My Little Margie - Season 3

CBS (ended 1955)




Episode Guide

  • Dutch Treat
    Dutch Treat
    Episode 39
    Margie poses as a 12-year-old immigrant girl to help Mr. Todd out of a misunderstanding he is having with his wife over a check he wrote.
  • Margie and the Bagpipes
    When Margie accidentally breaks a set of antique bagpipes belonging to the head of a Scottish lodge, she tries to replace them with Mr. Honeywell's set.
  • Margie and the Shah
    Margie and the Shah
    Episode 37

    Despite Vern's objections, Margie is determined to meet Vern's old fraternity brother, the Shah of Zena...even if it means sneaking into his hotel room.

  • Vern on the Lam
    Vern on the Lam
    Episode 36
    Vern gets into trouble when he forgets his entry permit on a trip to South America and ends up tangling with a commander, unaware that he is the client he is there to sign.
  • Careless Margie
    Careless Margie
    Episode 35
    Margie is careless with her money, so Vern tries to teach her a lesson about financial management. Margie ends up thinking her father has gone broke and rents out their apartment to a couple of wrestlers.
  • Honeyboy Honeywell
    Honeyboy Honeywell
    Episode 34
    Convinced Mr. Honeywell would be a better boss if he were a married man, Margie gets him a date at a lonely hearts club. When the woman turns out to be a gold-digger, Mrs. Odetts and Margie pose as Mr. Honeywell's wife and daughter to get rid of her.
  • En Garde
    En Garde
    Episode 33
    Vern gets carried away with fencing lessons and neglects Roberta. Mr. Honeywell hires a Frenchman to make Vern jealous.
  • Tugboat Margie
    Tugboat Margie
    Episode 32
    When Vern and Freddie are called to duty by the Navy, Margie ends up a stowaway on their ship.
  • The New Freddie
    The New Freddie
    Episode 31
    In order to breakup Margie and Freddie, Vern and Mr. Honeywell convince Freddie that Margie would like him better if he acted like a cave man. Margie discovers their plan and retaliates by pretending she loves the "new Freddie".
  • Daughter-At-Law
    Episode 30
    Margie's new boyfriend is a lawyer who convinces Margie Vern has no legal right to treat her like a child.
  • Vern's Son
    Vern's Son
    Episode 29
    To keep a new client away from Margie, Vern lies and says he has a son instead of a daughter. When the client wants to meet Vern's son, Margie disguises herself as a boy.
  • A Proposal for Papa
    A Proposal for Papa
    Episode 28
    Mr. Honeywell makes Vern hire the daughter of a client to be his secretary. When the girl falls for Vern and wants to marry him, Margie tries to make her see how ridiculous the age difference is by dating the girl's aged father. The only problem is, the old man really falls for Margie.moreless
  • Sleepwalking
    Episode 27
    Margie decides she wants to live in a ground floor apartment and to convince Vern it is a good idea she makes him believe he walks in his sleep and it is dangerous for him to live on the tenth floor.
  • The Case of the Helping Hand
    Vern thinks his job is being taken over by an ambitious young man at Honeywell & Todd. The man is a big fan of murder mysteries, so Margie and Roberta set up a real mystery to try and trick him into leaving the company.
  • Margie Babysits
    Margie Babysits
    Episode 25
    Margie and Vern babysit for client's grandson who happens to be an obnoxious brat. What Margie doesn't realize is that the old lady neighbor who is helping them amuse the child is actually a notorious thief.
  • Margie's Manproof Lipstick
    Freddie has a new job selling lipstick that lasts three months. When Margie messes up a demonstration Freddie was trying to give to Vern's new client, she must think of a way to correct the problem she has caused.
  • Mexican Stand-off
    Mexican Stand-off
    Episode 23
    Margie, Vern and Mrs. Odetts go to Mexico to see a client and run into plenty of trouble and misunderstandings.
  • Day and Night
    Day and Night
    Episode 22
    Vern tells Margie if one more thing goes wrong she won't get her trip to Sun Valley. Margie then gets into trouble when she tries to operate a broken elevator and ends up taking a fellow tenant on a wild ride. When the woman threatens to sue, Margie tries to keep the landlord from talking to Vern, by convincing Vern it is the middle of the night.moreless
  • Health Farm
    Health Farm
    Episode 21
    At a health farm for wealthy women, Margie switches identity with a friend who wants to be sure her new boyfriend isn't after her money.
  • Vern Retires
    Vern Retires
    Episode 20
    A misunderstanding over Mr. Honeywell's health leads to Vern being fired. Now Margie must scheme to get his job back.
