle Cop
    Episode 10
    Margie gets a speeding ticket from a motorcycle cop who wants to date her, so she and Mrs. Odetts plan to prove her innocence.
  • New Neighbor
    New Neighbor
    Episode 9
    Mr. Todd arranges for Vern's new client to move into the apartment above the Albrights so he will be in close proximity for business dealings. Trouble arises when the Albrights fight with the new neighbors without realizing who they are.
  • Who's Married?
    Who's Married?
    Episode 8
    Margie poses as Freddie's wife to help him get a job with one of Vern's clients who only hires married men. When Vern is at the meeting too, he also thinks they are married.
  • The Blonde Margie
    The Blonde Margie
    Episode 7
    To breakup Margie and Freddie, Vern sets Freddie up on a date with Mr. Honeywell's niece, but Margie finds out, becomes a blonde and pretends to be the other woman to test Freddie's loyalty.
  • Missing Link
    Missing Link
    Episode 6
    When Margie is conned into buying the contract of a has-been wrestler she tries to make back her money by claiming she and Freddie are big game hunters who have returned from the wilderness with the missing link.
  • Vern Needs a Rest
    Vern Needs a Rest
    Episode 5
    Margie tries to convince Vern to go on vacation to Florida by making him think he's having a nervous breakdown.
  • Margie's Career
    Margie's Career
    Episode 4
    Margie gets a job as a singer in a nightclub which is frequented by gangsters. A concerned Vern hires an actor to pose as a gangster to scare Margie, but unbeknownst to Vern he's actually dealing with a real mobster.
  • Conservative Margie
    To impress a very conservative client of Vern's, Margie pretends to be an old-fashioned girl, but the client is so pleased she expects Margie to marry her grandson.
  • Vern's Chums
    Vern's Chums
    Episode 2
    Margie invites Freddie's parents to dinner to try and drum up some investment business for Vern. Vern thinks it must mean Margie and Freddie are considering marriage, so he brings home some show people to make a bad impression on Mr. & Mrs. Wilson.
  • The Contract (aka Margie Helps Out)
    Both Vern and Margie find themselves with one date too many and try to conceal the fact so their dates won't find out about each other.