  • Vern Gets the Bird
    Vern Gets the Bird
    Episode 19
    Margie must pretend to be a birdwatching enthusiast in order to keep a client of Vern's around long enough to sign a new contract.
  • Meet Mr. Murphy (aka Meet Mister Murphy)
    Margie agrees to babysit for a chimpanzee that belongs to one of Vern's clients. Vern, not realizing who the chimp belongs to, pays Freddie to kidnap it. When Margie learns of the plan, she tells Freddie to go ahead with it to teach Vern a lesson.
  • Margie's Millionth Member
    The set and costumes used in the "My Little Margie" episode "Margie's Millionth Member" are from "Rocky Jones Space Ranger". Both sets and costumes were used at The Hal Roach Studios. The name of one of the cereal company owners is "Mr.Crackie".
  • Chubby Little Margie
    Vern convinces Margie to break her date with a Marine to go out with a client's son. An angry Margie uses helium to inflate her dress so she will look fat. The plan backfires, however, when the client's son turns out to be a dreamboat.
  • Vern's Two Daughters
    Vern doesn't want Margie to meet a client's son, so he sends her out of town and has Roberta pose as Margie. When a suspicious Margie returns, she catches on and then pretends to be her own imaginary sister, Helen.
  • What's Cooking?
    What's Cooking?
    Episode 14
    Margie invites Mr. Honeywell and a prospective client to dinner. She lets Freddie, who now has a job selling cookware, make the dinner. What she doesn't know is that Vern's client is a competitor of Freddie's company.
  • Comedy of Terrors
    Comedy of Terrors
    Episode 13
    Vern is the foreman on a jury that convicts a gangster. Worried about her father's safety, Margie sets a trap for what she thinks are the gangster's henchmen, but turn out to be a mild-mannered client and a private detective.
  • Vern's Secret Fishing Place (Aka Secret fishing place)
    Vern always wins the annual fishing tournament and Mr. Honeywell offers Margie a mink coat if she will help him beat Vern.
  • A Slight Misunderstanding
    Margie tries to help her neighbors repair their marriage by making the wife jealous, but Vern and Freddie end up thinking they are having an affair.
  • Margie's Baby
    Margie's Baby
    Episode 10
    Margie tries to help the daughter of Vern's new client. He doesn't know his daughter is married and has a baby, so Margie has to pretend the baby is hers.
  • Margie's Phantom Lover
    Vern and Mr. Honeywell make Margie believe she has a secret admirer to keep her from entering an auto race. When Margie tries to find out who the secret admirer is, Vern's new client gets involved.
  • That's the Spirit
    That's the Spirit
    Episode 8
    Margie tries to convince Vern to be more aggressive with Mr. Honeywell by taking him to a phony seance in which Mrs. Odetts pretends to be a spirit giving him advice.
  • My Little Clemintine
    Margie asks Vern for a job at Honeywell & Todd, but Vern says no. When Margie's lookalike cousin arrives, Vern thinks its Margie in disguise and decides to get even.
  • Margie, the Writer
    Margie, the Writer
    Episode 6
    Vern tries to get Margie interested in writing, thinking it will keep her out of trouble. In order to research her book, Margie starts pretending she has amnesia and when the police get involved, its wall-to-wall trouble for everyone.
  • Go North, Young Girl
    Vern tells Margie he will take her to Hawaii if she can last through a Canadian hunting trip. He's convinced she won't be able to take it, but Margie outfoxes him by hiring three men to do all her work for her.
  • My Little Bookie
    My Little Bookie
    Episode 4
    Vern hides the fact that he got a bonus and tells Margie he is in danger of losing his job if she doesn't start economizing. Margie tries to help, but only ends up causing more trouble.
  • A Day at the Beach
    A Day at the Beach
    Episode 3
    Vern calls in sick so he can take the day off and go to the beach with Margie at her suggestion. Trouble arises when he runs into a client and, without realizing who she is, brags about being irresponsible.
  • Campus Homecoming
    Campus Homecoming
    Episode 2
    Vern plans to do some business with the Dean at his college reunion, but Margie intends to teach him a lesson when she finds out he and his friends weren't quite as dignified in college as he had claimed.
  • A Present for Dad
    A Present for Dad
    Episode 1
    Margie wants to have her portrait painted as a present for Vern's birthday. Short on money, she arranges to pretend to be the girlfriend of an artist to impress his friend and in exchange he will paint the portrait. Vern gets suspicious and, following Margie, thinks she is having an illicit affair.moreless